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GEQO Triggers Server Crash

From: Kris Jurka <jurka(at)ejurka(dot)com>
To: pgsql-bugs(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: GEQO Triggers Server Crash
Date: 2002-12-05 09:49:59
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Lists: pgsql-bugspgsql-hackers
The following script crashes 7.4devel.

SET geqo_threshold=2;
CREATE TABLE t1 (a int primary key);
CREATE TABLE t2 (a int);
SELECT * FROM t1,t2 WHERE t1.a=t2.a;

#0  0x0811001c in best_inner_indexscan (root=<incomplete type>,
rel=<error type>, 
    outer_relids=<error type>, jointype=<incomplete type>) at
1421                    if (sameseti(info->other_relids, outer_relids)
(gdb) bt
#0  0x0811001c in best_inner_indexscan (root=<incomplete type>,
rel=<error type>, 
    outer_relids=<error type>, jointype=<incomplete type>) at
#1  0x08111321 in match_unsorted_outer (root=<incomplete type>, 
    joinrel=<incomplete type>, outerrel=<incomplete type>, 
    innerrel=<incomplete type>, restrictlist=<incomplete type>, 
    mergeclause_list=<incomplete type>, jointype=
      {lockHash = 0x0, holderHash = 0x81911f5, lockmethod = 0,
numLockModes = 137172908, conflictTab = 137112324, masterLock =
BufMgrLock}) at joinpath.c:367
#2  0x081110c3 in add_paths_to_joinrel (root=<incomplete type>, 
    joinrel=<incomplete type>, outerrel=<incomplete type>, 
    innerrel=<incomplete type>, jointype=
      {lockHash = 0x0, holderHash = 0x82d1978, lockmethod = 1,
numLockModes = 28, conflictTab = 137114248, masterLock = 137114248},
restrictlist=<incomplete type>)
    at joinpath.c:98
#3  0x08111f81 in make_join_rel (root=<error type>, rel1=<error type>, 
    rel2=<error type>, jointype=<error type>) at joinrels.c:434
#4  0x08111d69 in make_rels_by_clause_joins (root=<error type>, 
    old_rel=<error type>, other_rels=<error type>) at joinrels.c:271
#5  0x0810b0e4 in gimme_tree (root=<error type>, initial_rels=<error
    tour=<error type>, num_gene=2, rel_count=0, old_rel=<error type>)
    at geqo_eval.c:129
#6  0x0810b05d in geqo_eval (root=<error type>, initial_rels=<error
    tour=<error type>, num_gene=2) at geqo_eval.c:67
#7  0x0810b757 in random_init_pool (root=<error type>,
initial_rels=<error type>, 
    pool=0x82c3c7c, strt=0, stp=128) at geqo_pool.c:96
#8  0x0810b22a in geqo (root=<error type>, number_of_rels=2, 
    initial_rels=<error type>) at geqo_main.c:110
#9  0x0810d1a5 in make_fromexpr_rel (root=<incomplete type>,
    at allpaths.c:426
#10 0x0810cce5 in make_one_rel (root=<incomplete type>) at allpaths.c:76
#11 0x08115de8 in query_planner (root=<incomplete type>,
tlist=<incomplete type>, 
    tuple_fraction=0, cheapest_path=0xbfffec58, sorted_path=0xbfffec5c)
    at planmain.c:155
#12 0x08116dff in grouping_planner (parse=<incomplete type>,
    at planner.c:1233
#13 0x08116123 in subquery_planner (parse=<incomplete type>,
    at planner.c:263
#14 0x08115f41 in planner (parse=<incomplete type>) at planner.c:106
#15 0x080cba3f in ExplainOneQuery (query=<incomplete type>,
    tstate=0x82c2ae8) at explain.c:133
#16 0x080cb992 in ExplainQuery (stmt=0x82bdfd0, dest=<incomplete type>)
    at explain.c:100
#17 0x0813e4db in ProcessUtility (parsetree=<incomplete type>, 
    dest=<incomplete type>, completionTag=0xbfffee5c "") at
#18 0x0813bd34 in pg_exec_query_string (query_string=0x82bda04, 
    dest=<error type>, parse_context=<incomplete type>) at
#19 0x0813cf70 in PostgresMain (argc=4, argv=<incomplete type>, 
    username=<incomplete type>) at postgres.c:2016
#20 0x08121d4a in DoBackend (port=
      {receiveTuple = 0x8283510, setup = 0x8272d38, cleanup =
    at postmaster.c:2293
#21 0x0812163f in BackendStartup (port=
      {receiveTuple = 0x8283510, setup = 0xbffff344, cleanup = 0})
    at postmaster.c:1915
#22 0x08120829 in ServerLoop () at postmaster.c:1002
#23 0x0812037a in PostmasterMain (argc=3, argv=<incomplete type>)
    at postmaster.c:781
#24 0x080fac1f in main (argc=3, argv=<incomplete type>) at main.c:209


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