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doc/src/FAQ/FAQ.html changes

From: "Greg Sabino Mullane" <greg(at)turnstep(dot)com>
To: pgsql-patches(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: doc/src/FAQ/FAQ.html changes
Date: 2002-01-10 21:05:10
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Lists: pgsql-patches
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I found an error in the FAQ ("IS NULLIS NOT NULL") while reading 
it as 'more FAQ', so I took a look at doc/src/FAQ/FAQ.html and 
found a few[1] more. I've ordered them in rough order of 
importance, from glaring typos all the way down to proposed 
XHTML compliance. Specific questions I have are denoted 
with a "* ??". Rather than attaching the whole file, I'll 
just give a URL and attach a finalized version if required 
later. Feel free to ask me for a subset of the below changes 
if need be.

* 4.14: Fixed typo in answer (IS NULLIS NOT NULL).

* 4.24: Changed href="#4.25" to "name=4.25" in the answer.

* 2.2: Replaced "use" with "using" so the Q & A match.

* 5.4: Changed hyperlink text to 5.4 from 5.3

* 1.9: Fixed the hyperlink for "TODO" to point to the 
  correct (?) place.

* ?? 1.10: The link to the SQL tutorial at is dead. I found 
  another copy at
  an put that in: but perhaps we should mirror our own copy, 
  if the author agrees?

* 3.9: Added double quotes so the Q & A match.

* 4.3, 4.6, 4.18, 4.19, 4.20, 4.21, 4.22, 4.23: 
  Removed <BR> from answer, before </H4>

* 4.15.2: Changed "$newSerialID" to "new_id" to match example 
  above it.

* replaced <H6> with <P><STRONG>

* 4.15.2: Stripped the "to to" from the paragraph. :)

* 4.5: Changed wording of question a little.

* 3.9: Better phrasing of the question.

* 4.19: Reworded to a single question, quoted error message, 
  moved puncuation outside HTML.

* 1.2: Changed copyright from 2001 to 2002

* 1.4: Hyperlinked "MS Windows FAQ" to

* Many places: fixed incorrect possessive apostrophes, including:

* </P> tag added where missing: 1.15 (x4), 4.12

* 1.1: Added "how is it pronounced?" to the question itself. 
  Moved pronounciation answer to the top of the answer section.

* 1.13 Replaced vague reference to a "bug-template" file 
  with a hyperlink to: Also removed 
  the mailto:bugs link to encourage people to read the 
  guidelines and use the online form. By the way, that 
  page needs to have <title> tags.

* 1.2: Expanded contraction of what's.

* Changed references to "the postmaster" to simply "postmaster", 
  since we are emphasizing that this is a program in italics, 
  such as psql. Perhaps change to "the <I>postmaster</I> program" 
  if the "the" is really desired.

* 2.1: Changed the ODBC hyperlink from

* 2.2: Changed the link regarding "Database-backed Web pages" 
  as the former simply refreshes to the latter with a meta 

* ?? 3.5: Moved this paragraph:
  <p>Inoperative semaphores can also cause crashes during heavy
  database access.</p> to question 3.4. Is this where it goes?

* ?? 3.3 Hyperlinked the words "PostgreSQL Administrator's Guide" to:
  Is there a preferred non-interactive version?

* Various: made "unix" consistently "Unix" (also "non-Unix")

* ?? Various: changed "indices" to "indexes". There were about an 
  even number of each, so I flipped a coin. Will this hot issue 
  ever get decided? :)

* 4.15.1: Removed strange link to Bruce's book:
  <p><a href=

* Replaced deprecated CENTER tag with align="center"

* Make "web site" capitalization consistent.

* 4.15.2: Separated non-command word "after" from italics.

* 1.6,1.8,1.15: Moved "href" to its own line, this helps the 
  display of plain text (e.g. using 'more FAQ')

* 3.1: Moved question mark outside html

* 3.7,3.8: Moved 's' outside html

* (14 places): Moved comma outside html

* 4.18: Moved colon outside html

* (13 places): Moved period outside html

* 4.15.1 Separated possesive apostrophe from html

* 4.19: Removed extra space

* 4.16: Changed Tids to T<small>ID</small>s to match the first 
  one in the paragraph.

* ?? 4.19: Can we not just say something similar to:
  "use the SQL command 'select version();'"
   as this is not a psql specific?

* 1.14: Expanded "don't" and "doesn't", added link to section 1.6

* Fixed some line wrapping differences in questions and answers

* 1.4: Put "psql" inside italics

* 4.12: Fixed spacing difference between question and answer.

* ?? 1.14: The page linked to:
  which compares mySQL and postgreSQL, is almost 2 years old 
  now, and, as the disclaimer at the top states, is not really 
  fair to mySQL due to its age. Perhaps a newer comparison 
  could be found?

* 1.11: Added spaces before "AD" and "BC"

* 3.7: expanded "you've"

* ?? 1.15: Changed "five years" to "six years" in honor of the 
  new year. Is this accurate? 

* 4.5: Put spaces before "TB" and "GB" as needed.

* 3.3, 4.6: Added space before MB.

* 2.1: Changed "Questions to x" to "Please send questions to x"

* 3.7: Changed "a lot of" to "many." Added a comma after "Also". 
  Changed "ie, " to "i.e. "

* 1.12: high-quality does not need a hyphen to emphasis the 
  relationship (changed to "high quality")

* ?? 2.2: The link to
  seems to be down as I write this, but I cannot determine if 
  this is temporary or permanent. If it is still down by the 
  time this is read, we may want to remove this link.

* ?? The text version seems to have a lot of blank lines which 
  I had to strip out to get it to match the outout of 
  lynx -dump -nolink FAQ.html. For example, the third line 
  of doc/FAQ has 40 blank lines. Why is this?

* ?? 2.3 capitalizes 'pgaccess' at the start of a sentence, 
  while 'psql' is not in 1.8. Removed caps from 2.3, but 
  not sure if this is correct. I leaned towards having the 
  exact spelling overriding the sentence capitalization.

* Put all tags in lowercase for xhtml compliance, 
  added new DOCTYPE and html tags.

* ?? Perhaps define DBMS somewhere?

* ?? 4.10 It says:
  "In theory, R-trees can be extended to handle higher number 
   of dimensions. In practice, extending R-trees requires a bit 
   of work and we don't currently have any documentation on how 
   to do it"
  Is this what they are working on here?:

[1] Okay, maybe more than a few. I was on a roll...

Greg Sabino Mullane
PGP Key: 0x14964AC8 200201101539




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