Server Status window work

From: Guillaume Lelarge <guillaume(at)lelarge(dot)info>
To: pgadmin-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Server Status window work
Date: 2008-06-15 07:45:18
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The roadmap still shows I need to work on the server status window. But
it doesn't explain what I have in mind. Dave gave me some hints and
todos. Here is my todo list on this :

* Replace the wxNotebook widget with the wxAuiNotebook so users can
close tabs and rearrange tabs order via drag-and-drop.

* Add the possibility to open many Server Status windows (we can
already do this with the SQL query tool) so a user can see many
reports at the same time.

* Add a dockable toolbar to enable changing connection server, timer
slider, filter and sort options.

* Add graph reports for different statistics views, something like
the Gnome System Monitor but specific to PostgreSQL (transaction
rate, read/hit ratio, number of connections, bgwriter stats come to

* Better display of the logfile (probably using the log_line_prefix
option to know which informations are available).

* Command line options to start the Server Status window on it's own,
much as we can already do with the query tool.

* Colour coding for the backend lines. Say green for running OK, orange
for running, but with the query time being past a configurable limit,
blue for idle, and red when waiting for a lock etc.

* The ability to select a running backend, and copy the query straight
into a new query tool window (caveat: the stats command string may be
truncated, and still contain parameter placeholders).

* Ability to select a backend process and display just the locks
it's holding, and the one it's waiting on.

* (bit more complex) Display the locks in a logical tree rather than a
list (applies to the previous point as well as the current tab).

The last five are Dave's ideas. I just copy/paste one of his emails.

I know this is a huge todo list and I don't pretend doing everything
alone and for the next release. Actually, I think I'll do one patch for
each todo. I hope to begin the work on this next week.

Comments? Ideas?



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