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Announcing PostgreSQL 6.5.3-3 and 6.5.3-3nl RPMs.

From: Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org>
To: pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org
Cc: pgsql-ports(at)postgresql(dot)org, jbj(at)redhat(dot)com, pgsql-announce(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Announcing PostgreSQL 6.5.3-3 and 6.5.3-3nl RPMs.
Date: 1999-12-24 03:49:17
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Announcing PostgreSQL 6.5.3-3 and 6.5.3-3nl RPMs.

These RPMs are once again primarily bug fix RPMs, with the following additions:

* The header files necessary to build SPI applications are now included in the
/usr/include/pgsql tree in the appropriate places. To build an SPI program,
#include "spi.h" and use -I/usr/include/pgsql. 

* The libpq++.H header (note the capital H...) was left out of previous

* The locale enabled RPMs now also have MultiByte enabled, and set to a default

* The locale enabled RPMS include /usr/bin/pg_encoding, to set the MultiByte

RPMs available for immediate download from -- for bulk download, use 'wget -m'.

Changelog from 6.5-1 to 6.5.3-3:
* Thu Dec 23 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org>
- 6.5.3-3 and 6.5.3-3nl RPMs.
- --with-mb=SQL_ASCII enabled.

* Wed Dec 22 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org>
- SPI headers in -devel
- Fixed libpq++.H funniness -- fully corrected in CURRENT

* Fri Nov 26 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org>
- Corrected security problem of /var/lib/pgsql being mode 755.
- /usr/lib/pgsql/backup permissions also a potential hole, though not 
-- as serious as the /var/lib/pgsql hole 
- Removed PostgreSQL-HOWTO until further notice.  This HOWTO is worse 
-- than having no documentation at all in its present form.  When it is 
-- corrected for accuracy and conciseness, it will be reinstated. 
- Documentation updates in README.rpm 
- Corrected some misinformation in /etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql  

* Fri Nov 05 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org> 
- Add ARMV41 support, thanks to Mark Knox <segfault(at)hardline(dot)org> 
- Add patches for ARMV41 
-- adds a 'linux_arm' template - Removed Excludearch for armv41  

* Thu Nov 04 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org> 
- Release 6.5.3-1 
- ODBC odbcinst.ini in /usr/lib/pgsql (postgresql-odbc) 
- ALPHA patchset unmodified from 6.5.2 
-- tested by Ryan Kirkpatrick 
- Documentation changes and additions in README.rpm  

* Mon Nov 01 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org> 
- Initial pre-6.5.3 build 
-- 6.5.3-0.1 
-- built from REL6_5_PATCHES CVS checkout 
- pgaccess no longer a separate source file 
-- 6.5.3 has pgaccess 0.98 fully 
-- integrated 
- fixed up patches 
-- pgaccess patch, gram.y patch, and src/interfaces/Makefile 
-- perl5 -> perl patch mainlined.  

* Sat Sep 25 1999 Dale Lovelace <dale(at)redhat(dot)com> 
- Fix init script 
- fix README.rpm  

* Sat Sep 25 1999 Jeff Johnson <jbj(at)redhat(dot)com> 
- Red Hat 6.1 release candidate.  

* Fri Sep 24 1999 Jeff Johnson <jbj(at)redhat(dot)com> 
- apply arithmetic operator patch to gram.y.  

* Wed Sep 22 1999 Jeff Johnson <jbj(at)redhat(dot)com> 
- merge postgresql-6.5.2-0.2lo changes. 
- Note: the postgresql description refers to postgresql-data but that can't be
changed until after 6.1 ships.  

* Tue Sep 21 1999 Jeff Johnson <jbj(at)redhat(dot)com> 
- merge postgresql-6.5.1-0.7lo changes. Thanks Lamar!
- use uid = 40 for user postgres (will affect new installs only). 
- postgresql-server needs prereq on /usr/sbin/useradd.  

* Mon Sep 20 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org> 
- 6.5.2-0.2lo 
- Upgrade to 6.5.2 
- Add some versioning to the init script 
-- source is postgresql.init.VERSION 
- Added some intelligence to init script 
- Cleaned up the migration script packaging 
-- now in a tarball 
- Consolidated some patches 
- Added the JDK 1.2 JDBC jar to the existing JDK1.1 jar.  

