From: Steve Logue <stevel(at)mail(dot)cdsnet(dot)net>
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Date: 1998-06-04 11:24:13
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The Hermit Hacker wrote:

> We want "product identification"...the Penguin is what Linux is
> identified with, and, as we *all* know, the last thing I would want to be
> identified with :)

(First off - thanks to everyone for the feed back.)

I agree - actually I think animals should be out alltogether. IMHO Postgres needs
a professional, corporate image. Look at MySQL's stuff again. Very
clean/professional - something that "soothes" the business types into trying the
product for potentially important things. Many people just assume MySQL is a
superior product because it is the product of a company, and looks it (whom happen
to give sources too).

> Someone came up with an alligator as our totem...but nobody seemed
> able to come up with a *strong* image to use :( I kinda like an elephant
> or turtle...a little slower, but highly dependable...
> We need something to identify with that isn't already used (ie. I
> won't suggest a little devil *grin*)...

The alligators look good and certainly were more effort. If we must do an animal,
I think the original logo had it right - something FAST - a chetah, a gazell,
can't go wrong with an eagle in this country :)

> Steve...I looked at the ones you made, and found then a little
> dry...I personally think it is going to be difficult to do a 'Powered by'
> icon with an animal on it, but is it possible to *jumps* out at you?
> Maybe a little depth? Maybe emboss the work PostgreSQL, so that it stands
> out from the page? I like the top-left one the most, against the white
> background like that, but maybe have it stick out like a button?

OK we have a concensus somewhat - everyone has been pretty much saying the say
things. The logo's are "flat" and the portions Postgre and SQL are too disjoint,
and most people like the blue/white combo. I will make up some more interesting
ones this weekend using these notions.

Thanks Again,

Southern Oregon's PC network technicians

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