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[QUESTIONS] Weekly Posting: Mini-FAQ (Last Modified: Jan 26, 98) , (fwd)

From: "Ing(dot) Roberto Andrade" <randrade(at)campus(dot)iztacala(dot)unam(dot)mx>
To: pgsql-ayuda <pgsql-ayuda(at)tlali(dot)iztacala(dot)unam(dot)mx>
Subject: [QUESTIONS] Weekly Posting: Mini-FAQ (Last Modified: Jan 26, 98) , (fwd)
Date: 1998-02-02 02:58:57
Message-ID: Pine.SOL.3.91.980201205740.8289B-100000@campus (view raw, whole thread or download thread mbox)
Lists: pgsql-es-ayuda

Les envio este Mini-FAQ que puede ser de utilidad para algunos de ustedes.


                       Roberto Andrade Fonseca
                Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

                 Phone: (915) 623-1154, (915)623-1345
               e-mail: randrade(at)campus(dot)iztacala(dot)unam(dot)mx

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 03:34:03 -0400 (AST)
From: The Hermit Hacker <scrappy(at)hub(dot)org>
To: pgsql-questions(at)postgreSQL(dot)org
Subject: [QUESTIONS] Weekly Posting: Mini-FAQ (Last Modified: Jan 26, 98)

#mail -s "Weekly Posting: Mini-FAQ (Last Modified: Jan 26, 98)" scrappy << END


	Banner Ads
	Pointers to Recommended URLs
	Listing of Mailing Lists/Newsgroups

Banner Ads
	For those hitting our WWW site lately, you will notice that we now
have "sponsorship" banner ads up on some of the higher traffic pages.  If
anyone wishes to put one up, please contact scrappy(at)postgresql(dot)org(dot)  We're
charging $20/mo or $100/6mos, no limit to the number of impressions or
click thrus... 

Pointers to Recommended URLs

	The following URLs are recommended reading for all users, new and old.
		- our "front door"
		- fully archived and searchable archives of the mailing lists
		- not all lists are converted, but the main ones are
		- pointers to our online documentation, including:
			- General FAQ
			- OS specific FAQs (Linux/Irix are currently available)
		- a brief listing of various projects that are using PostgreSQL                   as their backend, as well as software packages available to 
                  augment PostgreSQL
		- starting with v6.3, we are doing CDrom distributions
		- we're upgrading our server, see what we are getting and how 
                  the effort is going

Listing of Mailing Lists/Newsgroups

	All of the mailing lists listed below have a corresponding
newsgroup that there is a gateway from/to.  The following sites receive a
direct feed of the newsgroups from the central server.  Some also permit
external connections for reading/posting. (read/post) (read/post) (read) (closed) (closed) (closed)

	If you wish to receive the newsgroups directly on your site,
please contact scrappy(at)postgresql(dot)org to setup a cross-feed.  There is a
loose propagation policy on the groups, in that some sites might see
sporatic postings in these groups as a result of purposeful leakage. 
Unless your site receives a direct feed of these from our central server,
or one of the other servers listed above, don't expect it to be complete. 


    - This is a general discussion area for users. 
    - Outside of compile, acceptance test and bug problems, most new
      users who don't want to contribute to development or
      documentation will probably only be interested in this mailing
    - All non-bug related questions regarding PostgreSQL's version of
      SQL should be restricted to this area.
    - All installation related questions that do not involve bugs or failed
      compiles should be restricted to this area. 
	- newsgroup: comp.databases.postgresql.questions

	- This is meant to be a general discussion area for *interface* related
	  issues (libpq, libpq++, pgaccess, python, etc)
	- newsgroup: comp.databases.postgresql.interfaces

    - This is an announcement list pertaining to PostgreSQL and
      various third party software. 
	- newsgroup: comp.databases.postgresql.announce


    - This list is for porting related and platform specific discussions. 
    - If PostgreSQL failed to compile on your computer then fill out
      the form typically located at /usr/src/pgsql/doc/bug.template
      and mail it here. 
    - If you get PostgreSQL running on an unsupported platform, tell
      us how you did it here. And before you attempt the port, check
      the archives for this area to see if someone else has already
      done it. 
	- newsgroup: comp.databases.postgresql.ports


    - If PostgreSQL failed to compile on your computer, report this to
      pgsql-ports(at)postgresql(dot)org(dot) Do not report it here.
    - If you find bug, fill out the form typically located at
      "doc/bug.template" and mail it here.
	- newsgroup: comp.databases.postgresql.bugs


    - The PostgreSQL developer's team lives here. 
    - This list is for the discussion of current development issues, 
      problems and bugs and the discussion of proposed new features. 
    - If people in the other lists don't know the answer to a question 
      and it is likely that only a developer will know the answer, you 
      may re-post that question here. You must try elsewhere first! 
	- newsgroup: comp.databases.postgresql.hackers


    - The PostgreSQL documentation team lives here. 
    - If you come up with SQL examples that are not shown in the current
      man pages or manuals, please let us know here. 
    - If you are looking for "secret" manuals, check here. Old manuals that
      are mostly not relevant or works in progress that are not ready for
      general distribution might be mentione here. But please don't ask us.
      Check the archives for examples. 
	- newsgroup:


    - Mail patches you created to this area. Explain what the patches do,
      and which source tree they are meant to be applied against. 
    - This list also contains notices (normally from scrappy(at)hub(dot)org) that
      the patch has been applied are posted here. 
    - Discussion of any problems that a recent patch caused should also
      be here. 
    - Please use a context diff (diff -c) when submitting patches. It would
      also be helpful if you checked whether your patches apply against
      the latest development source. 
	- newsgroup: comp.databases.postgresql.patches


    - This is an announcement list for mirror sites. 
    - If you don't run a PostgreSQL mirror site, please don't post here. 

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