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Date: 2019-01-17 05:11:01
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On Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 05:56:15PM +0100, Andreas Karlsson wrote:
> On 1/16/19 9:27 AM, Michael Paquier wrote:
>> Does somebody mind if I jump into the ship after so long? I was the
>> original author of the monster after all...
> Fine by me. Peter?

Okay, I have begun digging into the patch, and extracted for now two
things which can be refactored first, giving a total of three patches:
- 0001, which creates WaitForOlderSnapshots to snapmgr.c. I think
that this can be useful for external extensions to have a process wait
for snapshots older than a minimum threshold hold by other
- 0002, which moves the concurrent index build into its own routine,
index_build_concurrent(). At the same time, index_build() has a
isprimary argument which is not used, so let's remove it. This
simplifies a bit the refactoring as well.
- 0003 is the core patch, realigned with the rest, fixing some typos I
found on the way.

Here are also some notes for things I am planning to look after with a
second pass:
- The concurrent drop (phase 5) part, still shares a lot with DROP
INDEX CONCURRENTLY, and I think that we had better refactor more the
code so as REINDEX CONCURRENTLY shared more with DROP INDEX. One
thing which I think is incorrect is that we do not clear the invalid
flag of the drop index before marking it as dead. This looks like a
missing piece from another concurrent-related bug fix lost over the
rebases this patch had.
- set_dead could be refactored so as it is able to handle in input
multiple indexes, using WaitForLockersMultiple(). This way CREATE
INDEX CONCURRENTLY could also use it.
- There are no regression tests for partitioned tables.
- The NOTICE messages showing up when a table has no indexes should be
- index_create() does not really need a TupleDesc argument, as long as
the caller is able to provide a list of column names.
- At the end of the day, I think that it would be nice to reach a
state where we have a set of low-level routines like
index_build_concurrent, index_set_dead_concurrent which are used by
both paths of CONCURRENTLY and can be called for each phase within a
given transaction. Those pieces can also be helpful to implement for
example an extension able to do concurrent reindexing out of core.

I think that the refactorings in 0001 and 0002 are committable as-is,
and this shaves some code from the core patch.


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0001-Refactor-code-to-wait-for-older-snapshots-into-its-o.patch text/x-diff 8.2 KB
0002-Refactor-index-concurrent-build-into-its-own-routine.patch text/x-diff 7.1 KB
0003-Core-patch-for-REINDEX-CONCURRENTLY.patch text/x-diff 78.8 KB

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