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Error in the date field (with NULL value...).Thanks!

From: Maurizio Ortolan <crix98__(at)tin(dot)it>
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Subject: Error in the date field (with NULL value...).Thanks!
Date: 2001-03-29 04:50:56
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Subject: Importing data from Informix to PostgreSQL.
              Error in the date field (WITH NULL value)

I'll try to explain my little problem. Well, I have this table

create table  mytable
   ( codice     char(16) not null,
     dt_inizio  date,
     dt_fine    date,
     tipo_operazione char(1),
     causa_operazione integer


I find out that pgsql:

In my example '' is the NULL value exported from Informix... !  (an ASCII file)

                    INFORMIX                       PostgreSQL
char(16)               ''              ------>       blank 
string         (I think it's   ok! )
char(1)                ''               ------>       blank 
string         (I think it's ok)
integer                ''               ------>         0              (is 
it an error? )
date                   ''                ------>      ERROR!  Bad date 
external representation ''

 >> select * from mytable ;

    codice                     | dt_inizio       | dt_fine | 
tipo_operazione | causa_operazione

2001-03-28  |             |                       |            0
2001-03-28  |             |                      |            0

clinica=# insert into mytable values ( '','03/28/2001', '' , '' , ''  );
ERROR:  Bad date external representation ''                   ^^^

PostgreSQL doesn't want '' as an input of a date with NULL value:
it's necessary to use this kind of insert:

 >> insert into mytable values ( '','03/28/2001',null,'','');

Now there is a new line in the table:

2001-03-28  |             |                      |            0

My question:
How can I resolv my problem?  I have a big data file to import where
in the 2nd date field there is '' instead of  null ....

How can I "binds" PostgreSQL to consider '' as null ?

Many thanks for any suggestions!


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