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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - September 17 2017 ==

From: David Fetter <david(at)fetter(dot)org>
To: PostgreSQL Announce <pgsql-announce(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: == PostgreSQL Weekly News - September 17 2017 ==
Date: 2017-09-18 04:59:03
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Lists: pgsql-announce
== PostgreSQL Weekly News - September 17 2017 ==

PGConf India 2018 will be on February 22-23, 2018 in Bengaluru, Karnataka.
Proposals are due via by October 31st, 2017.

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

PostGIS 2.4.0 rc1 the industry standard geographic information
system package for PostgreSQL, released.

PostgreSQL Automatic Failover (PAF) v2.2.0 released.

oracle_fdw 2.0.0 released.

== PostgreSQL Jobs for September ==

== PostgreSQL Local ==

PGDay.IT 2017 will take place October 13th, in Milan, Italy.

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2017 will be held on October 24-27, 2017 in the
Warsaw Marriott Hotel, in Warsaw, Poland.

PGConf Local: Seattle will be held November 13 - 14, 2017.

PGDay Australia 2017 will be held on November 17 in Melbourne.  The CfP is open
through September 8, 2017 at

2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Conference 2017 (2Q PGConf, for short) will be hosted on
November 6th & 7th in New York City, and November 9th in Chicago.

PostgreSQL Session November 17th, 2017, in Paris, France.  The CfP is open until
September 30, 2017 at call-for-paper AT postgresql-sessions DOT org.  Details at

PGConf Local: Austin will be held December 4 - 5, 2017. Call for Papers is
now open at

PGConf.ASIA 2017 will take place on December 4-6 2017 in Akihabara, Tokyo,

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

Planet PostgreSQL:

PostgreSQL Weekly News is brought to you this week by David Fetter

Submit news and announcements by Sunday at 3:00pm EST5EDT.  Please send English
language ones to david(at)fetter(dot)org, German language to pwn(at)pgug(dot)de, Italian
language to pwn(at)itpug(dot)org(dot)

== Applied Patches ==

Peter Eisentraut pushed:

  same transaction before DROP SUBSCRIPTION, the latter will hang because
  workers will still be running, not having seen the DISABLE committed, and DROP
  SUBSCRIPTION will wait until the workers have vacated the replication origin
  slots.  Previously, DROP SUBSCRIPTION killed the logical replication workers
  immediately only if it was going to drop the replication slot, otherwise it
  scheduled the worker killing for the end of the transaction, as a result of
  7e174fa793a2df89fe03d002a5087ef67abcdde8.  This, however, causes the present
  problem.  To fix, kill the workers immediately in all cases.  This covers all
  cases: A subscription that doesn't have a replication slot must be disabled.
  It was either disabled in the same transaction, or it was already disabled
  before the current transaction, but then there shouldn't be any workers left
  and this won't make a difference.  Reported-by: Arseny Sher
  <a(dot)sher(at)postgrespro(dot)ru> Discussion:

- Message style fixes.

- doc: Document function pointer source code style.  as implemented in

- pg_receivewal: Add --endpos option.  This is primarily useful for making tests
  of this utility more deterministic, to avoid the complexity of starting
  pg_receivewal as a deamon in TAP tests.  While this is less useful than the
  equivalent pg_recvlogical option, users can as well use it for example to
  enforce WAL streaming up to a end-of-backup position, to save only a minimal
  amount of WAL.  Use this new option to stream WAL data in a deterministic way
  within a new set of TAP tests.  Author: Michael Paquier

- Allow custom search filters to be configured for LDAP auth.  Before, only
  filters of the form "(<ldapsearchattribute>=<user>)" could be used to search
  an LDAP server.  Introduce ldapsearchfilter so that more general filters can
  be configured using patterns, like "(|(uid=$username)(mail=$username))" and
  "(&(uid=$username) (objectClass=posixAccount))".  Also allow search filters to
  be included in an LDAP URL.  Author: Thomas Munro Reviewed-By: Peter
  Eisentraut, Mark Cave-Ayland, Magnus Hagander Discussion:

- doc: Document default scope in LDAP URL.

