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Re: VERY slow queries at random

From: Gunther Mayer <gunther(dot)mayer(at)googlemail(dot)com>
To: pgsql-performance(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: VERY slow queries at random
Date: 2007-06-07 15:32:52
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Lists: pgsql-performance
Scott Marlowe wrote:
> Gunther Mayer wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> We run a small ISP with a FreeBSD/freeradius/postgresql 8.2.4 backend
>> and 200+ users. Authentication happens via UAM/hotspot and I see a lot
>> of authorisation and accounting packets that are handled via PL/PGSQL
>> functions directly in the database.
>> Everything seems to work 100% except that a few times a day I see
>> Jun  6 10:41:31 caligula postgres[57347]: [4-1] radiususer: LOG:
>> duration: 19929.291 ms  statement: SELECT fn_accounting_start(...)
>> in my logs. I'm logging slow queries with log_min_duration_statement =
>> 500 in my postgresql.conf. Sometimes another query runs equally slow or
>> even slower (I've seen 139 seconds!!!) a few minutes before or after as
>> well, but then everything is back to normal.
>> Even though I haven't yet indexed my data I know that the system is
>> performant because my largest table (the accounting one) only has 5000+
>> rows, the entire database is only a few MB's and I have plenty of memory
>> (2GB), shared_buffers = 100MB and max_fsm_pages = 179200.  Also from
>> briefly enabling
>> log_parser_stats = on
>> log_planner_stats = on
>> log_executor_stats = on
>> I saw that most queries are 100% satisfied from cache so the disk
>> doesn't even get hit. Finally, the problem seems unrelated to load
>> because it happens at 4am just as likely as at peak traffic time.
>> What the heck could cause such erratic behaviour? I suspect some type of
>> resource problem but what and how could I dig deeper? 
> Maybe your hard drive is set to spin down after a certain period of 
> idle, and since most all your data is coming from memory, then it 
> might be that on the rare occasion when it needs to hit the drive it's 
> not spun up anymore.
I doubt that as a serious amount of logging is taking place on the box 
all the time which goes straight to disk. Also, no disk in the world 
would take more than a minute to spin up...
> Maybe some other process is cranking up (cron jobs???) that are 
> chewing up all your I/O bandwidth?
Hmm, I investigated that too but if that was the case the queries would 
run slow always at the same time of the day.
> Hard to say.  Anything in the system logs that would give you a hint?  
> Try correlating them by the time of the slow pgsql queries.
Nothing relevant in the system logs at the time of the slow query 
appearing. I have in the mean time tweaked syslog-ng.conf such that as 
soon as it detects a "duration: <greater than 500>ms" log message it 
spawns top and top -m io and redirects the output to file. At least in 
that way I can check what's keeping the system busy immediately *after* 
a slow query has occured. Of course now Murphy's law has it that since 
I've done that (30 hours ago) not a single slow query has fired, but 
hey, I'll look at the results once I have them.

On another note, autovacuum couldn't cause such issues, could it? I do 
have autovacuum enabled (autovacuum=on as well as 
stats_start_collector=on, stats_block_level = on and stats_row_level = 
on), is there any possibility that autovacuum is not as resource 
friendly as advertised?


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