Re: Custom/Foreign-Join-APIs (Re: [v9.5] Custom Plan API)

From: Kouhei Kaigai <kaigai(at)ak(dot)jp(dot)nec(dot)com>
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Subject: Re: Custom/Foreign-Join-APIs (Re: [v9.5] Custom Plan API)
Date: 2015-01-06 14:17:21
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The attached patch is newer revision of custom-/foreign-join

I've ported my PG-Strom extension to fit the latest custom-scan
(+this patch) interface in this winter vacation.

The concept of "join replaced by foreign-/custom-scan" almost
works well, however, here are two small oversight on the v1

1. EXPLAIN didn't work when scanrelid==0.
ExplainNode() always called ExplainScanTarget() to T_ForeignScan
or T_CustomScan, however, foreign-/custom-scan node that replaced
join relation does not have a particular base relation.
So, I put a check to skip this call when scanrelid==0.

2. create_plan_recurse() needs to be available from extension.
In case when CustomScan node takes underlying plan nodes, its
PlanCustomPath() method is also responsible to invoke the plan
creation routine of the underlying path-node. However, existing
code declared create_plan_recurse() as static function.
So, this patch re-declared it as external function.

Also, one other point I'd like to have in this interface.
In case when foreign-/custom-scan node has pseudo-scan
targetlist, it may contain the target-entries which are not
actually in use, but need to be here to lookup column name on
EXPLAIN command.
I'd like to add a flag to indicate the core backend to ignore
target-entries in the pseudo-scan tlist if resjunk=true, when
it initialized the foreign-/custom-scan-state node, and setting
up scan type descriptor.
It will reduce unnecessary projection, if foreign-/custom-scan
node can produce a tuple based on the expectation of tlist.

I'd like to see the comment around this point.

NEC OSS Promotion Center / PG-Strom Project
KaiGai Kohei <kaigai(at)ak(dot)jp(dot)nec(dot)com>

