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Postgres bug (working with iserverd)

From: "A(dot)V(dot)Shutko" <AVShutko(at)mail(dot)khstu(dot)ru>
To: pgsql-bugs(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Postgres bug (working with iserverd)
Date: 2001-05-12 01:48:55
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Hello , mans

Your server have a bug that sometimes cause coredumps.....

System:    FreeBSD 4.2-20001127-STABLE
Compiler:  gcc 2.95.2
Platform:  x86 (PII-600)
Ram:       256 Mb

With server work only one program - IServerd, there is 10 parallel
processes that have db connection.

Here information that i get from cores

#0  0x80c11b3 in exec_append_initialize_next ()
#1  0x80c1287 in ExecInitAppend ()             
#2  0x80be3ee in ExecInitNode ()               
#3  0x80be239 in EvalPlanQual ()               
#4  0x80bdbb3 in ExecReplace ()                
#5  0x80bd871 in ExecutePlan ()                
#6  0x80bccea in ExecutorRun ()                
#7  0x81036fb in ProcessQuery ()               
#8  0x810217d in pg_exec_query_string ()       
#9  0x81031ac in PostgresMain ()               
#10 0x80eda66 in DoBackend ()                  
#11 0x80ed622 in BackendStartup ()             
#12 0x80ec815 in ServerLoop ()                 
#13 0x80ec1fb in PostmasterMain ()             
#14 0x80cd0a8 in main ()                       
#15 0x8064765 in _start ()

Dump of assembler code for function exec_append_initialize_next:
0x80c1174 <exec_append_initialize_next>:        push   %ebp           
0x80c1175 <exec_append_initialize_next+1>:      mov    %esp,%ebp      
0x80c1177 <exec_append_initialize_next+3>:      push   %esi           
0x80c1178 <exec_append_initialize_next+4>:      push   %ebx           
0x80c1179 <exec_append_initialize_next+5>:      mov    0x8(%ebp),%esi 
0x80c117c <exec_append_initialize_next+8>:      mov    0x20(%esi),%ebx
0x80c117f <exec_append_initialize_next+11>:     mov    0x54(%esi),%edx
0x80c1182 <exec_append_initialize_next+14>:     mov    0x18(%edx),%eax
0x80c1185 <exec_append_initialize_next+17>:     mov    0x1c(%edx),%ecx
0x80c1188 <exec_append_initialize_next+20>:     test   %eax,%eax      
0x80c118a <exec_append_initialize_next+22>:                           
    jge    0x80c1198 <exec_append_initialize_next+36>                 
0x80c118c <exec_append_initialize_next+24>:     movl   $0x0,0x18(%edx)
0x80c1193 <exec_append_initialize_next+31>:     xor    %eax,%eax      
0x80c1195 <exec_append_initialize_next+33>:                           
    jmp    0x80c11be <exec_append_initialize_next+74>                 
0x80c1197 <exec_append_initialize_next+35>:     nop                   
0x80c1198 <exec_append_initialize_next+36>:     cmp    %ecx,%eax      
0x80c119a <exec_append_initialize_next+38>:                           
    jl     0x80c11a4 <exec_append_initialize_next+48>                 
0x80c119c <exec_append_initialize_next+40>:     dec    %ecx           
0x80c119d <exec_append_initialize_next+41>:     mov    %ecx,0x18(%edx)
0x80c11a0 <exec_append_initialize_next+44>:     xor    %eax,%eax      
0x80c11a2 <exec_append_initialize_next+46>:                           
    jmp    0x80c11be <exec_append_initialize_next+74>                 
0x80c11a4 <exec_append_initialize_next+48>:     cmpb   $0x0,0x50(%esi)
0x80c11a8 <exec_append_initialize_next+52>:                           
    je     0x80c11b9 <exec_append_initialize_next+69>                 
0x80c11aa <exec_append_initialize_next+54>:     shl    $0x5,%eax      
0x80c11ad <exec_append_initialize_next+57>:     add    0x10(%ebx),%eax
0x80c11b0 <exec_append_initialize_next+60>:     mov    %eax,0x18(%ebx)
0x80c11b3 <exec_append_initialize_next+63>:     mov    0x1c(%eax),%eax
  ^^^^^^ - <<<<<<<<<< here >>>>>>>>>>
0x80c11b6 <exec_append_initialize_next+66>:     mov    %eax,0x1c(%ebx)
0x80c11b9 <exec_append_initialize_next+69>:     mov    $0x1,%eax      
0x80c11be <exec_append_initialize_next+74>:     pop    %ebx           
0x80c11bf <exec_append_initialize_next+75>:     pop    %esi           
0x80c11c0 <exec_append_initialize_next+76>:     leave                 
0x80c11c1 <exec_append_initialize_next+77>:     ret                   

With respect,
A.V.Shutko                          mailto:AVShutko(at)mail(dot)khstu(dot)ru


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