CSV import / export

From: "Robins Tharakan" <tharakan(at)gmail(dot)com>
To: pgadmin-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: CSV import / export
Date: 2008-11-27 02:00:05
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While looking at the PgAdmin ToDo list, I saw CSV import as one of the
things to do. I just wanted to ask a few things before starting work on it,
so as to ensure that it's envisioned in the way I plan to work on it.

- Apart from CSV import, are we planning to add an 'export' to CSV via
the Backup dialog box ? (We could add a 'CSV radio button' under 'Format'
and change the radio buttons below to things like 'Include headers, column
separators, etc...). But importantly, since its not mentioned in the ToDo,
is an export to CSV (of a single table) even on the cards ? Frankly I ask
this also because currently the only way to export a table in CSV is to do a
'SELECT * FROM table' in SQL query box and save to file, which is quite
lengthy a process.
- I read a bit about wxWidgets and didn't see any relevant libraries
there. Are there any 'obvious' libraries (in wxWidgets or otherwise) that I
should use to parse csv into an array ? For e.g. PHP has a pretty neat
function like fgetcsv ... that converts a csv file to an array of arrays.
Anything similar to that, or should I have to make that myself ?
- I have outlined a few details of Import to CSV, please feel free to
change (or completely rewrite :) the way it should work. I'll try and
attempt this if no one else is working on it right now.

Import to CSV:

1. 'Restore' option when one right-clicks on a table name, should allow
for importing via CSV. A radio button above the file selection defaults to a
'Backup' file, but has an extra added option of a 'CSV file' along with it.
2. (While importing from a CSV file) A set of preferences that could
allow a user to alter CSV import preferences. For e.g. column-separator,
line-separators, 'include headers' etc.. (Personally I'd prefer defaults to
these to be modifyable, but File-Options-Preferences is too generic for
these settings. Any better place for such options ?)
3. During import, if an error occurs, A dialogue box is thrown that
provides for three options. Either mute successive errors if any, keep
showing them, or altogether stop the import.

That's all that I could muster with.
Any feedback on the above would be appreciated.

*Robins Tharakan


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