- doc: Remove useless marked section.  This was left around when this text was
  moved from installation.sgml in c5ba11f8fb1701441b96a755ea410b96bfe36170.

- Define LDAP_NO_ATTRS if necessary.  Commit
  83aaac41c66959a3ebaec7daadc4885b5f98f561 introduced the use of LDAP_NO_ATTRS
  to avoid requesting a dummy attribute when doing search+bind LDAP
  authentication.  It turns out that not all LDAP implementations define that
  macro, but its value is fixed by the protocol so we can define it ourselves if
  it's missing.  Author: Thomas Munro Reported-By: Ashutosh Sharma Discussion:

- Improve error message in WAL sender.  The previous error message when
  attempting to run a general SQL command in a physical replication WAL sender
  was a bit sloppy.  Reported-by: Fujii Masao <masao(dot)fujii(at)gmail(dot)com>

- doc: Remove incorrect SCRAM protocol documentation.  The documentation claimed
  that one should send "pg_same_as_startup_message" as the user name in the
  SCRAM messages, but this did not match the actual implementation, so remove

- Fix bool/int type confusion.  Using ++ on a bool variable doesn't work well
  when stdbool.h is in use.  The original BSD code appears to use int here, so
  use that instead.  Reviewed-by: Thomas Munro <thomas(dot)munro(at)enterprisedb(dot)com>

- Remove BoolPtr type.  Not used and doesn't seem useful.  Reviewed-by: Thomas
  Munro <thomas(dot)munro(at)enterprisedb(dot)com>

- Avoid use of bool in thread_test.c.  It's not necessary for such a small
  program, and it causes unnecessary extra work to get the correct definition of
  bool, more so if we are going to introduce stdbool.h later.  Reviewed-by:
  Thomas Munro <thomas(dot)munro(at)enterprisedb(dot)com>

- adminpack: Add test suite.  Reviewed-by: David Steele <david(at)pgmasters(dot)net>

- pg_archivecleanup: Add test suite.  Reviewed-by: David Steele

- passwordcheck: Add test suite.  Also improve one error message.  Reviewed-by:
  David Steele <david(at)pgmasters(dot)net>

- lo: Add test suite.  Reviewed-by: David Steele <david(at)pgmasters(dot)net>

- isn: Fix debug code.  The ISN_DEBUG code did not compile.  Fix that code,
  don't hide it behind an #ifdef, make it run when building with asserts, and
  make it error out instead of just logging if it fails.  Reviewed-by: David
  Steele <david(at)pgmasters(dot)net>

- fuzzystrmatch: Add test suite.  Reviewed-by: David Steele

- chkpass: Add test suite.  Reviewed-by: David Steele <david(at)pgmasters(dot)net>

- Add LDAP authentication test suite.  Like the SSL test suite, this will not be
  run by default.  Reviewed-by: Thomas Munro <thomas(dot)munro(at)enterprisedb(dot)com>

- Apply pg_get_serial_sequence() to identity column sequences as well.  Bug:

Tom Lane pushed:

- Doc: update v10 release notes through today.  Add item about number of times
  statement-level triggers will be fired.  Rearrange the compatibility items
  into (what seems to me) a less random ordering.

- Allow rel_is_distinct_for() to look through RelabelType below OpExpr.  This
  lets it do the right thing for, eg, varchar columns.  Back-patch to 9.5 where
  this logic appeared.  David Rowley, per report from Kim Rose Carlsen

- Fix possible dangling pointer dereference in trigger.c.  AfterTriggerEndQuery
  correctly notes that the query_stack could get repalloc'd during a trigger
  firing, but it nonetheless passes the address of a query_stack entry to
  afterTriggerInvokeEvents, so that if such a repalloc occurs,
  afterTriggerInvokeEvents is already working with an obsolete dangling pointer
  while it scans the rest of the events.  Oops.  The only code at risk is its
  "delete_ok" cleanup code, so we can prevent unsafe behavior by passing
  delete_ok = false instead of true.  However, that could have a significant
  performance penalty, because the point of passing delete_ok = true is to not
  have to re-scan possibly a large number of dead trigger events on the next
  time through the loop.  There's more than one way to skin that cat, though.
  What we can do is delete all the "chunks" in the event list except the last
  one, since we know all events in them must be dead.  Deleting the chunks is
  work we'd have had to do later in AfterTriggerEndQuery anyway, and it ends up
  saving rescanning of just about the same events we'd have gotten rid of with
  delete_ok = true.  In v10 and HEAD, we also have to be careful to mop up any
  per-table after_trig_events pointers that would become dangling.  This is
  slightly annoying, but I don't think that normal use-cases will traverse this
  code path often enough for it to be a performance problem.  It's pretty hard
  to hit this in practice because of the unlikelihood of the query_stack getting
  resized at just the wrong time.  Nonetheless, it's definitely a live bug of
  ancient standing, so back-patch to all supported branches.  Discussion:

