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Re: [GENERAL] PHP or JSP? That is the question.

From: Guy Fraser <guy(at)incentre(dot)net>
To: lnd(at)hnit(dot)is
Cc: Postgres SQL List <pgsql-sql(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: Re: [GENERAL] PHP or JSP? That is the question.
Date: 2004-03-23 19:05:20
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Lists: pgsql-sql
Yes java is compiled, and compilers do catch most syntax and scope 
errors, as I said,
but the java object code is still interpreted. Logical errors and other 
mistakes still get
through compilation, and good regression testing is still required for 
quality assurance.

I think JSP is an excelent solution and is probably the way I will go. 
We already have
Jakarta Tomcat running inhouse, but I havn't touched Java since 1996.

I started with PHP about a year ago and after 1 week I had succefully 
written a radius
authentcated session based PostGreSQL reporting application. A couple 
months ago I
wrote a data collection application that stores data in a MySQL database 
{yik, not my
choice} and a PHP front end that generates tables graphs and statistical 
analysis, and it
took one day to build and test thoroughly.

I used to use Perl or white my own CGI's in C, but PHP is so, much 
easier than either.
I have been programming since 1981 and have learned many languages on many
platforms. I have maintained a few Sun servers but usualy in a mix with 
other Unix
variants. Because of the mixed environments and poor Java support on 
many platforms
I never had a good reason to use java. Most of the applications I have 
written did not
need complicated GUI interfaces, so C and Perl have done fine for a long 
time, and
PHP is adequate for simple DB applications. I am entertaining JSP for 
the more
complicated GUI interface for a project I may need to build in the near 
Management has asked about ASP, but since we have to support many non 
platforms I have strongly advised against it, besides I feel JSP will be 
much better.

Do you have a suggestion for a good resource, in order for me to get up 
to speed
quickly with Java?

lnd(at)hnit(dot)is wrote:

>My point is not about method how and how fast the whole thing executes but if
>the source code can be compiled assuming that compilation checks for a many
>things like data type mismatch or missing and provides many warnings for
>potential errors.  If PHP has such compilation then fine.
>Many people like development with interpreted languages and they build
>impressive applications but I think that compilation always helps: the time
>spent waiting for compilation to finish pays off many times. 
>JSP is compiled: I like that. Take Java Script as an example: either you
>shake after every change to source code regarding errors like 'Object not
>found' or build extensive automated regression tests but then you are going
>to spent time for building those test cases which still may fail to detect
>errors which are otherwise just easily detected by the compiler. 
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Guy Fraser [mailto:guy(at)incentre(dot)net] 
>>Sent: 23. mars 2004 16:01
>>To: Laimutis Nedzinskas
>>Cc: pgsql-general(at)postgresql(dot)org
>>Subject: Re: [GENERAL] PHP or JSP? That is the question.
>>lnd(at)hnit(dot)is wrote:
>>>It may be added to the Mark's points bellow that PHP has 
>>more libraries 
>>>in the out of the box setup (like regular expressions) but PHP is 
>>>(right?) while JSP is compiled: when I was making decision I 
>>have chosen JSP
>>>because of "compiled" criteria: I do like the idea to catch 
>>as many bugs as
>>>possible at compile time and rather hate "interpreted" development.
>>Sorry but your not correct.
>>Java is a binary 'interpreted' language. Although it is 
>>binary it is not 
>>a binary exucutable
>>native on almost all platforms. The java executable 
>>interprets the java 
>>binary code and
>>translates it into native machine executable code. Since the 
>>binary data 
>>is tokenized it is
>>more efficient and has already had it syntax and scopes 
>>verified so less 
>>processing is
>>required making it faster once it has been compiled.
>>One of the bigger advantages of JSP is the two way data flow 
>>With the
>>java application running at the client end providing the 
>>interface, and 
>>the java servlet
>>running at the server end doing the I/O, JSP can make a more fluid 
>>feeling interface.
>>With PHP once the page is rendered it is static.
Guy Fraser

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