pgsql: Improve psql's tabular display of wrapped-around data by

From: tgl(at)postgresql(dot)org (Tom Lane)
To: pgsql-committers(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: pgsql: Improve psql's tabular display of wrapped-around data by
Date: 2009-11-22 05:20:41
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Log Message:
Improve psql's tabular display of wrapped-around data by inserting markers
in the formerly-always-blank columns just to left and right of the data.
Different marking is used for a line break caused by a newline in the data
than for a straight wraparound. A newline break is signaled by a "+" in the
right margin column in ASCII mode, or a carriage return arrow in UNICODE mode.
Wraparound is signaled by a dot in the right margin as well as the following
left margin in ASCII mode, or an ellipsis symbol in the same places in UNICODE
mode. "\pset linestyle old-ascii" is added to make the previous behavior
available if anyone really wants it.

In passing, this commit also cleans up a few regression test files that
had unintended spacing differences from the current actual output.

Roger Leigh, reviewed by Gabrielle Roth and other members of PDXPUG.

Modified Files:
dblink.out (r1.26 -> r1.27)
crypt-blowfish.out (r1.3 -> r1.4)
pgp-armor.out (r1.4 -> r1.5)
pgp-decrypt.out (r1.1 -> r1.2)
tsearch2.out (r1.28 -> r1.29)
tsearch2_1.out (r1.1 -> r1.2)
psql-ref.sgml (r1.232 -> r1.233)
command.c (r1.210 -> r1.211)
print.c (r1.117 -> r1.118)
print.h (r1.41 -> r1.42)
create_cast.out (r1.1 -> r1.2)
dependency.out (r1.9 -> r1.10)
foreign_data.out (r1.10 -> r1.11)
foreign_key.out (r1.48 -> r1.49)
guc.out (r1.8 -> r1.9)
prepare.out (r1.19 -> r1.20)
triggers.out (r1.29 -> r1.30)
tsearch.out (r1.16 -> r1.17)
with.out (r1.12 -> r1.13)

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