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Re: inconsistend performance

From: fredrik chabot <fredrik(at)f6(dot)nl>
To: Jean-Luc Lachance <jllachan(at)nsd(dot)ca>
Cc: pgsql-bugs <pgsql-bugs(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: Re: inconsistend performance
Date: 2002-08-20 21:36:25
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Lists: pgsql-bugs
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Jean-Luc Lachance wrote:<br>
<blockquote type="cite" cite="mid3D629DDA(dot)AC0B9AA2(at)nsd(dot)ca">
  <pre wrap="">Bonjour Frederik,<br><br>Seems to me that instead of<br><br>  WHERE ( "afd" = 'fb' and "dss" =  13 and "dat" &lt; '2002080719163600' )<br>  or ( "afd" = 'fb' and "dss" &lt;        13 )  or ( "afd" &lt; 'fb' )<br>  ORDER BY "afd" DESC , "dss" DESC , "dat" DESC  LIMIT 1;<br><br>you can write:<br><br>  WHERE ( "afd", "dss", "dat") &lt;= ('fb',13,'2002080719163600' )<br>  ORDER BY ("afd", "dss", "dat") DESC  LIMIT 1;<br><br>Might not improve things much though...</pre>
2 things;<br>
The ORDER BY as you wrote it gave an error. "<tt>ERROR:&nbsp; parser: parse error
at or near "DESC"</tt>"<br>
The WHERE clause did work although not completely as expected. When I write
<tt>WHERE ( "afd", "dss", "dat") &lt; ('fb',13,'2002080719163600' ) ORDER
BY "afd" DESC , "dss" DESC , "dat" DESC  LIMIT 1;</tt><br>
<tt>NOTICE:&nbsp; QUERY PLAN:<br>
Limit&nbsp; (cost=0.00..3.18 rows=1 width=344)<br>
&nbsp; -&gt;&nbsp; Index Scan Backward using dsrgl_primary on dsrgl&nbsp; (cost=0.00..12580.87
rows=3960 width=344)<br>
Which is (I think equivalent to my original) it returns an seemingly random
record instead of the intended one ignoring the ORDER BY or so it seems.
(it is BTW verry fast)<br>
If i write;<br>
<tt>WHERE ( "afd", "dss", "dat") &lt;= ('fb',13,'2002080719163600' ) ORDER
BY "afd" DESC , "dss" DESC , "dat" DESC  LIMIT 2;</tt><br>
<tt>NOTICE:&nbsp; QUERY PLAN:<br>
Limit&nbsp; (cost=0.00..6.35 rows=2 width=344)<br>
&nbsp; -&gt;&nbsp; Index Scan Backward using dsrgl_primary on dsrgl&nbsp; (cost=0.00..12580.87
rows=3960 width=344)<br>
It returns the exact record (as expected) and the one just before it in sequence
(as expected). <br>
It is not clear to me why when I use '&lt;' I get a "seemingly" random record
while it works as expected with '&lt;='.<br>
<blockquote type="cite" cite="mid3D629DDA(dot)AC0B9AA2(at)nsd(dot)ca">
  <pre wrap=""><br><br>JLL<br><br></pre>
  <pre wrap=""><!---->fredrik chabot wrote:<br></pre>
  <blockquote type="cite">
    <pre wrap="">Hello experts,<br><br>Abstract;<br><br>If I select 1 record on the primary key I know exists postgresql is very<br>fast, selecting the previous or next record (with limit 1)  is horible.<br><br>Given this table:<br><br>CREATE TABLE dsrgl ("f6lock" int4, "afd" varchar(  4), "dss" int4, "dat"<br>varchar( 16), "srt" int4, "akt" varchar( 12), "oms" varchar( 20), "anc"<br>int4, "vkk" float8, "vkka" float8, "vkkt" float8, "vkkv" varchar(  4),<br>"vkkr" float8, "fav" varchar( 12), "ibs" int4, "nkk" float8, "nkkv"<br>varchar(  4), "nkkr" float8, "vko" float8, "vkoa" float8, "vkot" float8,<br>"vkov" varchar(  4), "vkor" float8, "faa" varchar( 12), "vbs" int4,<br>"sta" int4, "nko" float8, "nkov" varchar(  4), "nkor" float8, "stb"<br>int4, "stc" int4, "std" int4, "ste" int4, "fsa" int4, "fsb" int4, "fsc"<br>int4, "fsd" int4, "fse" int4,<br>CONSTRAINT dsrgl_primary PRIMARY KEY("afd","dss","dat"));<br><br>Insert +/- 700000 rows and then:<br><br>SELECT "afd", "dss", "dat",
 "srt", "akt", "oms", "anc", "vkk", "vkka",<br>"vkkt", "vkkv", "vkkr", "fav", "ibs", "nkk", "nkkv", "nkkr", "vko",<br>"vkoa", "vkot", "vkov", "vkor", "faa", "vbs", "sta", "nko", "nkov",<br>"nkor", "stb", "stc", "std", "ste", "fsa", "fsb", "fsc", "fsd", "fse",<br>"usr", "dtv", "dti" FROM dsrgl<br>WHERE ( "afd" = 'fb' and "dss" =  13 and "dat" = '20020712143411' ) ;<br><br>takes approx 0.000939 seconds<br><br>SELECT "afd", "dss", "dat", "srt", "akt", "oms", "anc", "vkk", "vkka",<br>"vkkt", "vkkv", "vkkr", "fav", "ibs", "nkk", "nkkv", "nkkr", "vko",<br>"vkoa", "vkot", "vkov", "vkor", "faa", "vbs", "sta", "nko", "nkov",<br>"nkor", "stb", "stc", "std", "ste", "fsa", "fsb", "fsc", "fsd", "fse",<br>"usr", "dtv", "dti" FROM dsrgl<br>WHERE ( "afd" = 'fb' and "dss" =  13 and "dat" &lt; '2002080719163600' )<br>or ( "afd" = 'fb' and "dss" &lt;        13 )  or ( "afd" &lt; 'fb' )<br>ORDER BY "afd" DESC , "dss" DESC , "dat" DESC  LIMIT 1;<br><br>takes approx  7.048736 seconds<br><br>If I l
et postgresql explain it to me:<br><br>NOTICE:  QUERY PLAN:<br><br>Limit  (cost=0.00..910.68 rows=100 width=344)<br>  -&gt;  Index Scan Backward using dsrgl_primary on dsrgl<br>(cost=0.00..325691.57 rows=35764 width=344)<br><br>EXPLAIN<br><br>Is it something I'm doing wrong or doesn't postgresql optimizer<br>understand my select and if so is there something I can do so it will<br>understand?<br><br>thanks,<br><br>fredrik chabot<br><br>---------------------------(end of broadcast)---------------------------<br>TIP 5: Have you checked our extensive FAQ?<br><br><a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href=""></a><br></pre>
  <pre wrap=""><!----><br>---------------------------(end of broadcast)---------------------------<br>TIP 6: Have you searched our list archives?<br><br><a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href=""></a><br></pre>

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