- Prefer argument name over "$n" for the refname of a plpgsql argument.  If a
  function argument has a name, use that as the "refname" of the PLpgSQL_datum
  representing the argument, instead of $n as before.  This allows better error
  messages in some cases.  Pavel Stehule, reviewed by Jeevan Chalke Discussion:

- Fix to cope with disappearing files.  When copying from an
  active database tree, it's possible for files to be deleted after we see them
  in a readdir() scan but before we can open them.  (Once we've got a file open,
  we don't expect any further errors from it getting unlinked, though.)  Tweak
  RecursiveCopy so it can cope with this case, so as to avoid irreproducible
  test failures.  Back-patch to 9.6 where this code was added.  In v10 and HEAD,
  also remove unused "use RecursiveCopy" in one recovery test script.  Michael
  Paquier and Tom Lane Discussion:

- Add psql variables to track success/failure of SQL queries.  This patch adds
  ERROR, SQLSTATE, and ROW_COUNT, which are updated after every query, as well
  as LAST_ERROR_MESSAGE and LAST_ERROR_SQLSTATE, which are updated only when a
  query fails.  The expected usage of these is for scripting.  Fabien Coelho,
  reviewed by Pavel Stehule Discussion:

- Distinguish selectivity of < from <= and > from >=.  Historically, the
  selectivity functions have simply not distinguished < from <=, or > from >=,
  arguing that the fraction of the population that satisfies the "=" aspect can
  be considered to be vanishingly small, if the comparison value isn't any of
  the most-common-values for the variable.  (If it is, the code path that
  executes the operator against each MCV will take care of things properly.)
  But that isn't really true unless we're dealing with a continuum of variable
  values, and in practice we seldom are.  If "x = const" would estimate a
  nonzero number of rows for a given const value, then it follows that we ought
  to estimate different numbers of rows for "x < const" and "x <= const", even
  if the const is not one of the MCVs.  Handling this more honestly makes a
  significant difference in edge cases, such as the estimate for a tight range
  (x BETWEEN y AND z where y and z are close together).  Hence, split
  scalarltsel into scalarltsel/scalarlesel, and similarly split scalargtsel into
  scalargtsel/scalargesel.  Adjust <= and >= operator definitions to reference
  the new selectivity functions.  Improve the core ineq_histogram_selectivity()
  function to make a correction for equality.  (Along the way, I learned quite a
  bit about exactly why that function gives good answers, which I tried to
  memorialize in improved comments.) The corresponding join selectivity
  functions were, and remain, just stubs.  But I chose to split them similarly,
  to avoid confusion and to prevent the need for doing this exercise again if
  someone ever makes them less stubby.  In passing, change
  ineq_histogram_selectivity's clamp for extreme probability estimates so that
  it varies depending on the histogram size, instead of being hardwired at
  0.0001.  With the default histogram size of 100 entries, you still get the old
  clamp value, but bigger histograms should allow us to put more faith in edge
  values.  Tom Lane, reviewed by Aleksander Alekseev and Kuntal Ghosh

- Update contrib/seg for new scalarlesel/scalargesel selectivity functions.  I
  somehow missed this module in commit 7d08ce286.

- Adjust unstable regression test case.  Test queries added by commit 69835bc89
  are giving unexpected results on some smaller buildfarm critters.  I think
  probably the seqscan logic is kicking in to cause the scans to not start at
  the beginning of the table.  Add ORDER BY to make them be indexscans instead.
  Per buildfarm member chipmunk.

