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Re: Need help with Visual Basic 6 and PostgreSQL

From: Richard Broersma Jr <rabroersma(at)yahoo(dot)com>
To: Finn Lassen <dcio(at)AxiomInt(dot)com>
Cc: pgsql-odbc(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: Need help with Visual Basic 6 and PostgreSQL
Date: 2007-11-24 00:50:19
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Lists: pgsql-odbc
<table cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' border='0' ><tr><td style="font: inherit;"><P>--- On Fri, 11/23/07, Richard Broersma Jr &lt;rabroersma(at)yahoo(dot)com&gt; wrote:</P>
<P>From the ODBC driver documentation, </P>
<P>here is the list of parameters that you can pass to the driver.<BR></P>
<P style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0cm"><FONT face="Times New Roman, serif"><FONT size=5><B>How to specify as a connection option </B></FONT></FONT></P>
<TABLE style="page-break-inside: avoid" cellSpacing=3 cellPadding=4 width="100%" border=1>
<COL width=96>
<COL width=80>
<COL width=79>
<TD width="38%"><B><FONT size=4>Definition</FONT></B> </TD>
<TD width="31%"><B><FONT size=4>Keyword</FONT></B> </TD>
<TD width="31%"><FONT size=4><B>Abbreviation</FONT> </B></TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Data source description </TD>
<TD width="31%">Description </TD>
<TD width="31%">Nothing </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Name of Server </TD>
<TD width="31%">Servername </TD>
<TD width="31%">Nothing </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Postmaster listening port </TD>
<TD width="31%">Port </TD>
<TD width="31%">Nothing </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">User Name </TD>
<TD width="31%">Username </TD>
<TD width="31%">Nothing </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Password </TD>
<TD width="31%">Password </TD>
<TD width="31%">Nothing </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Debug flag </TD>
<TD width="31%">Debug </TD>
<TD width="31%">B2 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Fetch Max Count </TD>
<TD width="31%">Fetch </TD>
<TD width="31%">A7 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Socket buffer size </TD>
<TD width="31%">Socket </TD>
<TD width="31%">A8 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Database is read only </TD>
<TD width="31%">ReadOnly </TD>
<TD width="31%">A0 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Communication to backend logging </TD>
<TD width="31%">CommLog </TD>
<TD width="31%">B3 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">PostgreSQL backend protocol </TD>
<TD width="31%">Protocol </TD>
<TD width="31%">A1 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Backend enetic optimizer </TD>
<TD width="31%">Optimizer </TD>
<TD width="31%">B4 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Keyset query optimization </TD>
<TD width="31%">Ksqo </TD>
<TD width="31%">B5 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Send tobackend on connection </TD>
<TD width="31%">ConnSettings </TD>
<TD width="31%">A6 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Recognize unique indexes </TD>
<TD width="31%">UniqueIndex </TD>
<TD width="31%">Nothing </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Unknownresult set sizes </TD>
<TD width="31%">UnknownSizes </TD>
<TD width="31%">A9 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Cancel as FreeStmt </TD>
<TD width="31%">CancelAsFreeStmt </TD>
<TD width="31%">C1 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Use Declare/Fetch cursors </TD>
<TD width="31%">UseDeclareFetch </TD>
<TD width="31%">B6 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Text as LongVarchar </TD>
<TD width="31%">TextAsLongVarchar </TD>
<TD width="31%">B7 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Unknowns as LongVarchar </TD>
<TD width="31%">UnknownsAsLongVarchar </TD>
<TD width="31%">B8 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Bools as Char </TD>
<TD width="31%">BoolsAsChar </TD>
<TD width="31%">B9 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Max Varchar size </TD>
<TD width="31%">MaxVarcharSize </TD>
<TD width="31%">B0 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Max LongVarchar size </TD>
<TD width="31%">MaxLongVarcharSize </TD>
<TD width="31%">B1 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Fakes a unique index on OID </TD>
<TD width="31%">FakeOidIndex </TD>
<TD width="31%">A2 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Includes the OID in SQLColumns </TD>
<TD width="31%">ShowOidColumn </TD>
<TD width="31%">A3 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Row Versioning </TD>
<TD width="31%">RowVersioning </TD>
<TD width="31%">A4 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Show SystemTables </TD>
<TD width="31%">ShowSystemTables </TD>
<TD width="31%">A5 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Parse Statements </TD>
<TD width="31%">Parse </TD>
<TD width="31%">C0 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">SysTable Prefixes </TD>
<TD width="31%">ExtraSysTablePrefixes </TD>
<TD width="31%">C2 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Disallow Premature </TD>
<TD width="31%">DisallowPremature </TD>
<TD width="31%">C3 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Updateable Cursors </TD>
<TD width="31%">UpdatableCursors </TD>
<TD width="31%">C4 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">LF &lt;-&gt; CR/LF conversion </TD>
<TD width="31%">LFConversion </TD>
<TD width="31%">C5 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">True is -1 </TD>
<TD width="31%">TrueIsMinus1 </TD>
<TD width="31%">C6 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Datatype to report int8 columns as </TD>
<TD width="31%">BI </TD>
<TD width="31%">Nothing </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Bytea as LongVarBinary </TD>
<TD width="31%">ByteaAsLongVarBinary </TD>
<TD width="31%">C7 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Use serverside prepare </TD>
<TD width="31%">UseServerSidePrepare </TD>
<TD width="31%">C8 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Lower case identifier </TD>
<TD width="31%">LowerCaseIdentifier </TD>
<TD width="31%">C9 </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">SSL mode </TD>
<TD width="31%">SSLmode </TD>
<TD width="31%">CA </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Extra options </TD>
<TD width="31%">AB </TD>
<TD width="31%">Nothing </TD></TR>
<TD width="38%">Abbreviate(simple setup of a recommendation value) </TD>
<TD width="31%">CX </TD>
<TD width="31%">Nothing </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><BR></td></tr></table>

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