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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - May 27 2012 ==

From: David Fetter <david(at)fetter(dot)org>
To: PostgreSQL Announce <pgsql-announce(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: == PostgreSQL Weekly News - May 27 2012 ==
Date: 2012-05-28 06:30:43
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Lists: pgsql-announce
== PostgreSQL Weekly News - May 27 2012 ==

PostgreSQL Day Argentina 2012 will be held on November 13th in Bernal,
Buenos Aires, at the National University of Quilmes.  It will cover
topics for PostgreSQL users, developers and contributors, as well as
decision and policy makers.  For more information about the
conference, please see the website at

== PostgreSQL Jobs for May ==

== PostgreSQL Local ==

PGDay France will be in Lyon on June 7, 2012.

PostgreSQL conference China 2012 will be on June 14-17, 2012 in Beijing.

PostgreSQL Session will be held on October 4th, 2012, in Paris,
France.  More information at:

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012 will be in Prague, Czech Republic
on October 23-26.  The call for papers is open.

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

Planet PostgreSQL:

PostgreSQL Weekly News is brought to you this week by David Fetter

Submit news and announcements by Sunday at 3:00pm Pacific time.
Please send English language ones to david(at)fetter(dot)org, German language
to pwn(at)pgug(dot)de, Italian language to pwn(at)itpug(dot)org(dot)  Spanish language
to pwn(at)arpug(dot)com(dot)ar(dot)

== Reviews ==

== Applied Patches ==

Tom Lane pushed:

- Document that we deviate from ISO 8601 by not using 'T' on output.
  Per discussion, we should explain that we follow RFC 3339 and not
  really the letter of the ISO 8601 spec for timestamp output format.
  Mostly Brendan Jurd's wording, though I tweaked it to clarify that
  we do take 'T' on input.  Minor additional copy-editing and
  markup-tweaking, too.

- Adjust documentation of ALTER TABLE CLUSTER ON for more consistency.
  Josh Kupershmidt

- Update woefully-obsolete comment.  The accurate info about what's in
  a lock file has been in miscadmin.h for some time, so let's just
  make this comment point there instead of maintaining a duplicative

- Move postmaster's RemovePgTempFiles call to a less randomly chosen
  place.  There is no reason to do this as early as possible in
  postmaster startup, and good reason not to do it until we have
  completely created the postmaster's lock file, namely that it might
  contribute to pg_ctl thinking that postmaster startup has timed out.
  (This would require a rather unusual amount of time to be spent
  scanning temp file directories, but we have at least one field
  report of it happening reproducibly.) Back-patch to 9.1.  Before
  that, pg_ctl didn't wait for additional info to be added to the lock
  file, so it wasn't a problem.  Note that this is not a complete fix
  to the slow-start issue in 9.1, because we still had
  identify_system_timezone being run during postmaster start in 9.1.
  But that's at least a reasonably well-defined delay, with an easy
  workaround if needed, whereas the temp-files scan is not so
  predictable and cannot be avoided.

- Ensure that seqscans check for interrupts at least once per page.
  If a seqscan encounters many consecutive pages containing only dead
  tuples, it can remain in the loop in heapgettup for a long time, and
  there was no CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS anywhere in that loop.  This meant
  there were real-world situations where a query would be effectively
  uncancelable for long stretches.  Add a check placed to occur once
  per page, which should be enough to provide reasonable response time
  without adding any measurable overhead.  Report and patch by Merlin
  Moncure (though I tweaked it a bit).  Back-patch to all supported

