pg9.6 segfault using simple query (related to use fk for join estimates)

From: Stefan Huehner <stefan(at)huehner(dot)org>
To: pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org
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Subject: pg9.6 segfault using simple query (related to use fk for join estimates)
Date: 2016-04-29 10:25:31
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@Tomas put you in CC as it looks like related to work on fk -> join estimates

i did a tiny bit of testing of our software against the nightly postgresql-9.6 debs from

Specifically against:
ii postgresql-9.6 9.6~~devel~20160428.1605-1~664.git23b09e1.pgdg+1 amd64 object-relational SQL database, version 9.6 server
ii postgresql-9.6-dbg 9.6~~devel~20160428.1605-1~664.git23b09e1.pgdg+1 amd64 debug symbols for postgresql-9.6

so autobuilt from last night.

I get postgres consistently to segfault using the following query (trimmed down to shortest example still triggering the crash)

FROM ad_model_object mo
LEFT JOIN ad_menu m ON mo.ad_process_id = m.ad_process_id
AND mo.action IN ('P', 'R');

With the trigger being a FK definition from ad_menu.ad_process_id to ad_process.ad_process_id.

Dropping that fk makes the crash go away.

See attached files for trimmed down table definition to directly reproduce.

Backtrace ends in:
#0 get_leftop (clause=clause(at)entry=0x5652932e2d98)
at /build/postgresql-9.6-8aVkeq/postgresql-9.6-9.6~~devel~20160428.1605/build/../src/backend/optimizer/util/clauses.c:212
#1 0x0000565291ec6ba0 in quals_match_foreign_key (root=0x7fca9b3bcba0, fkrel=0x5652932ab980, foreignrel=0x5652932e77b8,
joinquals=0x7fca9b3bcba0, fkinfo=0x5652932e6ce8)
at /build/postgresql-9.6-8aVkeq/postgresql-9.6-9.6~~devel~20160428.1605/build/../src/backend/optimizer/path/costsize.c:3961

so probably related to the 'Use Foreign keys to improve joins estimates' project from Tomas

If you need any more info or testing done just let me know.


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