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Bricolage-Devel 1.7.1

From: David Wheeler <david(at)kineticode(dot)com>
To: pgsql-announce(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Bricolage-Devel 1.7.1
Date: 2003-11-30 20:04:55
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Lists: pgsql-announce
It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of Bricolage-Devel 
the second development release for what will eventually become Bricolage
1.8.0. This version of the open-source content management system 
all of the bugs discovered since the release of the first development
release, 1.7.0. The most significant changes include:

     *   Eliminated the need for the Apache::ConfigFile module, and thus 
         annoying problems with the CPAN indexer when trying to install 

     *   Passwords can be changed again. [Mike Slattery]

     *   It is now virtually impossible to create media type or story 
         elements without site and output channel associations. This 
         eliminate errors when users try to create documents based on 
         without output channel associations. [David]

     *   The "Output Channel" item for templates on desks now displays
         properly. [David]

     *   Eliminated bogus "Use of element's 'name' field is deprecated"
         warnings. Key names are allowed to have digits and underscores, 
         we weren't consistent about that. [David]

     *   The "display_element()" method in the Mason burner once again 
         component arguments on to components. And now, so does
         "sdisplay_element()". [David]

     *   Fixed favicon.ico code so that the browser and server don't go 
         an infinite loop with redirects of redirects. The favicon.ico 
         doesn't pop up in the location field in my browser, but it does
         display properly if I point my browser at it. [David]

     *   An attempt to create a document with the same URI as an existing
         document no longer litters the database with broken stories. 
         to Arthur for the spot. [David]

     *   Redirection after some publishes and previews works again, 
         of returning a text page to the browser. [David]

     *   Now displaying the name of the site each story and media 
document is
         in in Find Stories and Find Media. Suggested by Arthur. [David]

     *   A number of fixes for the bric_media_upload contrib script:

         * Made it work with the 1.7.0 XML Schema.
         * Fixed a bug in its use of File::Find.
         * Fixed problem in calculating category names when given a 
           to upload.
         * Added "--bric_soap" and "--site" options.

         See the script's usage info for details. [Dave Rolsky]

     *   Changing a media item's category and then saving caused an 
         [Dave Rolsky]

     *   Changing a media document's cover date no longer causes the URI 
         disappear. Thanks to Dave Rolsky for the spot. [David]

     *   Attempting to preview a story for which there are no associated
         destinations no longer causes the error 'Can't call method 
         without a package or object reference'. Thanks to Earle Martin 
         the spot! [David]

     *   Added "output_channel_id" parameter to the "list()" method of
         Bric::Biz::Site in order to prevent sites without output channel
         associations from being listed in the select list for story 
type and
         media type elements. [David]

     *   When a document fails to publish because there are no 
         configured, the UI no longer displays a message saying that it 
         published. [David]

     *   Fixed page logging so that redirects to the page before the 
         page can work correctly. It was most noticeably broken when 
         to associate a contributor with a document. [David]

     *   The upgrade process no longer moves media document files to 
         Bricolage can't find them. If this happened to you, just "mv
         $BRICOLAGE_ROOT/comp.old/data $BRICOLAGE_ROOT/comp". [David]

     *   Performing an action in the contributor and category association
         interfaces in the story and media profiles no longer causes an 
         search to be performed and return all contributors or 
         This could be a pain for organizations with 1000s of 
contributors or
         categories. Thanks to Scott for the report! [David]

     *   The Key Name field in the element profile is no longer editable.
         Only new elements can type in the key name field. Thanks to 
         for the spot! [David]

     *   The Template toolkit burner now correctly uses element key names
         instead of names to find corresponding templates. [David]

     *   Management of user groups in a double list manager UI no longer
         causes an SQL error. Spotted by Alexander Ling. [David]

     *   Sites added to a site group will now be listed as members of the
         site group in the site group's profile. Thanks to Alexander 
Ling for
         the spot. [David]

     *   Improved permission checking in the virtual FTP server. [David]

For a complete list of the changes, see the changes file at:


Bricolage is a full-featured, enterprise-class content management and
publishing system. It offers a browser-based interface for ease-of use, 
full-fledged templating system with complete HTML::Mason, 
and Template Toolkit support for flexibility, and many other features. 
operates in an Apache/mod_perl environment and uses the PostgreSQL RDBMS
for its repository. A comprehensive, actively-developed open source CMS,
Bricolage has been hailed as "Most Impressive" in 2002 by eWeek.

Learn more about Bricolage and download it from the Bricolage home page,



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