executor relation handling

From: Amit Langote <Langote_Amit_f8(at)lab(dot)ntt(dot)co(dot)jp>
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Subject: executor relation handling
Date: 2018-08-16 08:22:51
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This is the continuation of the discussion at:


Actually, for more background on what I've written below, reading this
email in the same discussion would help:


Attached find a series of patches, the first of which tries to implement
the main topic discussed in the above email, which is to eliminate
execution-time locking of relations in PlannedStmt.rtable. One of the
other patches removes the plan node fields that are obsoleted by
eliminating execution-time locking of relations. Those fields served no
purpose beside telling the executor which relations to lock, or more
precisely which relations to lock before initializing the plan tree so
that we don't end up upgrading lock strength due to same relation being
both a source relation and target relation.

When working on that, I noticed that planner fails to remove PlanRowMarks
of relations that won't be scanned by a given plan, which results in
executor redundantly locking relations that the planner already deemed
unnecessary to scan. The locking would be gone with one of the proposed
patches, but there are still a couple of overheads during executor
initialization of having all those PlanRowMarks. For example,
ExecInitLockRows or ExecInitModifyTable calling ExecFindRowMark would end
up going over PlanRowMarks that won't ever be used, which especially grows
worse with many partitions.

Short description of each patch follows:


This removes all instances of heap_open(relid, <not-NoLock>) in the
executor code with heap_open(relid, NoLock). To verify that an
appropriate lock is already taken on a relation by the time we get into
executor, this also installs an assert-build-only check that confirms that
lmgr indeed holds the lock. To remember which lock was taken when
creating a given RTE_RELATION range table entry, this adds a lockmode
field to RangeTblEntry. Finally, because we don't lock in the executor
and hence there are no concerns about lock strength upgrade hazard,
InitPlan doesn't need toinitialize ResultRelInfos and ExecRowMarks, in
favor of doing that in the ExecInit* routines of respective nodes which
need those ResultRelInfos and ExecLockRows.

(This doesn't touch index relations though, as they don't have a range
table entry.)


This removes some fields from PlannedStmt whose only purpose currently is
to help InitPlan do certain things that it no longer does, as mentioned
above. Also, some fields in Append, MergeAppend, ModifyTable, whose only
purpose currently is to propagate partitioned table RT indexes so that
executor could lock them, are removed. Removing them also means that the
planner doesn't have to spend cycles initializing them.


This prevents PlanRowMarks corresponding to relations that won't be
scanned by a given plan from appearing in the rowMarks field of LockRows
or ModifyTable nodes. This results in removing significant overhead from
the executor initialization of those nodes, especially for partitioned
tables with many partitions.


This adds two arrays to EState indexed by RT indexes, one for
RangeTblEntry's and another for Relation pointers. The former reduces the
cost of fetching RangeTblEntry by RT index. The latter is used by a newly
introduced function ExecRangeTableRelation(), which replaces heap_open for
relations that are contained in the range table. If a given RTE's
relation is opened by multiple times, only the first call of
ExecRangeTableRelation will go to relcache.

Although improving executor's performance is not the main goal of these
patches, the fact that we're getting rid of redundant processing means
there would be at least some speedup, especially with large number of
relations in the range table, such as with partitioned tables with many

* Benchmark script used:

$ cat /tmp/select-lt.sql
select * from lt where b = 999;

'lt' above is a list-partitioned table with 1000 partitions, with one
partition for each value in the range 1..1000.

$ for i in 1 2;
> do
> pgbench -n -Mprepared -T 60 -f /tmp/select-lt.sql
> done


tps = 768.172129 (excluding connections establishing)
tps = 764.180834 (excluding connections establishing)

patch 0001 (no locking in the executor)

tps = 775.060323 (excluding connections establishing)
tps = 778.772917 (excluding connections establishing)

patch 0002 (remove useless planner node fields)

tps = 782.165436 (excluding connections establishing)
tps = 759.417411 (excluding connections establishing

patch 0003 (prune PlanRowMarks)

tps = 783.558539 (excluding connections establishing)
tps = 776.106055 (excluding connections establishing)

patch 0004 (executor range table Relation open)

tps = 778.924649 (excluding connections establishing)
tps = 769.093431 (excluding connections establishing)

Speedup is more pronounced with a benchmark that needs RowMarks, because
one of the patches (0003) removes overhead around handling them.

$ cat /tmp/select-lt-for-share.sql
select * from lt where b = 999 for share;


tps = 94.095985 (excluding connections establishing)
tps = 93.955702 (excluding connections establishing)

patch 0001 (no locking in the executor)

tps = 199.030555 (excluding connections establishing)
tps = 197.630424 (excluding connections establishing)

patch 0002 (remove useless planner node fields)

tps = 194.384994 (excluding connections establishing)
tps = 195.821362 (excluding connections establishing)

patch 0003 (prune PlanRowMarks)

tps = 712.544029 (excluding connections establishing)
tps = 717.540052 (excluding connections establishing)

patch 0004 (executor range table Relation open)

tps = 725.189715 (excluding connections establishing)
tps = 727.344683 (excluding connections establishing)

Will add this to next CF.


Attachment Content-Type Size
v1-0001-Don-t-lock-range-table-relations-in-the-executor.patch text/plain 30.5 KB
v1-0002-Remove-useless-fields-from-planner-nodes.patch text/plain 35.7 KB
v1-0003-Prune-PlanRowMark-of-relations-that-are-pruned-fr.patch text/plain 2.2 KB
v1-0004-Revise-executor-range-table-relation-opening-clos.patch text/plain 15.5 KB


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