- Avoid duplicate typedef for SharedRecordTypmodRegistry.  This isn't our usual
  solution for such problems, and older compilers (not terribly old, either)
  don't like it.  Per buildfarm and local testing.

- Don't use anonymous unions.  Commit cc5f81366c36b3dd8f02bd9be1cf75b2cc8482bd
  introduced a language feature that is not acceptable to strict C89 compilers.
  Thomas Munro Per buildfarm.

- Get rid of shared_record_typmod_registry_worker_detach; it doesn't work.  This
  code is unsafe, as proven by buildfarm failures, because it tries to access
  shared memory that might already be gone.  It's also unnecessary, because
  we're about to exit the process anyway and so the record type cache should
  never be accessed again.  The idea was to lay some foundations for someday
  recycling workers --- which would require attaching to a different shared
  tupdesc registry --- but that will require considerably more thought.  In the
  meantime let's save some bytes by just removing the nonfunctional code.
  Problem identification, and proposal to fix by removing functionality from the
  detach function, by Thomas Munro.  I went a bit further by removing the
  function altogether.  Discussion:

- Fix SQL-spec incompatibilities in new transition table feature.  The standard
  says that all changes of the same kind (insert, update, or delete) caused in
  one table by a single SQL statement should be reported in a single transition
  table; and by that, they mean to include foreign key enforcement actions
  cascading from the statement's direct effects.  It's also reasonable to
  conclude that if the standard had wCTEs, they would say that effects of wCTEs
  applying to the same table as each other or the outer statement should be
  merged into one transition table.  We weren't doing it like that.  Hence,
  arrange to merge tuples from multiple update actions into a single transition
  table as much as we can.  There is a problem, which is that if the firing of
  FK enforcement triggers and after-row triggers with transition tables is
  interspersed, we might need to report more tuples after some triggers have
  already seen the transition table.  It seems like a bad idea for the
  transition table to be mutable between trigger calls.  There's no good way
  around this without a major redesign of the FK logic, so for now, resolve it
  by opening a new transition table each time this happens.  Also, ensure that
  AFTER STATEMENT triggers fire just once per statement, or once per transition
  table when we're forced to make more than one.  Previous versions of Postgres
  have allowed each FK enforcement query to cause an additional firing of the
  AFTER STATEMENT triggers for the referencing table, but that's certainly not
  per spec.  (We're still doing multiple firings of BEFORE STATEMENT triggers,
  though; is that something worth changing?) Also, forbid using transition
  tables with column-specific UPDATE triggers.  The spec requires such
  transition tables to show only the tuples for which the UPDATE trigger would
  have fired, which means maintaining multiple transition tables or else somehow
  filtering the contents at readout.  Maybe someday we'll bother to support that
  option, but it looks like a lot of trouble for a marginal feature.  The
  transition tables are now managed by the AfterTriggers data structures, rather
  than being directly the responsibility of ModifyTable nodes.  This removes a
  subtransaction-lifespan memory leak introduced by my previous band-aid patch
  3c4359521.  In passing, refactor the AfterTriggers data structures to reduce
  the management overhead for them, by using arrays of structs rather than
  several parallel arrays for per-query-level and per-subtransaction state.  I
  failed to resist the temptation to do some copy-editing on the SGML docs about
  triggers, above and beyond merely documenting the effects of this patch.
  Back-patch to v10, because we don't want the semantics of transition tables to
  change post-release.  Patch by me, with help and review from Thomas Munro.

- Doc: add example of transition table use in a trigger.  I noticed that there
  were exactly no complete examples of use of a transition table in a trigger
  function, and no clear description of just how you'd do it either.  Improve

- Fix bogus size calculation introduced by commit cc5f81366.  The elements of
  RecordCacheArray are TupleDesc, not TupleDesc *.  Those are actually the same
  size, so that this error is harmless, but it's still wrong --- and it might
  bite us someday, if TupleDesc ever became a struct, say.  Per Coverity.

