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pgAdmin schema updates complete

From: "Dave Page" <dpage(at)vale-housing(dot)co(dot)uk>
To: <pgadmin-support(at)postgresql(dot)org>,"pgadmin-hackers" <pgadmin-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Cc: <pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: pgAdmin schema updates complete
Date: 2002-06-07 13:15:05
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I have just committed the last of the schema related changes to pgAdmin
to CVS. This was a significant amount of work and there are bound to be
some bugs, so if you have a Windows PC & a little spare time, I would
appreciate it if you could find some time to try it out with any of
PostgreSQL 7.1.x, 7.2.x or 7.3dev.

The source code can be found at:

Precompiled development binaries, with installation instructions are at:

Below is a list of changes from v1.2.0:

- New resize code in frmMain - allows adjustment of the
Listview/Definition pane split.
- Fixed a bug where selecting privilege ALL did not disable the Rule
- Hide System Objects in the SQL Wizard.
- Updated icons.
- Added Refresh button to DataGrid.
- Added Select All/Select None buttons to potentially large listviews.
- Make System Objects not applicable for Revision Control.
- Simplified Listview handling code.
- Reworded text on encrypted passwords in frmOptions.
- Added Query Log Recorder.
- Fixed a bug that cleared default values instead of updating them.
- Check the PostgreSQL version when connecting and handle correctly.
- Updated the PostgreSQL docs to the 7.2 Release version.
- Clear Upgrade Wizard listview before populating.
- REVOKE privileges from groups correctly.
- Allow creation of tables with no columns, just inherits.
- Don't include inherited columns & checks in table definitions.
- Fixed a bug in the Import Wizard data parser.
- Fix mouse pointer and allow display of errors when timer is stopped
(Mark A. Taff).
- Fixed a bug in the query parser in the SQL output grid.
- Allow pseudo modification of views with PostgreSQL 7.2+
- Views can now be renamed.
- Fixed a bug in the trigger reverse engineering that prepended the
execution conditions of previous triggers to the current.
- Added an option to enable or disable Auto Row Counts.
- Added Rows property to View objects.
- Set default database encoding to "SQL_ASCII".
- Quote function definition when needed.
- Fixed a bug that prepended a carriage return when loading SQL queries
from file.
- Improved warnings about dropping objects that are not up to date in
the Revision Control System.
- Added AllowConnections property to database objects, display it in
pgAdmin, and check it before attempting to connect to a database.
- Invalidate Caches before refreshing hierarchy in pgSchema.
- Standardised db name access method throughout pgSchema's classes, and
added caching.
- Added support for renaming Sequences & Indexes.
- Committing a table now also commits sub objects.
- Added a '-wine' command line option to disable modal dialogues (they
don't seem to work under Wine).
- Prevent connection to databases until they are selected. Added an
option to revert to old behaviour.
- Allow commit of entire database to revision control.
- Added support for dropping checks with PostgreSQL 7.2+.
- Excel Exporter: Format the cell for the data type & inserts the data
using the cells 'FormulaR1C1' property (David Horwitz).
- Allow selection of font for display of data.
- Added a guide to setting up a development environment.
- Added a HOWTO on using MD5 Encrypted Passwords.
- Added support for viewing statistics on PostgreSQL 7.2+
- Cancelling closure of child windows will now cancel application exit.
- Allow sorting of listview/statsview by clicking the column headers.
- Use Primary Keys for updating/deleting rows in the data editor where
- Fix EXPLAIN for PostgreSQL 7.3+
- Added support for Domains in PostgreSQL 7.3+
- Enhanced the query parser to detect queries with functions and
subselects in the column list, and aliased columns as non-updateable.
- Quote sequence names properly when using setval.
- Treat all objects named pgadmin_* as system objects.
- Fixed a bug in the Operator Cache which also cached the left & right
- Allow addition & removal of NOT NULL constraints on columns with
PostgreSQL 7.3+.
- Check the ODBC driver version correctly for EXPLAIN.
- Added support for Schemas in PostgreSQL 7.3+.
- Removed Revision Control due to it's complexity and lack of use
following an RFD on the hackers and support lists.
- Rewrote the code that associates treeview nodes with pgSchema objects.
The new code is faster and more reliable.
- Correctly recognise functions with one opaque argument.
- Filter functions listed when creating Types & Operators to only those
that are suitable.
- Only quote identifiers when required.

Regards, Dave.

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