Re: UUID column as pimrary key?

From: Dennis Gearon <gearond(at)sbcglobal(dot)net>
To: pgsql-general(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: UUID column as pimrary key?
Date: 2011-01-06 21:58:26
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Hey guys and gals,
As the originator of this topic, I've received a lot of good answers,
opinions, and advice. Thank you.

I'm not sure that more conversation on this will go anywhere but down. It
seems that UUID vs. Integer is one of those 'values' subjects, like:

Sexual practices and preferences.
The right way to raise children.
How to handle money in a family.
What are the defintions of a woman and a man?
What religion is best and correct?
Which political party really has the best interests of the country as a goal,
and is the better party?
What's an appropriate lifestyle?

Uh . . . . my mother never taught me this(deprived childhood), but I learned the
hardway. NEVER discuss these things in public, (especially drunk in a bar in a
part of town at a different socio economic level than you), but learn what any
possible mate things of these ;-)

And UUID vs. Integer? Seems to be something not to discuss too long in a
newsgroup. Seriously, there's some emotions here on this subject that as the
originator of this topic, I'd like to see calm down and get back to productive
work. Is it a deal, guys and gals?

This newsgroup I always brag about to my other geek friends. 'Those people on
the postgres news group are the steadiest, most helpful, most logical people I
know on the Internet. The don't jump on fancy new trends nor hide technology in
market speak. Their work revolves around the best tested, theory based
practices. They just make the tech world a better place with some of the most
reliable, best supported OSS out there.' And you guys and gals ARE that

Dennis Gearon

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