- Ensure that BEFORE STATEMENT triggers fire the right number of times.  Commit
  0f79440fb introduced mechanism to keep AFTER STATEMENT triggers from firing
  more than once per statement, which was formerly possible if more than one FK
  enforcement action had to be applied to a given table.  Add a similar
  mechanism for BEFORE STATEMENT triggers, so that we don't have the unexpected
  situation of firing BEFORE STATEMENT triggers more often than AFTER STATEMENT.
  As with the previous patch, back-patch to v10.  Discussion:

Andres Freund pushed:

- Constify numeric.c.  This allows the compiler/linker to move the static
  variables to a read-only segment.  Not all the signature changes are
  necessary, but it seems better to apply const in a consistent manner.
  Reviewed-By: Tom Lane Discussion:

- Introduce BYTES unit for GUCs.  This is already useful for
  track_activity_query_size, and will further be used in a later commit making
  the WAL segment size configurable.  Author: Beena Emerson Reviewed-By: Andres
  Freund Discussion:

- Properly check interrupts in execScan.c.  During the development of d47cfef711
  the CFI()s in ExecScan() were moved back and forth, ending up in the wrong
  place. Thus queries that largely spend their time in ExecScan(), and have
  neither projection nor a qual, can't be cancelled in a timely manner.
  Reported-By: Jeff Janes Author: Andres Freund Discussion:
  Backpatch: 10, as d47cfef711

- Perform only one ReadControlFile() during startup.  Previously we read the
  control file in multiple places. But soon the segment size will be
  configurable and stored in the control file, and that needs to be available
  earlier than it currently is needed.  Instead of adding yet another place
  where it's read, refactor things so there's a single processing of the control
  file during startup (in EXEC_BACKEND that's every individual backend's
  startup).  Author: Andres Freund Discussion:

- Remove TupleDesc remapping logic from tqueue.c.  With the introduction of a
  shared memory record typmod registry, it is no longer necessary to remap
  record typmods when sending tuples between backends so most of tqueue.c can be
  removed.  Author: Thomas Munro Reviewed-By: Andres Freund Discussion:

- Add support for coordinating record typmods among parallel workers.  Tuples
  can have type RECORDOID and a typmod number that identifies a blessed
  TupleDesc in a backend-private cache.  To support the sharing of such tuples
  through shared memory and temporary files, provide a typmod registry in shared
  memory.  To achieve that, introduce per-session DSM segments, created on
  demand when a backend first runs a parallel query.  The per-session DSM
  segment has a table-of-contents just like the per-query DSM segment, and
  initially the contents are a shared record typmod registry and a DSA area to
  provide the space it needs to grow.  State relating to the current session is
  accessed via a Session object reached through global variable CurrentSession
  that may require significant redesign further down the road as we figure out
  what else needs to be shared or remodelled.  Author: Thomas Munro Reviewed-By:
  Andres Freund Discussion:

Bruce Momjian pushed:

- PG 10 release notes:  update PL/Tcl functions item.  Update attribution of
  PL/Tcl functions item from Jim Nasby to Karl Lehenbauer.  Reported-by: Jim
  Nasby Discussion:
  Backpatch-through: 10

- PG 10 release notes:  change trigger transition tables.  Add attribution of
  trigger transition tables for Thomas Munro.  Reported-by: Thomas Munro
  Backpatch-through: 10

- docs:  improve pg_upgrade rsync instructions.  This explains how rsync
  accomplishes updating standby servers and clarifies the instructions.
  Reported-by: Andreas Joseph Krogh Discussion:
  Backpatch-through: 9.5

- docs:  improve pg_upgrade standby instructions.  This makes it clear that
  pg_upgrade standby upgrade instructions should only be used in link mode, adds
  examples, and explains how rsync works with links.  Reported-by: Andreas
  Joseph Krogh Discussion:
  Backpatch-through: 9.5

- docs:  adjust "link mode" mention in pg_upgrade streaming steps.
  Backpatch-through: 9.5

- docs:  clarify pg_upgrade docs regarding standbys and rsync.  Document that
  rsync is an _optional_ way to upgrade standbys, suggest rsync option
  --dry-run, and mention a way of upgrading one standby from another using
  rsync.  Also clarify some instructions by specifying if they operate on the
  old or new clusters.  Reported-by: Stephen Frost, Magnus Hagander Discussion: Backpatch-through: 9.5

Michael Meskes pushed:

- Fixed ECPG to correctly handle out-of-scope cursor declarations with pointers.
  or array variables.

