subscription worker signalling wal writer too much

From: Jeff Janes <jeff(dot)janes(at)gmail(dot)com>
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Subject: subscription worker signalling wal writer too much
Date: 2017-06-14 18:55:38
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If I publish a pgbench workload and subscribe to it, the subscription
worker is signalling the wal writer thousands of times a second, once for
every async commit. This has a noticeable performance cost.

I don't think it is ever necessary to signal the wal writer here, unless
wal writer is taking the long sleep for power saving purposes. If up
to wal_writer_delay of "committed" transactions get lost on a crash, it
doesn't really matter because they will be replayed again once replication
resumes. However, might delaying the advance of the hot_standby_feedback by
up to the amount of wal_writer_delay be a problem? I would think any
set-up which depends on the standby never being a few dozen milliseconds
behind is already doomed.

If I want to suppress signalling, what would be the right way to
communicate to XLogSetAsyncXactLSN that it is being called in a
subscription worker?

Another approach would be to make XLogSetAsyncXactLSN signalling less
aggressive for everyone, not just subscription workers. There is no point
in signalling it more than once for a given WriteRqstPtr page boundary. So
each backend could locally remember the last boundary for which it
signalled wal writer, and not signal again for the same boundary. This
would be especially effective for a subscription worker, as it should be
pretty common for almost all the async commits to be coming from the same
process. Or, the last boundary could be kept in shared memory (XLogCtl) so
all backends can share it, at the expense of additional work needed to be
done under a spin lock.

Other ideas?




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