pgsql 7.2.2: problem compiling on Sol 8 Solved

From: Richard Gillman <rgi(at)itss(dot)nerc(dot)ac(dot)uk>
To: pgsql-admin(at)postgresql(dot)org
Cc: Randall Perry <rgp(at)systame(dot)com>
Subject: pgsql 7.2.2: problem compiling on Sol 8 Solved
Date: 2002-09-03 10:44:16
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Yesterday, I polled this list for help with a problem I had re compiling
pgsql for use with Apache and PHP. The problem's symptoms were that
Apache was failing to load because PHP could not find,
which, in turn, was because could not find
This was because gcc on our systems is mounted in a non-standard
location (we tend to work in large clusters, with any add-on software
mounted on a central server, then automounted out to the individual

The sequence is: setenv, add gcc and libraries to path (setup) gmake
distclean (start from a clean sheet), configure, edit src/Makefile.port
to hand-carve-in the libraries, gmake, (as root) add gmake to path,
gmake install, test. In detail:

new window, clean sheet

cd /local1/dick1/apache/postgresql-7.2.2
setup gcc
setenv LDFLAGS "-L/nerc/packages/gcc/3.1.1/lib
gmake distclean
configure --quiet --with-libraries=/nerc/packages/gcc/3.1.1/lib
vi src/Makefile.port

#ifeq ($(with_gnu_ld), yes)
#export_dynamic = -Wl,-E
#rpath = -Wl,-rpath,$(libdir)
#rpath = -R$(libdir)
rpath = -L/usr/local/pgsql/lib -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/ssl/lib
-L/nerc/packages/gcc/3.1.1/lib -Wl -R/usr/local/pgsql/lib -Wl
-R/usr/local/lib -Wl -R/usr/local/ssl/lib -Wl
shlib_symbolic = -Wl,-Bsymbolic


as root, new window, no baggage

# PATH=/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/nerc/packages/utilities/bin
# export PATH
# gmake

# ldd /usr/local/pgsql/lib/ => /usr/lib/ => /usr/lib/ => /usr/lib/ =>
/nerc/packages/gcc/3.1.1/lib/ => /usr/lib/ => /usr/lib/ => /usr/lib/

Eureka, libpq now sees

Now to see if it works.

My thanks to Randall Perry, and his input from Peter Kurpis.


Richard Gillman wrote:
> I'm trying to compile PGSQL 7.2.2 to run with PHP and Apache on Solaris
> 8. The compilation appears to go OK, but, when I load Apache, I get
> Syntax error on line 237 of /etc/apache/httpd.conf:
> Cannot load /usr/apache/libexec/ into server:
> /usr/apache/bin/httpd: fatal: open failed: No such file
> or directory
> /usr/apache/bin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started
> I pinned this down to
> ldd /usr/local/pgsql/lib/
> => (file not found)
> I am using gcc 3.1.1, which is installed in a non-default location. My
> command sequence is:
> /nerc/packages/gcc/3.1.1/lib:/nerc/packages/gcc/3.1.1/lib/sparcv9
> setenv LDFLAGS "-L/nerc/packages/gcc/3.1.1/lib
> -R/nerc/packages/gcc/3.1.1/lib"
> configure --quiet --with-libraries=/nerc/packages/gcc/3.1.1/lib
> --with-includes=/nerc/packages/gcc/3.1.1/lib
> gmake
> then, as root, gmake install
> I see from browsing the email lists that this problem has been
> encountered before, May 2001 was the earliest reference, but have not
> been able to find a solution.
> thanks in advance, Dick
> --
> Richard Gillman
> iTSS UNIX Systems Group, Maclean Building, Wallingford OX10 8BB
> Tel: 01491 - 692 339
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Richard Gillman
iTSS UNIX Systems Group, Maclean Building, Wallingford OX10 8BB
Tel: 01491 - 692 339

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