BUG #6698: sub-query with join producing out of memory in where clause

From: armando(dot)miraglia(at)stud-inf(dot)unibz(dot)it
To: pgsql-bugs(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: BUG #6698: sub-query with join producing out of memory in where clause
Date: 2012-06-19 01:01:29
Message-ID: E1Sgmoz-0002gU-No@wrigleys.postgresql.org
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The following bug has been logged on the website:

Bug reference: 6698
Logged by: Armando Miraglia
Email address: armando(dot)miraglia(at)stud-inf(dot)unibz(dot)it
PostgreSQL version: 9.1.2
Operating system: Arch Linux/Ubuntu

Hi everybody!

Fact: while I was trying to produce a c-function I got an OOM which
RhodiumToad helped me to debug. The OOM is reproducible with also standard

Environment: I tested the POC using 9.1.2 but also 9.2devel compiled

- limit the memory usage
ulimit -S -v 500000
- start postgresql
postgres -D ../data.ascii/

- run the following query from psql

FROM generate_series(1,1000000) i


FROM unnest(array(select j from
generate_series(i-100,i+100) j)) u1

unnest(array(select j from
generate_series(i-100,i+100) j)) u2
ON (u1.u1=u2.u2));

- psql side:
ERROR: out of memory
DETAIL: Failed on request of size 828.
- server side:
PortalMemory: 8192 total in 1 blocks; 7888 free (0 chunks); 304 used
PortalHeapMemory: 1024 total in 1 blocks; 824 free (0 chunks); 200 used
ExecutorState: 458358928 total in 67 blocks; 794136 free (15965
chunks); 457564792 used
accumArrayResult: 8192 total in 1 blocks; 5744 free (4 chunks); 2448
HashTableContext: 0 total in 0 blocks; 0 free (0 chunks); 0 used
HashBatchContext: 32768 total in 2 blocks; 8416 free (1 chunks);
24352 used

As you can see I am using enconding sqlascii.

Thanks a lot!
Armando Miraglia


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