JPUG 10th Anniversary

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Subject: JPUG 10th Anniversary
Date: 2009-07-24 04:35:49
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    +++ Japan PostgreSQL Users Group 10th Anniversay +++

Japan PostgreSQL Users Group (JPUG) gave its first cry at the plenary
meeting at Makuhari city, ten years before of this date of 23rd July.
We are very glad to score a decade length activitywith quite a lot of
successful stories. On this memorable date, JPUG wished to deliver
everyone who is engaged with PostgreSQL two statements by Mr Tatsuo
Ishii, the founding chairman, and Mr Hiroo Kataoka, the current
chairman as under:

23rd July, 2009
Kaori Inaba, JPUG Executive Office

--- Mr.Kataoka's comment ----------------------------------------------
In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Japan PostgreSQL Users Group
(JPUG) on 23rd July, 2009, I would like to mention about some topics at
this memorable occasion.

I am very happy to announce that JPUG is now organizing the first
international PostgreSQL conference in Tokyo, Japan towards Friday 20th
through Saturday 21st November, 2009, in commemoration of the 10th
anniversary. Attendants will surely have such a productive two days,
where celebrities associated with PostgreSQL are scheduled to get
together from major countries in the world. At some selected sessions,
simultaneous from/to Japanese between English translation will be given
for better understanding to the audiences no matter where they will
participate from.

Japan is in a rare move in the world where PostgreSQL is a prevailing
RDBMS. We eagerly hope to share the up-to-date PostgreSQL position in
Japan. Believing that the simultaneous translation will greatly help
this purpose, the world is told specific conditions surrounding
PostgreSQL community in Japan.

For a decade, JPUG has been working to promote PostgreSQL usage in
Japan, by holding periodical seminars, study meetings and camps
sessions covering major area in Japan. At the same time, we have been
continuously providing users with the Japanese translated documentation
timely on the web site. Details of the seminar will be announced
shortly. Please be encouraged to paticipate the conference.

For the next ten years, we would like to work also on the worldwide
contribution to PostgreSQL with the experience gethered through those
activities. We will be capable to provide worldwide users with
successful case examples in Japan, which hopefully might lead the
Global Development Team to be attracted attention to the Japanese

Although JPUG is taking a shape of the incorporated and governmentally
authorized non-profit organization, it holds firm to the course that it
is a center of the PostgreSQL community, where persons who are
developing some feelings for PostgreSQL shall provide the opportunity
for 'gives-and-takes' knowledge and support as long as our effort will

Finally, it would be greatly appreciated further understanding and
cooperation for JPUG as we do the best of our ability for every member
of the community.

23rd July, 2009
Hiroo Kataoka, Chairman, JPUG

--- Mr.Ishii's comment ----------------------------------------------
Congratulations to the 10th anniversary of Japan PostgreSQL Users Group

I can't believe how quickly a decade has passed since colleagues Mr
Ohtani, now living in Niigata, and JPUG director Mr Tado, who had
encouraged me at fabourable indication to establish JPUG bringing
together the members of my established mailing list 'pgsql-jp'
subscribers who mainly exchanged technial issues at that point of time.

In contrast to the current situation, it brings me back some memories to
have advanced the PostgreSQL activity feeling all though our way. Back
in those days, there was no PostgreSQL users' communities outside Japan
that could have been of service for us to draw upon activities in early

At this moment, there are so many PostgreSQL users' communities all over
the globe, and those are quite active to develop, promote, research and
study PostgreSQL ORDBMS.

I strongly expect JPUG to extend the wave of exchange for the
contribution to the development of PostgreSQL among worldwide
communities, as well as to get going achievements inside Japan for the
next ten years.

23 July, 2009
Tatsuo Ishii, Founding Chairman, JPUG

Kaori Inaba <i-kaori(at)postgresql(dot)jp>

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