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From: "Erik Rijkers" <er(at)xs4all(dot)nl>
To: "Jeff Davis" <pgsql(at)j-davis(dot)com>
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Subject: Re: REVIEW Range Types
Date: 2011-02-08 19:43:18
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On Sun, February 6, 2011 07:41, Jeff Davis wrote:
> New patch. All known TODO items are closed, although I should do a
> cleanup pass over the code and docs.
> Fixed in this patch:
> * Many documentation improvements
> * Added INT8RANGE
> * Renamed PERIOD[TZ] -> TS[TZ]RANGE
> * Improved parser's handling of whitespace and quotes
> * Support for PL/pgSQL functions with ANYRANGE arguments/returns
> * Make "subtype_float" function no longer a requirement for GiST,
> but it should still be supplied for the penalty function to be
> useful.

I'm afraid even the review is WIP, but I thought I'd post what I have.

Context: At the moment we use postbio (see below) range functionality, to search ranges and
overlap in large DNA databases ('genomics'). We would be happy if a core data type could replace
that. It does look like the present patch is ready to do those same tasks, of which the main one
for us is gist-indexed ranges. We also use btree_gist with that, so to include that in core would
make sense in this regard.

test config:

./ configure \
--prefix=/var/data1/pg_stuff/pg_installations/pgsql.range_types \
--with-pgport=6563 \
--enable-depend \
--enable-cassert \
--enable-debug \
--with-perl \
--with-openssl \
--with-libxml \

compile, make, check, install all OK.

Submission review:

* Is the patch in context diff format?


* Does it apply cleanly to the current git master?

It applied cleanly. (after the large serialisation commit 2011.02.08 it will need some

* Does it include reasonable tests, necessary doc patches, etc?

Yes, there are many tests; the documentation is good. Small improvements below.

Usability review

Read what the patch is supposed to do, and consider:

* Does the patch actually implement that?


* Do we want that?


* Do we already have it?

contrib/seg has some similar functionalities: "seg is a data type for representing line segments,
or floating point intervals".

And on pgFoundry there is a seg spin-off "postbio", tailored to genomic data (with gist-indexing).
(see postbio manual: )

* Does it follow SQL spec, or the community-agreed behavior?

I don't know - I couldn't find much in the SQL-spec on a range datatype.

The ranges behaviour has been discussed on -hackers.

* Does it include pg_dump support (if applicable)?

dump/restore were fine in the handful of range-tables
which I moved between machines.

* Are there dangers?

Not that I could find.

* Have all the bases been covered?

I think the functionality looks fairly complete.

Feature test:

* Does the feature work as advertised?

The patch seems very stable. My focus has been mainly on the intranges. I tested by parsing
documentation- and regression examples, and parametrising them in a perl harness, to generate many
thousands of range combinations. I found only a single small problem (posted earlier - Jeff Davis
solved it already apparently).


* Are there corner cases the author has failed to consider?


* Are there any assertion failures or crashes?

I haven't seen a single one.


Section 9.18:
table 9-42. range functions:
The following functions are missing (I encountered them in the regression tests):

section 'Constructing Ranges' (8.16.6):
In the code example, remove the following line:
"-- the int4range result will appear in the canonical format"
it doesn't make sense there. At this place "canonical format" has not been discussed;
maybe it is not even discussed anywhere.

also (same place):
'where "_" is used to mean "exclusive" and "" is used to mean "inclusive".'
should be:
'where "_" is used to mean "exclusive" and "i" is used to mean "inclusive".'

And btw: it should mention here that the range*inf* functions,
an underscore to separate 'range' from the rest of the function name, e.g.:
range_linfi_() => infinite lower bound, inclusive upper bound

I still want to do Performance review and Coding review.

FWIW, I would like to repeat that my impression is that the patch is very stable, especially with
regard to the intranges (tested extensively).


Erik Rijkers

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