- Fix array overrun in regex code.  zaptreesubs() was coded to
  unconditionally reset a capture subre's corresponding pmatch[]
  entry.  However, in regexes without backrefs, that array is
  caller-supplied and might not have as many entries as the regex has
  capturing parens.  So check the array length and do nothing if there
  is no corresponding entry, much as subset() does.  Failure to check
  this resulted in a stack clobber in the case reported by Marko
  Kreen.  This bug appears to have been latent in the regex library
  from the beginning.  It was not exposed because find() called
  dissect() not cdissect(), and the dissect() code path didn't ever
  call zaptreesubs() (formerly zapmem()).  When I unified dissect()
  and cdissect() in commit 4dd78bf37aa29d04b3f358b08c4a2fa43cf828e7,
  the problem was exposed.  Now that I've seen this, I'm rather
  suspicious that we might need to back-patch it; but will refrain for
  now, for lack of evidence that the case can be hit in the previous

- Use binary search instead of brute-force scan in findNamespace().
  The previous coding presented a significant bottleneck when dumping
  databases containing many thousands of schemas, since the total time
  spent searching would increase roughly as O(N^2) in the number of
  objects.  Noted by Jeff Janes, though I rewrote his proposed patch
  to use the existing findObjectByOid infrastructure.  Since this is a
  longstanding performance bug, backpatch to all supported versions.

- Fix string truncation to be multibyte-aware in text_name and
  bpchar_name.  Previously, casts to name could generate
  invalidly-encoded results.  Also, make these functions match
  namein() more exactly, by consistently using palloc0() instead of
  ad-hoc zeroing code.  Back-patch to all supported branches.  Karl
  Schnaitter and Tom Lane

- Prevent synchronized scanning when systable_beginscan chooses a
  heapscan.  The only interesting-for-performance case wherein we
  force heapscan here is when we're rebuilding the relcache init file,
  and the only such case that is likely to be examining a catalog big
  enough to be syncscanned is RelationBuildTupleDesc.  But the
  early-exit optimization in that code gets broken if we start the
  scan at a random place within the catalog, so that allowing syncscan
  is actually a big deoptimization if pg_attribute is large (at least
  for the normal case where the rows for core system catalogs have
  never been changed since initdb).  Hence, prevent syncscan here.
  Per my testing pursuant to complaints from Jeff Frost and Greg
  Sabino Mullane, though neither of them seem to have actually hit
  this specific problem.  Back-patch to 8.3, where syncscan was

Peter Eisentraut pushed:

- pg_ctl: Sort signal list in --help output.  The list was neither
  logical nor numerical nor alphabetical.  Let's go with alphabetical.

- libpq: Add missing file to GETTEXT_FILES list.  For the record,
  fe-print.c is also missing, but it's sort of deprecated, and the
  string internationalization there has some issues, and it doesn't
  seem worth fixing that.  So let's leave that out.

- Add small example about pg_archivecleanup -x option.  Every time I
  read this I had doubts about whether the argument to the -x option
  should include the dot (yes).  A small example should clarify this.

- pg_standby: Remove tabs from string literals.  And align a bit
  better with the rest of the debug output.

- Update SQL key word list to SQL:2011.  For space reasons, drop
  SQL:1999 and SQL:2003.  Only keep the latest two and SQL-92 for
  historical comparison.

- PL/Perl: Avoid compiler warning from clang.  Use
  SvREFCNT_inc_simple_void() instead of SvREFCNT_inc() to avoid
  warning about unused return value.

- Suppress -Wunused-result warning about write().  This is related to
  aa90e148ca70a235897b1227f1a7cd1c66bc5368, but this code is only used
  under -DLINUX_OOM_ADJ, so it was apparently overlooked then.

- Update SQL features list.  Set E081 Basic Privileges to supported,
  since by the letter of it, we support it, even though not all
  possible forms of USAGE privileges are implemented.

- psql: Remove notice about readline from --version output.  This was
  from a time when readline support wasn't standard.  And it doesn't
  help analyzing current line editing library problems.

Robert Haas pushed:

- Repair out-of-date information in src/backend/storage/buffer/README.
  In commit d526575f893c1a4e05ebd307e80203536b213a6d, we changed
  things so that buffer usage counts are incremented when the buffer
  is pinned, rather than when it is unpinned, but the README file
  didn't get the memo.  Report by Amit Kapila.