Stephen Frost pushed:

- Fix ordering in pg_dump of GRANTs.  The order in which GRANTs are output is
  important as GRANTs which have been GRANT'd by individuals via WITH GRANT
  OPTION GRANTs have to come after the GRANT which included the WITH GRANT
  OPTION.  This happens naturally in the backend during normal operation as we
  only change existing ACLs in-place, only add new ACLs to the end, and when
  removing an ACL we remove any which depend on it also.  Also, adjust the
  comments in acl.h to make this clear.  Unfortunately, the updates to pg_dump
  to handle initial privileges involved pulling apart ACLs and then combining
  them back together and could end up putting them back together in an invalid
  order, leading to dumps which wouldn't restore.  Fix this by adjusting the
  queries used by pg_dump to ensure that the ACLs are rebuilt in the same order
  in which they were originally.  Back-patch to 9.6 where the changes for
  initial privileges were done.

Robert Haas pushed:

- Set partitioned_rels appropriately when UNION ALL is used.  In most cases,
  this omission won't matter, because the appropriate locks will have been
  acquired during parse/plan or by AcquireExecutorLocks.  But it's a bug all the
  same.  Report by Ashutosh Bapat.  Patch by me, reviewed by Amit Langote.

- Fix inconsistent capitalization.  Amit Langote Discussion:

- Make RelationGetPartitionDispatchInfo expand depth-first.  With this change,
  the order of leaf partitions as returned by RelationGetPartitionDispatchInfo
  should now be the same as the order used by expand_inherited_rtentry.  This
  will make it simpler for future patches to match up the partition dispatch
  information with the planner data structures.  The new code is also, in my
  opinion anyway, simpler and easier to understand.  Amit Langote, reviewed by
  Amit Khandekar.  I also reviewed and made a few cosmetic revisions.

- Add missing tags to GetCommandLogLevel.  Otherwise, log_statement = 'ddl'
  causes errors if those statement types are used.  Michael Paquier, reviewed by
  Ashutosh Sharma Discussion:

- Test coverage for CREATE/ALTER FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER .. HANDLER.  Amit Langote,
  per a suggestion from Mark Dilger.  Reviewed by Marc Dilger and Ashutosh
  Bapat.  Discussion:

- After a MINVALUE/MAXVALUE bound, allow only more of the same.  In the old
  syntax, which used UNBOUNDED, we had a similar restriction, but commit
  d363d42bb9a4399a0207bd3b371c966e22e06bd3, which changed the syntax, eliminated
  it.  Put it back.  Patch by me, reviewed by Dean Rasheed.  Discussion:

- Expand partitioned table RTEs level by level, without flattening.  Flattening
  the partitioning hierarchy at this stage makes various desirable optimizations
  difficult.  The original use case for this patch was partition-wise join,
  which wants to match up the partitions in one partitioning hierarchy with
  those in another such hierarchy.  However, it now seems that it will also be
  useful in making partition pruning work using the PartitionDesc rather than
  constraint exclusion, because with a flattened expansion, we have no easy way
  to figure out which PartitionDescs apply to which leaf tables in a multi-level
  partition hierarchy.  As it turns out, we end up creating both rte->inh and
  !rte->inh RTEs for each intermediate partitioned table, just as we previously
  did for the root table.  This seems unnecessary since the partitioned tables
  have no storage and are not scanned.  We might want to go back and rejigger
  things so that no partitioned tables (including the parent) need !rte->inh
  RTEs, but that seems to require some adjustments not related to the core
  purpose of this patch.  Ashutosh Bapat, reviewed by me and by Amit Langote.
  Some final adjustments by me.  Discussion:

Álvaro Herrera pushed:

- src/test/ldap: Fix test function in Linux port.

== Pending Patches ==

Yuto Hayamizu sent in a patch to mitigate the fact that filter cost is estimated
to be too high.

Etsuro Fujita sent in another revision of a patch to add support for tuple
routing to foreign partitions.

