tuplesort_gettuple_common() and *should_free argument

From: Peter Geoghegan <pg(at)heroku(dot)com>
To: hlinnaka <hlinnaka(at)iki(dot)fi>
Cc: Pg Hackers <pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: tuplesort_gettuple_common() and *should_free argument
Date: 2016-10-21 23:45:52
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I noticed that the routine tuplesort_gettuple_common() fails to set
*should_free in all paths in master branch (no bug in 9.6). Consider
the TSS_SORTEDONTAPE case, where we can return false without also
setting "*should_free = false" to instruct caller not to pfree() tuple
memory that tuplesort still owns. I suppose that this is okay because
caller should never pfree() a tuple when NULL pointer was returned at
higher level (as "pointer-to-tuple"). Even still, it seems like a bad
idea to rely on caller testing things such that caller doesn't go on
to pfree() a NULL pointer when seemingly instructed to do so by
tuplesort "get tuple" interface routine (that is, some higher level
routine that calls tuplesort_gettuple_common()).

More importantly, there are no remaining cases where
tuplesort_gettuple_common() sets "*should_free = true", because there
is no remaining need for caller to *ever* pfree() tuple. Moreover, I
don't anticipate any future need for this -- the scheme recently
established around per-tape "slab slots" makes it seem unlikely to me
that the need to "*should_free = true" will ever arise again. So, for
Postgres 10, why not rip out the "*should_free" arguments that appear
in a bunch of places? This lets us slightly simplify most tuplesort.c

Now, it is still true that at least some callers to
tuplesort_gettupleslot() (but not any other "get tuple" interface
routine) are going to *require* ownership of memory for returned
tuples, which means a call to heap_copy_minimal_tuple() remains
necessary there (see recent commit
d8589946ddd5c43e1ebd01c5e92d0e177cbfc198 for details). But, that's
beside the point. In the master branch only, the
tuplesort_gettupleslot() test "if (!should_free)" seems tautological,
just as similar tests are for every other tuplesort_gettuple_common()
caller. So, tuplesort_gettupleslot() can safely assume it should
*always* heap_copy_minimal_tuple() in the master branch. (BTW, I'm
going to teach tuplesort_gettuple_common() to avoid this
heap_copy_minimal_tuple() call for callers that don't actually need
it, but that's a discussion for another thread).

Peter Geoghegan


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