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> Subject: Custom/Foreign-Join-APIs (Re: [HACKERS] [v9.5] Custom Plan API)
> > On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 3:44 AM, Kouhei Kaigai <kaigai(at)ak(dot)jp(dot)nec(dot)com>
> wrote:
> > > Today, I had a talk with Hanada-san to clarify which can be a common
> > > portion of them and how to implement it. Then, we concluded both of
> > > features can be shared most of the infrastructure.
> > > Let me put an introduction of join replacement by
> > > foreign-/custom-scan
> > below.
> > >
> > > Its overall design intends to inject foreign-/custom-scan node
> > > instead of the built-in join logic (based on the estimated cost).
> > > From the viewpoint of core backend, it looks like a sub-query scan
> > > that contains relations join internally.
> > >
> > > What we need to do is below:
> > >
> > > (1) Add a hook add_paths_to_joinrel() It gives extensions (including
> > > FDW drivers and custom-scan providers) chance to add alternative
> > > paths towards a particular join of relations, using ForeignScanPath
> > > or CustomScanPath, if it can run instead
> > of the built-in ones.
> > >
> > > (2) Informs the core backend varno/varattno mapping One thing we
> > > need to pay attention is, foreign-/custom-scan node that performs
> > > instead of the built-in join node must return mixture of values come
> > > from both relations. In case when FDW driver fetch a remote record
> > > (also, fetch a record computed by external computing resource), the
> > > most reasonable way is to store it on ecxt_scantuple of ExprContext,
> > > then kicks projection with varnode that references this slot.
> > > It needs an infrastructure that tracks relationship between original
> > > varnode and the alternative varno/varattno. We thought, it shall be
> > > mapped to INDEX_VAR and a virtual attribute number to reference
> > > ecxt_scantuple naturally, and this infrastructure is quite helpful
> > > for
> > both of ForegnScan/CustomScan.
> > > We'd like to add List *fdw_varmap/*custom_varmap variable to both of
> > > plan
> > nodes.
> > > It contains list of the original Var node that shall be mapped on
> > > the position according to the list index. (e.g, the first varnode is
> > > varno=INDEX_VAR and
> > > varattno=1)
> > >
> > > (3) Reverse mapping on EXPLAIN
> > > For EXPLAIN support, above varnode on the pseudo relation scan
> > > needed to be solved. All we need to do is initialization of
> > > dpns->inner_tlist on
> > > set_deparse_planstate() according to the above mapping.
> > >
> > > (4) case of scanrelid == 0
> > > To skip open/close (foreign) tables, we need to have a mark to
> > > introduce the backend not to initialize the scan node according to
> > > table definition, but according to the pseudo varnodes list.
> > > As earlier custom-scan patch doing, scanrelid == 0 is a
> > > straightforward mark to show the scan node is not combined with a
> > particular real relation.
> > > So, it also need to add special case handling around
> > > foreign-/custom-scan
> > code.
> > >
> > > We expect above changes are enough small to implement basic join
> > > push-down functionality (that does not involves external computing
> > > of complicated expression node), but valuable to support in v9.5.
> > >
> > > Please comment on the proposition above.
> >
> > I don't really have any technical comments on this design right at the
> > moment, but I think it's an important area where PostgreSQL needs to
> > make some progress sooner rather than later, so I hope that we can get
> > something committed in time for 9.5.
> >
> I tried to implement the interface portion, as attached.
> Hanada-san may be under development of postgres_fdw based on this interface
> definition towards the next commit fest.
> Overall design of this patch is identical with what I described above.
> It intends to allow extensions (FDW driver or custom-scan provider) to
> replace a join by a foreign/custom-scan which internally contains a result
> set of relations join externally computed. It looks like a relation scan
> on the pseudo relation.
> One we need to pay attention is, how setrefs.c fixes up varno/varattno unlike
> regular join structure. I could find IndexOnlyScan already has similar
> infrastructure that redirect references of varnode to a certain column on
> ecxt_scantuple of ExprContext using a pair of INDEX_VAR and alternative
> varattno.
> This patch put a new field: fdw_ps_tlist of ForeignScan, and custom_ps_tlist
> of CustomScan. It is extension's role to set a pseudo- scan target-list
> (so, ps_tlist) of the foreign/custom-scan that replaced a join.
> If it is not NIL, set_plan_refs() takes another strategy to fix up them.
> It calls fix_upper_expr() to map varnodes of expression-list on INDEX_VAR
> according to the ps_tlist, then extension is expected to put values/isnull
> pair on ss_ScanTupleSlot of scan-state according to the ps_tlist
> preliminary constructed.
> Regarding to the primary hook to add alternative foreign/custom-scan path
> instead of built-in join paths, I added the following hook on
> add_paths_to_joinrel().
> /* Hook for plugins to get control in add_paths_to_joinrel() */
> typedef void (*set_join_pathlist_hook_type) (PlannerInfo *root,
> RelOptInfo *joinrel,
> RelOptInfo *outerrel,
> RelOptInfo *innerrel,
> List *restrictlist,
> JoinType jointype,
> SpecialJoinInfo *sjinfo,
> SemiAntiJoinFactors
> *semifactors,
> Relids
> param_source_rels,
> Relids
> extra_lateral_rels);
> extern PGDLLIMPORT set_join_pathlist_hook_type set_join_pathlist_hook;
> It shall give enough information for extensions to determine whether it
> can offer alternative paths, or not.
> One thing I concerned about is, fdw_handler to be called on joinrel is not
> obvious, unlike custom-scan that hold reference to CustomScanMethods,
> because joinrel is not managed by any FDW drivers.
> So, I had to add "Oid fdw_handler" field onto RelOptInfo to track which
> foreign-tables are involved in this relation join. This field shall have
> oid of valid FDW handler if both inner/outer relation is managed by same
> FDW handler. Elsewhere, InvalidOid. Even if either/both of them are
> relations-join, fdw_handler shall be set as long as it is managed by same
> FDW handler. It allows to replace join by foreign-scan that involves more
> than two tables.
> One new interface contract is case of scanrelid == 0. If foreign-/custom-
> scan is not associated with a particular relation, ExecInitXXX() tries to
> initialize ss_ScanTupleSlot according to the ps_tlist, and relations is
> not opened.
> Because the working example is still under development, this patch is not
> tested/validated yet. However, it briefly implements the concept of what
> we'd like to enhance foreign-/custom-scan functionality.
> Thanks,
> --
> NEC OSS Promotion Center / PG-Strom Project KaiGai Kohei
> <kaigai(at)ak(dot)jp(dot)nec(dot)com>

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