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Re: Bug report for pgAdmin III

From: Andreas Pflug <Andreas(dot)Pflug(at)web(dot)de>
To: Dave Page <dpage(at)vale-housing(dot)co(dot)uk>
Cc: Donald Fraser <demolish(at)cwgsy(dot)net>,"[pgADMIN]" <pgadmin-support(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: Re: Bug report for pgAdmin III
Date: 2003-06-19 21:58:35
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Lists: pgadmin-support
Dave Page wrote:

>     -----Original Message-----
>     *From:* Donald Fraser [mailto:demolish(at)cwgsy(dot)net]
>     *Sent:* 19 June 2003 19:35
>     *To:* [pgADMIN]
>     *Subject:* [pgadmin-support] Bug report for pgAdmin III
>     PostgreSQL: 7.3.3
>     Client OS: W2K SP2.
>     pgAdmin III: 0.1.1 Devel(Jun 14 2003)
>     Here's a few errors that I've encountered when testing pgAdmin III.
>     1) Error Message: "There is more than one procedure named
>     texticregexeq"
>     This happens as soon as I select the default public Schema, the
>     pg_catalog Schema or the Operators item in the left hand browser
>     list on a database that has in the pg_catalog an additional data
>     type.
>     This data type is named citext (meaning case insensitive text).
>     There is a loadable c-module that contains a minimum number of
>     functions for defining "=", "<>", etc. The storage is identical to
>     text, in fact it uses the same input and output functions, so I
>     therefore over-loaded nearly all of the other system's internal
>     functions for text to give citext full support with respect to
>     operators, casts, regular expressions etc.
>     Hence for regular expression support I over-loaded the operator
>     function "texticregexeq". I have the following functions in my
>     pg_catalog schema;
>     i) texticregexeq(bpchar, citext)
>     ii) texticregexeq(text, text)
>     iii) texticregexeq(varchar, citext)
>     iv) texticregexeq(text, citext)
>     v) texticregexeq(citext, citext)
>     The "Operators" section of the database that uses these overloaded
>     functions is totally empty!
>     I never got any errors like this using pgAdmin II on the same
>     database. pgAdmin II displayed all the operators etc. including my
>     own additions as outlined. 
> Andreas, you'll probably get this one in minutes :-)

Sorry, I don't.... Need more information.
Please log this error and send it to me.

>     2) Error Message: "There is more than one procedure named
>     pg_catalog.textcat"
>     I'm not sure what I did to get this message... sorry that's not
>     much help I know. I suspect that its similar to
>     the for-mentioned error message as I have over-loaded the textcat
>     function such that in my pg_catalog I have:
>     textcat(text, text)
>     textcat(citext, citext)
>     I would say that its to do with this and the fact that I have the
>     operator || for citext that uses the textcat function as defined
>     above. 
> And this one. 
>     3) Error Message: "parser: parse error at or near "," at character
>     145"
>     This happens when I select a table that has a Foreign Key
>     Constraint that uses more than one column. I assume this because
>     the columns used for such constraints are not displayed in the
>     definition. For example;
>     CONSTRAINT fkey_contrib_user FOREIGN KEY (id_contrib, id_user)
>     REFERENCES tbl_user (id_contrib, id) ON DELETE RESTRICT ON UPDATE
>     is displayed as:
>     CONSTRAINT fkey_contrib_user FOREIGN KEY () REFERENCES tbl_user ()
> Can you provide an SQL log of this occuring please? See File -> 
> Options for the log settings.

OK, that's reproducable. Will fix it tomorrow.

>     4) Triggers displayed for a table do not display parameters passed
>     to the function. For example:
>     CREATE TRIGGER trig_btrim_cul
>       ON public.tbl_cmpy
>       FOR EACH ROW
>       EXECUTE PROCEDURE btrim_cul();
>     should display:
>     CREATE TRIGGER trig_btrim_cul
>       ON public.tbl_cmpy
>       FOR EACH ROW
>       EXECUTE PROCEDURE btrim_cul('n', 's_name', 'l', 's_email', 'l',
>     's_web'); 
> Andreas?

Hum, need to take a look at that. Failed to implement, blame on that 
careless programmer...

>     5) Cutting and pasting:
>     Now this one is obviously not so important but its annoying and
>     rather weird...
>     I can cut and paste into pgAdmin III from everything that I have
>     tried so far which is Word 97 and Outlook Express 5.5.
>     I can cut and paste into Outlook Express from pgAdmin III but I
>     cannot cut and paste from pgAdmin III into Word 97? 
> That is odd. I can paste into Word XP and other apps. It's also odd 
> because Windows handles the cut/paste rather than us!!
> What were you copying from? Can you confirm it still won't work with 
> Word, but will with notepad or something else following a reboot?

Maybe word97 isn't unicode enough... Didn't see any problem so far 
(Notepad, SciTe on W2K, KWrite/Mozilla on SuSE)

>     6) The security tab page on tables / functions property dialog
>     does not display correct data (probably an obvious one as it looks
>     like this tab page is not complete due to the fact that you cannot
>     add single users, only groups).
See the option for showing users (we need a documentation for that...)

>     Basically for every entry it always displays the group/user as
>     "public" and never displays any privileges. However it does
>     display the correct text for the ACL property. 
> Yes, I'm seeing this as well. I can take a look if you want Andreas?

Seems I broke this yesterday when adding readonly support.

>     7) Colours:
>     Probably another obvious one. When displaying a PL/PGSQL
>     functions, the colours in the definition pane are mostly the same
>     - that is nearly everything between the single quotes defining the
>     function are the colour purple (the exception is when I have text
>     between quotes (''some text'') it sometimes displays that in a
>     different colour). When I view the function via the properties
>     page then the contents is nicely displayed with all the key words
>     etc. in different colours. 
> The colouring is handled by the Scintilla styled text control - it 
> colours functions purple because they are single-quoted. I thought 
> someone was working on that, but iirc the was an issue with the 
> Unicode support of the patch. Can you remember Andreas?

Yes, Hiroshi had a patch for scintilla, which has to make its way to 
wxWindows, which has to make its way into pgadmin3...

>     8) Crash:
>     Pressing the "Options" item on the "File" menu crashes the
>     application.
>     Windows reports that a log is being created... I can't find one
>     anywhere - typical windows! 
>  The ones easy - you have an out of date frmOptions.xrc file (which 
> means Andreas' is as well). Andreas, can you do a corrected snapshot 
> please?

There's no problem about the snapshot. Maybe there's a really old 
version in the win32 directory? delete it!
The installation procedure needs to take care of that. Alternatively, we 
can comment out that alternate directory. So far, xrcs are shared 
between platforms, and we should try hard that it remains like this.


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