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From: "Iavor Raytchev" <iavor(dot)raytchev(at)verysmall(dot)org>
To: "pgaccess - developers" <developers(at)pgaccess(dot)org>,"pgaccess - users" <users(at)pgaccess(dot)org>,"pgsql-interfaces" <pgsql-interfaces(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Cc: "Adrian Davis" <adrian(at)satisoft(dot)com>
Subject: BusinessExchange
Date: 2002-09-12 08:46:07
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Lists: pgsql-interfaces
RE: [pgaccess-users] Problems with 0.98p5Hello everybody,

First - sorry about the HTML message - we did not notice initially and then
if I convert it to plain text - the conversation is lost.

So, I talked to Breton and he agreed to try to make a workable dump of his
application based on pgaccess.

I want to publish this in the BusinessExchange as a compressed downloadable
dump that can help people see what small applications can be done with

I will also try to arrange a case study with Breton - a text about why he
chose pgaccess and how he feels about it.

Then people will be invited to freely have a look, try it and try to adapt
it for their own use. If some cooperation can emerge out of that - like one
or two more people who would use it for similar cases who would develop it
together with Breton - that would be good out come.

If this happens - we could provide a CVS, mailing list and place in the
wiki's BusinessExchange.

This message was just to prepare those of you who might be interested.

I'll let you know as soon as Breton is ready.

Best regards,

Iavor Raytchev


-----Original Message-----
From: Breton Green [mailto:greenb(at)conlog(dot)co(dot)za]
Sent: Donnerstag, 12. September 2002 07:54
To: 'Iavor Raytchev'
Subject: RE: [pgaccess-users] Problems with 0.98p5

Hi Iavor,

I will see what I can do in terms of getting a workable dump. I don't mind
if you post the message.

  -----Original Message-----
  From: Iavor Raytchev [mailto:iavor(dot)raytchev(at)verysmall(dot)org]
  Sent: 11 September 2002 08:24
  To: Breton Green
  Subject: RE: [pgaccess-users] Problems with 0.98p5

  Hello Bret,

  Sorry for the late replay.
    1. The application is very specific and may not be very useful as is for
other users.

    This is not the main issue. The main issue is that people see what other
people do and how.
    2. I need approval from my employers. I have already had basic agreement
but this needs to be confirmed.

    Sure, please, check that!
    3. Some of my code is rushed and far from elegant. My lack of knowledge
of and inexperience with pgaccess/pgsql/tcl/tk definitely shows in some
areas - but things are improving.

    You can only benefit form opening it. Someone may contribute or give

    4. There may be some sensitive pieces of code (at least one that I am
aware of) that I will not be able to make public. I will have to find a way
to exclude these parts and still have a functional app.


    5. I am very strapped for time at the moment. I work during the day as a
Research Engineer and I work on this project nights and weekends. Things may
change in 5 or 6 weeks, however, and I will hopefully have more time


    6. We will presumably have to supply some dummy data to show the
functionality of the app.


    On the positive side, I think that we could have a very positive impact
on pgaccess itself and I think it would be a very useful learning experience
if I can get any feedback or contributions.

    Yes. That's the idea. At the moment it is very hard to start an open
source application - I am trying for several months but the birth pains are
strong. I think that releasing ANY application will give a strong push as
people will see what can be done. And a lot of benefit there can be for all.

    Let me know how you want to work it. Also, how is the code stored? A
pg_dump or a copy of all the pga_* tables are the only ways I can think of
to copy the app.

    Dump is best. We can think of how to store it. We can .zip it for a
start on the web site. If contributions start - we will open CVS and give
you commit privileges.

    Is that fine? Can I post this to the list as well?




    -----Original Message-----
    From: Iavor Raytchev [mailto:iavor(dot)raytchev(at)verysmall(dot)org]
    Sent: 30 August 2002 02:59
    To: pgaccess - users; pgaccess - developers
    Subject: RE: [pgaccess-users] Problems with 0.98p5

    Bret Green wrote on August 30, 2002:
    > Hi Iavor,
    > Just to let you know, I am using pgaccess to develop quite an
    > extensive
    > application. I had very tight time constraints and no budget
    > to speak of
    > - pgSQL + pgaccess were a very attractive solution. I have
    > had to learn
    > both of them from scratch in the past 6 weeks (part-time).


    You are the person I've been looking for! Small application based on

    Would you like to make it public? I can give you a CVS commit privileges
    and you can start maintaining it in the pgaccess CVS repository. You can
    also get page in the wiki BusinessExchange where you can build
    information about it.

    And I'm going to market it. And help you with the information.

    This way might be that somebody working on something similar on the
    other end of the world would find it interesting and might start

    Let me know if would like to do that.



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