Fabien COELHO sent in two more revisions of a patch to pgbench which fixes meta
command only scripts.

Konstantin Knizhnik sent in two more revisions of a patch to implement

Nathan Bossart sent in four more revisions of a patch to allow VACUUM to take
multiple tables and error out on duplicate columns in ANALYZE calls.

Michael Banck sent in two more revisions of a patch to add an option to create a
replication slot in pg_basebackup if not yet present.

Andrey Borodin sent in two more revisions of a patch to allow GiST opcalsses
without (de)compression functions.

Peter Geoghegan sent in another revision of a patch to remove replacement
selection sort from the code.

Amit Kapila sent in a patch to change metapage usage for hash and b-tree

Michaël Paquier sent in a patch to remove wal_keep_segments as the default
configuration in

Tom Lane sent in another revision of a patch to improve OR conditions on joined

Tom Lane sent in another revision of a patch to fix an infelicity between
eval_const_expressions and ScalarArrayOpExpr.

Ildus Kurbangaliev sent in another revision of a patch to add custom compression

Yura Sokolov sent in another revision of a patch to improve compactify_tuples by
implementing a bucket sort with one pass of stable prefix sort on high 8 bits of
offset and insertion sort for buckets larger than 1 element, and simplify

Simon Riggs sent in another revision of a patch to add toast_tuple_target().

Tomas Vondra sent in another revision of a patch to implement multivariate
histograms and multivariate MCV lists.

Haribabu Kommi sent in two more revisions of a patch to implement a
pg_stat_wal_write statistics view.

Elvis Pranskevichus sent in a patch to add a session_read_only GUC.

Fabien COELHO sent in a patch to fix a pgbench regression test failure.

Thomas Munro sent in another revision of a patch to support huge pages on

Kyotaro HORIGUCHI sent in two more revisions of a patch to fix

Pavel Stěhule sent in another revision of a patch to enable PL/pgsql functions
to take composite types as arguments.

Hadi Moshayedi sent in a patch to call RelationDropStorage() for broader range
of object drops.

Jing Wang sent in two more revisions of a patch to support to COMMENT ON

Thomas Munro sent in another revision of a patch to allow custom search filters
to be configured for LDAP auth, add LDAP authentication test suite, and add
tests for ldapsearchfilter functionality.

Jeevan Ladhe and Amit Langote traded patches to optimize default partition
scanning while adding new partition.

Ashutosh Bapat sent in a patch to ensure that the correct range table entry is
being used in the planner for joins between declaratively partitioned tables.

Amit Langote sent in four more revisions of a patch to set pd_lower correctly in
the GIN metapage, BRIN metapage, and SP-GiST metapage.

Tom Lane sent in another revision of a patch to enable making arrays of domains.

Amit Langote sent in another revision of a patch to add some enhancments for \d+
output of partitioned tables.

Pavel Stěhule sent in another revision of a patch to add some new optional
checks to PL/pgsql.

Vaishnavi Prabakaran sent in another revision of a patch to add batch/pipelining
support to libpq.

Kyotaro HORIGUCHI sent in two more revisions of a patch to enable restricting
maximum keep segments by replication slots.

Victor Drobny sent in another revision of a patch to add queryto_tsquery().

Thomas Munro sent in a patch to define LDAP_NO_ATTRS if necessary.

Peter Moser sent in another revision of a patch to add temporal processing

David Steele sent in another revision of a patch to refactor OpenFile()

Adrian Escoms sent in two revisions of a patch to fix some inconsistencies
between pg_settings and postgresql.conf.

Pierre Ducroquet sent in another revision of a patch to allow a pg_basebackup
when a tablespace is shared between two versions.

Andres Freund and Beena Emerson traded patches to allow setting the default WAL
segment size at initdb time.

Pierre Ducroquet sent in another revision of a patch to port most calls of
atoi(optarg) to strcol.

Kyotaro HORIGUCHI sent in another revision of a patch to fix a race between

Amit Khandekar sent in two more revisions of a patch to implement hash

Amul Sul sent in another revision of a patch to set the ctid.ip_blkid to
InvalidBlockNumber while moving a tuple to the another partition.