- Prevent pg_basebackup when integer_datetimes flag doesn't match.
  Magnus Hagander, reviewed by Fujii Masao, with slight wording
  changes by me.

- Release note improvements.  Document some more things as
  incompatibilities, and improve wording of another item.  Noah Misch

- Fix error message for COMMENT/SECURITY LABEL ON COLUMN xxx IS 'yyy'
  When the column name is an unqualified name, rather than
  table.column, the error message complains about too many dotted
  names, which is wrong.  Report by Peter Eisentraut based on
  examination of the sepgsql regression test output, but the problem
  also affects COMMENT.  New wording as suggested by Tom Lane.

Bruce Momjian pushed:

- Remove reviewers from 9.2 release notes;  improve attributions.

- 9.2 release notes:  GiST index improvements are for all geometric
  index types, per Alexander Korotkov.

- Fix reindexdb manual page to say --maintenance-db controls what is
  reindexed, not vacuumed (typo).  Per report from Thomas REISS

- Fix markup for HISTORY generation.

- Add 9.2 release note authorship mentions for Heikki and Alexander
  Korotkov, per Alexander Korotkov.

- Improve wording of 9.2 clog release note item.

- Mention Peter Geoghegan as primary author of pg_stat_statements

- Adjust pg_upgrade to output a separate log file for pg_ctl output on
  Windows, to avoid opening a file by multiple processes.

- Remove PL/Perl null array 9.2 release note item, per Andrew Dunstan

- Change pg_stat_statements order of release note items, per Peter

- Clarify 9.2 release notes items about pg_stat_statements, to better
  document fix of double counting and read/write count addition, per
  Peter Geoghegan.

- On Windows, have pg_upgrade use different two files to log pg_ctl
  start/stop output, to fix file share error reported by Edmund Horner

- Have pg_upgrade only use one extra log file for Win32, not two.

- Add pg_update C comment about problems with plpython_call_handler().

- Add C comment explaining why we can't exclude checking functions in
  the pg_catalog schema, even though they are not explicitly dumped
  (they are implicitly dumped, e.g. create language plperl).

- Improve pg_upgrade C comment.

Magnus Hagander pushed:

- Add missing PQfinish() calls.  Fujii Masao

- Fix base backup streaming xlog from standby.  When backing up from a
  standby server, the backup process will not automatically switch
  xlog segment. So we must accept a partially transferred xlog file in
  this case, but rename it into position anyway.  In passing, merge
  the two callbacks for segment end and stop stream into a single
  callback, since their implementations were close to identical, and
  rename this callback to reflect that it stops streaming rather than
  continues it.  Patch by Magnus Hagander, review by Fujii Masao

- Fix handling of pg_stat_statements.stat temporary file.  Write the
  file to a temporary name and then rename() it into the permanent
  name, to ensure it can't end up half-written and corrupt in case of
  a crash during shutdown.  Unlink the file after it has been read so
  it's removed from the data directory and not included in base
  backups going to replication slaves.

- Make pg_recievexlog by default loop on connection failures.  Avoids
  the need for an external script in the most common scenario.
  Behavior can be overridden using the -n/--noloop commandline

== Rejected Patches (for now) ==

No one was disappointed this week :-)

== Pending Patches ==

Alexander Korotkov sent in another revision of the patch to add
conversion from pg_wchar to multibyte.

Gurjeet Singh sent in a patch to add a new syntax allowing joining
multiple CREATE INDEX statements with commas, that signifying that the
indexes are to be created all in one pass.

Heikki Linnakangas sent in a patch to speed up the new buffering GiST
build code.

Andrew Dunstan sent in a patch to fix a problem with pg_dump and
pg_restore --data-only.

Marti Raudsepp sent in a patch to mark as "skipped" sorts of 0 or 1
tuple in EXPLAIN.

Fujii Masao sent in a patch to add a pg_size_pretty(int) function.

Pavel Stehule sent in a patch to add a "shell" output format for psql
which optimizes the output for use by the shell.

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