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Re: Patrick's Evil Query

From: "Patrick Hatcher" <PHatcher(at)macys(dot)com>
To: josh(at)agliodbs(dot)com
Cc: sfpug(at)postgresql(dot)org, sfpug-owner(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: Patrick's Evil Query
Date: 2003-01-15 22:50:43
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Lists: sfpug
Good timing.  I was just about to send an update:
I created a function to clean up the CASE statement hell.  The CASE that
Josh refers to handled only 1 condition and it was a nasty looking thing.
The process now runs in about 90 secs.
I also tried creating a function that would remove some of the CASE
statements I had earlier in the query, but this bumped the time back up to
about 3 mins.
So after fixing the query, here's my EXPLAIN ANALYZE:

mdc_oz=# set sort_mem = 64000;
mdc_oz=# explain analyze Select * from testb_v where gmmid=6;

Merge Join  (cost=100613.94..102306.47 rows=9420 width=464) (actual
time=47381.84..96282.41 rows=58634 loops=1)
  ->  Index Scan using dvn_dept_vend_idx on tbluniquedvn dvn_v
(cost=0.00..1600.29 rows=22695 width=37) (actual time=10.36..562.66
rows=22300 loops=1)
  ->  Sort  (cost=100613.94..100613.94 rows=9420 width=427) (actual
time=47315.97..47390.72 rows=58634 loops=1)
        ->  Hash Join  (cost=46672.76..99992.18 rows=9420 width=427)
(actual time=2706.94..46481.35 rows=58634 loops=1)
              ->  Hash Join  (cost=31.76..53092.15 rows=9420 width=403)
(actual time=102.26..37009.35 rows=58634 loops=1)
                    ->  Seq Scan on salessummary s  (cost=0.00..51711.51
rows=164151 width=346) (actual time=97.11..31564.12 rows=164151 loops=1)
                    ->  Hash  (cost=31.64..31.64 rows=49 width=57) (actual
time=4.46..4.46 rows=0 loops=1)
                          ->  Seq Scan on kst k  (cost=0.00..31.64 rows=49
width=57) (actual time=2.05..4.27 rows=68 loops=1)
              ->  Hash  (cost=20081.25..20081.25 rows=409525 width=24)
(actual time=2603.64..2603.64 rows=0 loops=1)
                    ->  Seq Scan on mdc_upc u  (cost=0.00..20081.25
rows=409525 width=24) (actual time=39.25..2337.98 rows=106248 loops=1)
Total runtime: 96387.38 msec

I'll now try this query on the Mac OS X box I setup this morning that has v
Thanks for the help.  I really appreciate it.

Patrick Hatcher
Legacy Integration Developer
415-422-1610 office
HatcherPT - AIM

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For those of you who were present at last night's meeting, we decided to
tackle an "evil" query presented us by Patrick, which was taking 3.5
to execute.

For David & Matt, who had to leave before we solved it, Stephan and I found

the problem.   At the output stage of the query, Patrick was executing a
60-line CASE statement with type conversions which accounted for a full
minute-and-a-half of the excution time for the query.   Replaceing the CASE

statement with a function should improve the situation.

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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