Thomas Munro sent in two more revisions of a patch to improve the LDAP cleanup
code in error paths and log diagnostic messages if errors occur during LDAP

Ashutosh Bapat sent in a patch to reparamterize partial nestloop paths in
response to a bug report.

Mark Rofail sent in another revision of a patch to implement foreign key arrays.

Peter Eisentraut and Masahiko Sawada traded patches to fix an issue where DROP
SUBSCRIPTION hangs if sub is disabled in the same transaction.

Amit Kapila sent in another revision of a patch to make parallel paths include
tlist cost.

Amit Kapila sent in another revision of a patch to ensure that GatherMerge
pushes target list.

Andres Freund sent in a patch to improve catcache/syscache performance.

Andres Freund sent in a patch to fix a binary search bottleneck in
fmgr_isbuiltin() by replacing it with a hash table.

Amit Langote sent in a patch to move some of the partitioning code to the

Alexey Chernyshov sent in another revision of a patch to add citext_pattern_ops
to the citext contrib module.

Thomas Munro sent in another revision of a patch to implement parallel hash.

Amit Langote sent in a patch to teach ATExecAttachPartition to skip validation
in more cases.

Alexander Korotkov sent in two more revisions of a patch to implement 64-bit

Haribabu Kommi sent in another revision of a patch to add the infrastructure for
pluggable storage by changing the Create Access method to include storage
handler, adding storage AM API hooks and related functions, addadding a
storageam handler to the relation structure, adding a tuple visibility function,
slot hooks, a tuple insert API and scan functions to the storage AM, and moving
HeapScanDesc usage outside the heap.

Amul Sul sent in two more revisions of a patch to add hash partitioning.

Konstantin Knizhnik sent in three more revisions of a patch to add projection

Andres Freund sent in two revisions of a patch to speed up
pgstat_report_activity by moving multibyte-aware truncation to the read side.

Andres Freund sent in a patch to fix an issue where SendRowDescriptionMessage()
was slow for queries with a lot of columns by adding more efficient functions to
pqformat API, improving the performance of SendRowDescriptionMessage, adding an
inline murmurhash32(int32) function, replacing the binary search in
fmgr_isbuiltin with hashtable, adding a pg_noinline macro to c.h, improving
sys/catcache performance, and improving the getBaseTypeAndTypemod() performance
for builtin types.

Alexander Korotkov sent in two more revisions of a patch to implement
incremental sort.

Ashutosh Bapat sent in two more revisions of a patch to implement partition-wise
join for join between (declaratively) partitioned tables.

Peter Eisentraut sent in a patch to use stdbool.h instead of rolling our own.

Jeff Janes sent in a patch to fix issues around superuser as it pertains to
foreign tables.

Amit Kapila sent in another revision of a patch to parallelize queries
containing initplans.

Ivan Kartyshov sent in another revision of a patch to deal with long-running
transactions on subscriber nodes.

Amit Langote sent in a patch to add some optimizer data structures for
partitioned rels, make some planner-side changes for partition-pruning, make
some interface changes for partition_bound_{cmp/bsearch}, implement
get_partitions_for_keys(), and add more tests for the new partitioning-related
planning code.

Dmitry Dolgov sent in another revision of a patch to implement generic type

Thomas Munro sent in a patch to add coverage tests for partition-wise join for
join between (declaratively) partitioned tables.

Chen Huajun sent in a patch to make pg_rewind to not copy useless WAL files.

Nikita Glukhov sent in another revision of a patch to add the SQL standard
SQL/JSON feature.

David Rowley sent in a patch to fix join removal in subqueries.

Peter Geoghegan sent in a patch to allow ICU to use SortSupport on Windows with

Andres Freund sent in a patch to fix an issue which manifested on crash and

Dilip Kumar sent in another revision of a patch to improve bitmap_cost.

Andreas Karlsson sent in another revision of a patch to support GnuTLS for SSL.

Rosser Schwarz sent in another revision of a patch to add --if-exists to

Amit Kapila sent in a patch to fix worker startup failures.

Dilip Kumar sent in another revision of a patch to improve bitmap costing for
lossy pages.

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