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SQL update statements are failing if submitted in sequence on same connection

From: Paul-Andre Panon <ppanon(at)sierrasys(dot)com>
To: pgsql-bugs(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: SQL update statements are failing if submitted in sequence on same connection
Date: 2001-05-26 01:28:48
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Lists: pgsql-bugs
                        POSTGRESQL BUG REPORT TEMPLATE

Your name               :    Paul-Andre Panon
Your email address      : Paul-AndrePanon(at)sierrasystems(dot)com

System Configuration
  Architecture (example: Intel Pentium)         : Intel Pentium Pro

  Operating System (example: Linux 2.0.26 ELF)  :Mandrake Linux 7.2 
Kernel 2.2.17-21mdksmp

  PostgreSQL version (example: PostgreSQL-7.1.1):   PostgreSQL-7.1, 
7.1.1, 7.1.2

  Compiler used (example:  gcc 2.95.2)          :gcc version 2.95.3 
19991030 (prerelease)

  I use rpms rebuilt from the source RPMs on the ftp site. For 7.1.2, I 
modified the the 7.1.1 spec and support files to use the 7.1.2 tar 
files, but I have the same problem with the stock 7.1 and 7.1.1 rpms.

Please enter a FULL description of your problem:

SQL update statements are failing, possibly in the query planner. A copy 
of the -d3 postgres log is attached. The error returned by psql when 
submitting this query is
ERROR:  Relation 2699531655 does not exist
The third update statement fails if executed on the same connection as 
the first two, but succeeds if it is executed on a different connection.
I am using a custom GUID/UUID data type extension similar to the MS SQL 
Server uniqueidentifier data type. I used the varbits type in the 
contrib directory as a template, as well as the FreeDCE library to 
generate new UUIDs. I would be happy to contribute this code if anybody 
is interested. With the new ODBC driver working towards ODBC 3.0 level 
support, there may be more interest in having GUID support in 
PostgreSQL. Although I can't rule out that the UUID data type may be at 
fault, it does work correctly under 7.0.2 . The included uniqid.tar.gz 
should be extracted into the contrib directory and compiled and 
installed from there.

I have included a database dump of a pared down version of the database, 
as well as the statements that cause the problem.
If you run the three statements in sequence on the same connection you 
get the crash, but if you run the third update by itself on a new 
connection it works correctly. I have massaged the database dump to 
include the uniqueidentifier type definitions assuming the shared 
library  is placed in /usr/lib/pgsql/modules. If you place the shared 
library in a different location, you will  need to change the reference 
in the dump. Alternately, you can run the uniqid.sql generated and 
installed by the make process before your restore the database dump; the 
restore will then provide some error messages regarding the type 
redefinitions but they can be ignored.


Perhaps this may be related to another bug that Tom Lane describes as:
The direct cause of the problem is that EvalPlanQual isn't completely 
initializing the estate that it sets up for re-evaluating the plan. In 
particular it's not filling in es_result_relations and 
es_num_result_relations, which need to be set up if the top plan node is 
an Append.
since psql refers to a vary large relation oid in its error message? It 
looks like the query is crashing after the query parsing is completed. 
-d4 doesn't seem to provide additional useful information regarding the 
Query Processing and where it is breaking. If there are any additional 
flags at compile or run time that I can set to provide more useful 
information, please let me know.


Paul-Andre Panon

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