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[pgsql-ayuda] Programming Gnome Applications with Perl (fwd)

From: "Ing(dot) Roberto Andrade Fonseca" <randrade(at)abl(dot)com(dot)mx>
To: pgsql-ayuda(at)tlali(dot)iztacala(dot)unam(dot)mx
Subject: [pgsql-ayuda] Programming Gnome Applications with Perl (fwd)
Date: 2000-10-22 15:31:06
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Lists: pgsql-es-ayuda

Espero que les interese a algunos de ustedes.


Roberto Andrade Fonseca

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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 09:09:17 -0700
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To: perl-update(at)pepper(dot)oreillynet(dot)com
Subject: Programming Gnome Applications with Perl
Resent-Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 18:13:31 -0700
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Hello, subscribers.

I was waiting on the edge of my seat all week, because Larry was
supposed to present the Perl 6 language design in his keynote speech
at the Atlanta Linux Showcase, and that was on October 14.  But 
there hasn't been much news.  Brad Kuhn was on hand, and says he'll
write up a summary, which he will have posted at

It's quite possible that there won't be any big news just yet.  The
October 14 date was set several months ago, before anyone realized
that there were going to be 361 language proposals for Perl 6.  Nat
Torkington tells me that Larry is going to read and consider each 
and every one of them, and the size of the task might have forced 
the schedule to slip.

I will try to keep you updated, but right now hardly anyone seems 
to know anything, except Larry, and he isn't saying.



First, I'd like to thank Simon Cozens for picking up the perl5-porters
mailing lists summaries, which  I haven't been able to do since July.
The summaries return to this week.

Programming Gnome Applications with Perl

Simon has also contributed the first in a series of articles on
programming Gnome.  Gnome is the 'Unix Desktop', which means that 
it's a large software suite and infrastructure that is supposed to 
do all the things that Microsoft Windows does.  For example, 
applications can send requests to other applications, and you should 
be able to copy data out of the Gnome spreadsheets and drawing 
programs and paste them into the Gnome word processor.  Gnome is, 
of course, free software.  It is the creation of the award-studded 
Miguel de Icaza, and a cast of thousands.  
(You can read more about it at

Gnome promises to be one of the most important free software projects
of the decade, and Simon's article is a good start at showing how to
develop applications for it.   The sequel articles will appear over
the next few weeks.



More p5p reports, more Gnome, and a new series of beginner articles. 
News about the design of Perl 6, when there is a design of Perl 6.

Thank you all.

Mark Dominus 
Managing Editor

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Programming GNOME Applications with Perl
Simon Cozens shows us how to use Perl to develop applications for
Gnome, the Unix desktop environment.  

Perl Conference: Report from YAPC::Europe
Mark Summerfield tells us what he saw at YAPC::Europe in London
last weekend.

How Perl Helped Me Win the Office Football Pool
Walt Mankowski shows us how he used Perl to make a few extra
bucks at the office.

Profiles: Ilya Regularly Expresses
Ilya Zakharevich, a major contributor to Perl 5,  talks about
Perl 6 effort, why he thinks that Perl is not well-suited for
text manipulation, and what changes would make it better;
whether the Russian education system is effective; and whether
Perl 6 is a good idea. 

Guide to the Perl 6 Working Groups
Perl 6 discussion and planning are continuing at a furious rate
and will probably continue to do so, at least until next month
when Larry announces the shape of Perl 6 at the Linux Expo. In
the meantime, here's a summary of the main Perl 6 working groups
and discussion lists, along with an explanation of what the
groups are about.

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