Asynchronous execution on FDW

From: Kyotaro HORIGUCHI <horiguchi(dot)kyotaro(at)lab(dot)ntt(dot)co(dot)jp>
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Subject: Asynchronous execution on FDW
Date: 2015-07-02 05:48:24
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Hello. This is the new version of FDW async exection feature.

The status of this feature is as follows, as of the last commitfest.

- Async execution is valuable to have.
- But do the first kick in ExecInit phase is wrong.

So the design outline of this version is as following,

- The patch set consists of three parts. The fist is the
infrastracture in core-side, second is the code to enable
asynchronous execution of Postgres-FDW. The third part is the
alternative set of three methods to adapt fetch size, which
makes asynchronous execution more effective.

- It was a problem when to give the first kick for async exec. It
is not in ExecInit phase, and ExecProc phase does not fit,
too. An extra phase ExecPreProc or something is too
invasive. So I tried "pre-exec callback".

Any init-node can register callbacks on their turn, then the
registerd callbacks are called just before ExecProc phase in
executor. The first patch adds functions and structs to enable

- The second part is not changed from the previous version. Add
PgFdwConn as a extended PgConn which have some members to
support asynchronous execution.

The asynchronous execution is kicked only for the first
ForeignScan node on the same foreign server. And the state
lasts until the next scan comes. This behavior is mainly
controlled in fetch_more_data(). The behavior limits the number
of simultaneous exection for one foreign server to 1. This
behavior is decided from the reason that no reasonable method
to limit multiplicity of execution on *single peer* was found
so far.

- The third part is three kind of trials of adaptive fetch size

The first one is duration-based adaptation. The patch
increases the fetch size by every FETCH execution but try to
keep the duration of every FETCH below 500 ms. But it is not
promising because it looks very unstable, or the behavior is
nearly unforeseeable..

The second one is based on byte-based FETCH feature. This
patch adds to FETCH command an argument to limit the number of
bytes (octets) to send. But this might be a over-exposure of
the internals. The size is counted based on internal
representation of a tuple and the client is needed to send the
overhead of its internal tuple representation in bytes. This
is effective but quite ugly..

The third is the most simple and straight-forward way, that
is, adds a foreign table option to specify the fetch_size. The
effect of this is also in doubt since the size of tuples for
one foreign table would vary according to the return-columns
list. But it is foreseeable for users and is a necessary knob
for those who want to tune it. Foreign server also could have
the same option as the default for that for foreign tables but
this patch have not added it.

The attached patches are the following,

- 0001-Add-infrastructure-of-pre-execution-callbacks.patch
Infrastructure of pre-execution callback

- 0002-Allow-asynchronous-remote-query-of-postgres_fdw.patch
FDW asynchronous execution feature

- 0003a-Add-experimental-POC-adaptive-fetch-size-feature.patch
Adaptive fetch size alternative 1: duration based control

- 0003b-POC-Experimental-fetch_by_size-feature.patch
Adaptive fetch size alternative 2: FETCH by size

- 0003c-Add-foreign-table-option-to-set-fetch-size.patch
Adaptive fetch size alternative 3: Foreign table option.


Attachment Content-Type Size
0001-Add-infrastructure-of-pre-execution-callbacks.patch text/x-patch 3.5 KB
0002-Allow-asynchronous-remote-query-of-postgres_fdw.patch text/x-patch 38.2 KB
0003a-Add-experimental-POC-adaptive-fetch-size-feature.patch text/x-patch 6.9 KB
0003b-POC-Experimental-fetch_by_size-feature.patch text/x-patch 40.0 KB
0003c-Add-foreign-table-option-to-set-fetch-size.patch text/x-patch 3.0 KB


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