Re: brininsert optimization opportunity

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Subject: Re: brininsert optimization opportunity
Date: 2024-02-29 12:20:39
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On 2024-Feb-13, Tomas Vondra wrote:

> One thing that is not very clear to me is that I don't think there's a
> very good way to determine which places need the cleanup call. Because
> it depends on (a) what kind of index is used and (b) what happens in the
> code called earlier (which may easily do arbitrary stuff). Which means
> we have to call the cleanup whenever the code *might* have done inserts
> into the index. Maybe it's not such an issue in practice, though.

I think it's not an issue, or rather that we should not try to guess.
Instead make it a simple rule: if aminsert is called, then
aminsertcleanup must be called afterwards, period.

> On 1/8/24 16:51, Alvaro Herrera wrote:

> > So I think we should do 0001 and perhaps some further tweaks to the
> > original brininsert optimization commit: I think the aminsertcleanup
> > callback should receive the indexRelation as first argument; and also I
> > think it's not index_insert_cleanup() job to worry about whether
> > ii_AmCache is NULL or not, but instead the callback should be invoked
> > always, and then it's aminsertcleanup job to do nothing if ii_AmCache is
> > NULL. [...]

> I don't quite see why we should invoke the callback with ii_AmCache=NULL
> though. If there's nothing cached, why bother? It just means all cleanup
> callbacks have to do this NULL check on their own.

Guessing that aminsertcleanup is not needed when ii_AmCache is NULL
seems like a leaky abstraction. I propose to have only the AM know
whether the cleanup call is important or not, without
index_insert_cleanup assuming that it's related to ii_AmCache. Somebody
could decide to have something completely different during insert
cleanup, which is not in ii_AmCache.

> I wonder if there's a nice way to check this in assert-enabled builds?
> Could we tweak nbtree (or index AM in general) to check that all places
> that called aminsert also called aminsertcleanup?
> For example, I was thinking we might add a flag to IndexInfo (separate
> from the ii_AmCache), tracking if aminsert() was called, and Then later
> check the aminsertcleanup() got called too. The problem however is
> there's no obviously convenient place for this check, because IndexInfo
> is not freed explicitly ...

I agree it would be nice to have a way to verify, but it doesn't seem
100% essential. After all, it's not very common to add new calls to

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