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Re: WIP: Transportable Optimizer Mode

From: chris <cbbrowne(at)ca(dot)afilias(dot)info>
To: pgsql-patches(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: WIP: Transportable Optimizer Mode
Date: 2008-07-30 18:58:51
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Lists: pgsql-patches
simon(at)2ndquadrant(dot)com (Simon Riggs) writes:
> Comments welcome.

A minor change: I'd suggest creating these views as TEMP views, that
way they go away automatically.

diff -r1.1 create_tom_tables.sql
RCS file: get_data_for_tom.sql,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -r1.1 get_data_for_tom.sql
< DROP VIEW IF EXISTS tom_get_stats;
< DROP VIEW IF EXISTS tom_get_pg_class;
< CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW tom_get_pg_class AS
< ORDER BY n.nspname
< ;
< \copy (select * from get_tom_pg_class) TO ''
> ORDER BY n.nspname;
> \copy (select * from tom_get_pg_class) TO ''

Note also there's a table name fix in there.

Here are some patches to the README file:

RCS file: README,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1 README
--- README	2008/07/30 18:15:20	1.1
+++ README	2008/07/30 18:21:29
@@ -52,27 +52,31 @@
 Actions on Target database:
-5. Create user tables (and load data if required)
+5  Determine the name of the database and schema you intend to use for TOM
-	e.g.
-	psql -f user_tables.sql
+       TOMSCHEMA=tom
+       TESTDB=testtomdb
+       export TOMSCHEMA TESTDB
-6. Create TOM tables
+6. Create user tables (and load data if required)
-	psql -c "create schema tom;"
+	e.g.
+	createdb ${TESTDB}
+	psql -f user_tables.sql -d ${TESTDB}
-	psql -f create_tom_tables.sql --single-transaction -v TOM_SCHEMA='tom'
+6. Create TOM tables
-	Use the current schema
+	psql -c "create schema ${TOMSCHEMA};" -d ${TESTDB}
+	psql -f create_tom_tables.sql --single-transaction -v TOM_SCHEMA='${TOMSCHEMA}' -d ${TESTDB}
 7. Load TOM data into target database
-	psql -f load_data_for_tom.sql --single-transaction  -v TOM_SCHEMA='tom'
+	psql -f load_data_for_tom.sql --single-transaction  -v TOM_SCHEMA='${TOMSCHEMA}' -d ${TESTDB}
 8. Create mapping between target catalog and source stats
-	psql -f get_mapping_for_tom.sql -v TOM_SCHEMA=tom
+	psql -f get_mapping_for_tom.sql -v TOM_SCHEMA=${TOMSCHEMA} -d ${TESTDB}
 	We need to be able to match up objects between source and target. This
 	script matches up objects that have matching schema and tablenames. If
@@ -80,7 +84,7 @@
 9. Setup TOM plugin 
-	LOAD '$libdir/plugins/tom';
+	psql -c "LOAD '\$libdir/tom_hooks';" -d ${TESTDB}
 10. EXPLAIN your queries

Note, particularly, the change to the plugin name.

As a further inclusion, here's a test script that I wrote up to automate the actions:
# $Id$
source ~/dbs/ env    # A cbbrowne-ism to set up access to my favorite DB cluster...

# These all provide overridable defaults
SOURCEDB=${SOURCEDB:-"postgres"}         # which database does the data come from
SOURCESCHEMA=${SOURCESCHEMA:-"public"}   # which schema is in use (e.g. - what schema to pg_dump)
TESTDB=${TESTDB:-"tomtestdb"}            # target database for TOM test
TOMSCHEMA=${TOMSCHEMA:-"tom"}            # schema to use for TOM tables

psql -d ${SOURCEDB} -c "analyze;"
psql -d ${SOURCEDB} -f get_data_for_tom.sql

dropdb ${TESTDB}
createdb ${TESTDB}
psql -d ${TESTDB} -c "create schema ${TOMSCHEMA};"

pg_dump -n ${SOURCESCHEMA} -s ${SOURCEDB} | psql -d ${TESTDB}

psql -d ${TESTDB} -f create_tom_tables.sql --single-transaction -v TOM_SCHEMA=${TOMSCHEMA}
psql -d ${TESTDB} -f load_data_for_tom.sql --single-transaction -v TOM_SCHEMA=${TOMSCHEMA}
psql -d ${TESTDB} -f get_mapping_for_tom.sql -v TOM_SCHEMA=${TOMSCHEMA}
psql -d ${TESTDB} -c "load '\$libdir/tom_hooks';"

It's not clear to me that the plugin is actually working.

When I run EXPLAIN against tables in "tomtestdb", I get results
consistent with an unanalyzed table.  So possibly the "hook" isn't
being used.  Perhaps I'm using it wrongly; perhaps what I have
documented above may suggest to you what's broken.

Mind you, the logs *are* suggesting that they are using the plugin:

LOG:  plugin_get_relation_info relationObjectId = 30026
STATEMENT:  explain analyze select * from test_table ;

That is the OID for test_table.  But here's what I see:

tomtestdb=# explain select * from public.test_table ;
                         QUERY PLAN                          
 Seq Scan on test_table  (cost=0.00..63.00 rows=1 width=104)
(1 row)

tomtestdb=# \c postgres

That seems consistent with an empty table.  I switch to (on the same
backend) the "source" DB:

You are now connected to database "postgres".
postgres=# explain select * from public.test_table ;
                           QUERY PLAN                           
 Seq Scan on test_table  (cost=0.00..124.62 rows=6162 width=60)
(1 row)

select 'cbbrowne' || '@' || '';
Rules  of the  Evil Overlord  #145. "My  dungeon cell  decor  will not
feature exposed pipes.  While they add to the  gloomy atmosphere, they
are good  conductors of vibrations and  a lot of  prisoners know Morse
code." <>

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