[PATCH] Vacuum: Update FSM more frequently

From: Claudio Freire <klaussfreire(at)gmail(dot)com>
To: PostgreSQL-Dev <pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: [PATCH] Vacuum: Update FSM more frequently
Date: 2017-07-29 00:42:08
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As discussed in the vacuum ring buffer thread:

Make Vacuum update the FSM more frequently, to avoid the case where
autovacuum fails to reach the point where it updates the FSM in
highly contended tables.

Introduce a tree pruning threshold to FreeSpaceMapVacuum that avoids
recursing into branches that already contain enough free space, to
avoid having to traverse the whole FSM and thus induce quadratic
costs. Intermediate FSM vacuums are only supposed to make enough
free space visible to avoid extension until the final (non-partial)
FSM vacuum.

Run partial FSM vacuums after each index pass, which is a point
at which whole ranges of the heap have been thorougly cleaned, and
we can expect no further updates to those ranges of the FSM save
for concurrent activity. When there are no indexes, and thus no
index passes, run partial FSM vacuums every 8GB of dirtied pages
or 1/8th of the relation, whichever is highest. This allows some
partial work to be made visible without incurring quadratic cost.

In any case, FSM are small in relation to the table, so even when
quadratic cost is involved, it should not be problematic. Index
passes already incur quadratic cost, and the addition of the FSM
is unlikely to be measurable.

Run a partial FSM vacuum with a low pruning threshold right at
the beginning of the VACUUM to finish up any work left over from
prior canceled vacuum runs, something that is common in highly
contended tables when running only autovacuum.

Autovacuum canceling is thus handled by updating the FSM first-thing
when autovacuum retries vacuuming a relation. I attempted to add
an autovacuum work item for performing the FSM update shortly
after the cancel, but that had some issues so I abandoned the approach.

For one, it would sometimes crash when adding the work item from
inside autovacuum itself. I didn't find the cause of the crash, but I suspect
AutoVacuumRequestWork was being called in a context where it
was not safe. In any case, the way work items work didn't seem like
it would have worked for our purposes anyway, since they will only ever
be processed after processing all tables in the database, something that
could take ages, the work items are limited to 256, which would make
the approach troublesome for databases with more than 256 tables that
trigger this case, and it required de-duplicating work items which had
quadratic cost without major refactoring of the feature.

So, patch attached. I'll add it to the next CF as well.

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