* Sat Sep 18 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org> 
- 0.7lo - First stab at integrating modified versions of the Debian migration scripts. 
-- Courtesy Oliver Elphick, Debian package maintainer, PostgreSQL Global 
-- Development Group. 
- /usr/lib/pgsql/backup/pg_dumpall_new 
-- a modifed pg_dumpall used in the 
-- migration 
-- modified to work with the older executables. 
- /usr/bin/postgresql_dump 
-- the migration script.
- Upgrade strategy: 
--1.)  %pre for main package saves old package's executables 
--2.)  the postgresql init script in -server detects PGDATA existence 
--     and version, notifies user if upgrade is necessary 
--3.)  Rather than fully automating upgrade, the tools are provided: 
--     a.)  /usr/bin/postgresql-dump 
--     b.)  /usr/lib/pgsql/backup/pg_dumpall_new 
--     c.)  The executables backed up by %pre in /usr/lib/pgsql/backup 
--4.)  Documentation on RPM differences and upgrades in README.rpm 
--5.)  A fully automatic upgrade can be facilitated by some more code 
--     in /etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql, if desired. 
- added documentation for rpm setup, and upgrade (README.rpm) 
- added newer man pages from Thomas Lockhart 
- Put the PL's in the right place 
-- /usr/lib/pgsql, not /usr/lib.  My error. 
- Added Requires: postgresql = %{version} for all sub packages.
- Need to reorganize sources in next release, as the current number of source 
-- files is a little large.  

* Tue Sep 07 1999 Cristian Gafton <gafton(at)redhat(dot)com> 
- upgraded pgaccess to the latest 0.98 stable version 
- fix braindead pgaccess installation and add pgaccess dosucmenattaion to
the package containing pgaccess rather than main package 
- add missing templates tp the /usr/lib/pgsql directory 
- added back the PostgreSQL howto (I wish people will STOP removing
documentation from this package!) 
- get rid of the perl handling overkill 
- "chkconfig --del" should be done in the server package, not the main
- make server packeg own only /etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql, not the whole
/etc/rc.d (doh!) 
- don't ship OS2 executable client as documenatation... 
- if we have a -tcl subpackage, make sure that other packages don't need tcl
anymore by moving tcl-dependent binaries in the -tcl package... [] 
- if we are using /sbin/chkconfig we don't need the /etc/rc.d/rc?.d symlinks  

* Sat Sep  4 1999 Jeff Johnson <jbj(at)redhat(dot)com> 
- use _arch not (unknown!) buildarch macro (#4913).  

* Fri Aug 20 1999 Jeff Johnson <jbj(at)redhat(dot)com> 
- obsolete postgres-clients (not conflicts).  

* Thu Aug 19 1999 Jeff Johnson <jbj(at)redhat(dot)com> 
- add to Red Hat 6.1.  

* Wed Aug 11 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org> 
- Release 3lo 
- Picked up pgaccess README. 
- Built patch set for rpm versus tarball idiosyncrasies: 
-- munged some paths in the regression tests (_OBJWD_), trigger functions 
-- munged USER for regression tests. 
-- Added perl and python examples 
-- required patching the shebang to drop 
-- local in /usr/local/bin  
- Changed rc.d level from S99 to S75, as there are a few server daemons that 
-- might actually need to load AFTER pgsql 
-- AOLserver is an example. 
- config.guess included in server package by default 
-- used by regress tests. 
- Preliminary test subpackage, containing entire src/test tree. 
- Prebuild of binaries in the test subpackage. 
- Added pgaccess-0.97 beta as /usr/bin/pgaccess97 for testing 
- Removed the DATABASE-HOWTO; it was SO old, and the newer release of it 
-- is a stock part of the RedHat HOWTOS package. 
- Put in the RIGHT postgresql.init ('/etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql') 
- Noted that the perl client is operational.  

* Fri Aug 6 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org> 
- Release 2lo 
- Added alpha patches courtesy Ryan Kirkpatrick and Uncle George 
- Renamed lamar owen series of RPMS with release of #lo 
- Put Ramifordistat as vendor and URL for lamar owen RPM series, until non-beta 
-- release coordinated with PGDG.  

* Mon Jul 19 1999 Lamar Owen <lamar(dot)owen(at)wgcr(dot)org> 
- Correct some file misappropriations: 
-- /usr/lib/pgsql was in wrong package 
-- createlang, destroylang, and vacuumdb now in main package 
-- ipcclean now in server subpackage 
-- The static libraries are now in the devel subpackage 
-- /usr/lib/ and /usr/lib/ now in server  
- Cleaned up some historical artifacts for readability 
-- left references  to these artifacts in the changelog  

* Sat Jun 19 1999 Thomas Lockhart <lockhart(at)alumni(dot)caltech(dot)edu> 
- deprecate clients rpm, and define a server rpm for the backend 
- version 6.5 
- updated pgaccess to version 0.96 
- build ODBC interface library 
- split tcl and ODBC packages into separate binary rpms

Lamar Owen
WGCR Internet Radio
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