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Re: Triggers and SQL functions

From: "Philippe Rochat (RSR: 318 17 93)" <prochat(at)lbdsun(dot)epfl(dot)ch>
To: pierre(at)desertmoon(dot)com, pgsql-general(at)postgresql(dot)org, pgsql-sql(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: Triggers and SQL functions
Date: 1998-10-16 22:23:00
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Lists: pgsql-generalpgsql-sql
pierre(at)desertmoon(dot)com wrote:
> >
> > I have exactly the same problem as you mentioned in a mail
> > sent to postgres mailing lists about creating trigger using
> > sql function ...
> >
> > Did you get the solution to you problem ?
> >
> > Ph.R.
> >
> >
> I actually found the solution in the docs. The solution is to understand
> the difference between triggers and rules. Triggers are used primarily
> to call C/C++ library functions that you can create and add onto the
> postgresql system.
> Rules on the other-hand act just like 'triggers' but only call/usr
> sql to perform their functions.
> So the solution: Use rules to create trigger-like actions that run
> stored sql procedures. There is a man page on 'create rule' that you
> can use to get more info.
> -=pierre

The problem is the following:

	id int,
	username char(10),
	passwd char(10)
CREATE sequence user_seq start 1 increment 1;
CREATE RULE adduser as
        on insert to user where id isnull
        do update user set id=nextval('user_seq') where id isnull;
As you can see, I implement kind of autoinc on id.

CREATE TABLE user_realm (
	uid int,
	rlid int,
	adminuser boolean

I would like to defaultly add a user in the realm 1.
I tried the following:
CREATE RULE adduservoid as
	on insert to user
	do insert into user_realm values(, 1, false);

But is very probably null !
The problem is that rules is a rewriting system and not function calls
(and so no way to define after/befor).
So I would like to do this auto-insert into user_realm with a trigger
after insert. I tried the following :

-- Makes all user at least belonging to Void ... just in case
CREATE FUNCTION adduservoid () returns boolean
 as 'insert into user_realm 
        select id as uid,1 as rlid,false as adminuser
        from user where not exists (
           select uid from user_realm where
     select true as ignore_this;'
 language 'sql';
CREATE TRIGGER autoadduservoid AFTER INSERT OR UPDATE ON user for each
EXECUTE PROCEDURE adduservoid();

But this doesnt work for the reason you mentioned.
Another solution would be if the create rule would support many
statements instead of just one, like that:
CREATE RULE adduser as
        on insert to user where id isnull
        do 'update user set id=nextval('user_seq') where id isnull;
		insert into user_realm(,1,false);'

But because I have also a check_primary key on user_realm that ensure
that uid exists in user ... I would still have a problem !


Philippe Rochat,				EPFL   DI-LBD
Database Laboratory 				CH-1015 LAUSANNE
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) 	tel:++41 21 693 52 53
Beep-EPFL: 181 4644				fax:++41 21 693 51 95
Private: Grammont, 9 1007 LAUSANNE 		tel:++41 21 617 03 05 

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