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From: "Pavan Deolasee" <pavan(dot)deolasee(at)gmail(dot)com>
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Subject: HOT patches
Date: 2007-05-07 12:03:33
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Hi All,

Please see the set of HOT patches, broken down as suggested by
the community members for easy review. There are 5 patches, they
should apply cleanly on current CVS HEAD, but have dependencies.
So one must apply patch1 before applying patch2 and so on. At
each stage, code compiles and passes regression tests, though
things like CREATE INDEX and VACUUM may be broken until the
corresponding patches are applied. Though I've tried to decouple
the patch logically, some part of the patch may not make sense
until the later patch is reviewed. Please let me know if such things

HOT-split1.patch has the basic HOT code. It implements HOT update
if there is enough free space in the same block and none of the index
keys are changed. This should serve as a good starting point to
get the basic HOT principle without getting into any complex

HOT-split2.patch adds a lot of logic for further optimization such as
chain pruning, reusing LP_deleted tuples, line-pointer redirection
and row-level de-fragmentation. This patch still looks heavy, but its
difficult to split it up further. Even so, if necessary, I can try to that.

HOT-split3.patch adds some misc stuff regarding pg_stats

HOT-split4.patch fixes the VACUUM [FULL] related issues

HOT-split5.patch fixes the CREATE INDEX [CONCURRENTLY] related issue.

Please let me know if further break down is required. I would be more
than happy to provide any other support to ease the review process.




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HOT-split3.patch.gz application/x-gzip 4.3 KB
HOT-split4.patch.gz application/x-gzip 7.4 KB
HOT-split5.patch.gz application/x-gzip 14.3 KB


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