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== Notiziario settimanale PostgreSQL - 9 maggio 2009 ==

From: Gianni Ciolli <gianni(dot)ciolli(at)2ndquadrant(dot)it>
To: pgsql-it-generale <pgsql-it-generale(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: == Notiziario settimanale PostgreSQL - 9 maggio 2009 ==
Date: 2009-05-11 21:25:35
Message-ID: 20090511212535.GC7532@fune (view raw, whole thread or download thread mbox)
Lists: pgsql-it-generale
(Traduzione parziale in lingua italiana delle PostgreSQL Weekly News a
 cura di Gianni Ciolli <gianni(dot)ciolli(at)2ndquadrant(dot)it>)

Nuovo sondaggio: quale ti emoziona di più tra le caratteristiche
della 8.4?

Il sito web di PostgreSQL ha bisogno di una manutenzione, per la quale
sono stati stanziati $2000. La tua abilità può farti ottenere la fama,
e una (piccola) fortuna.

Il PGDay Junin / Buenos Aires Unnoba si terrà il 6 giugno 2009.

Il PGDay.EU 2009 si terrà a Telecom ParisTech in Parigi nei giorni 6 e
7 novembre 2009.

== Novità sul prodotto PostgreSQL ==

Rilasciata la versione 2.8.0 di check_postgres, un plug-in Nagios per
il monitoraggio di PostgreSQL.

Rilasciata la versione 2.2 di Jopr, una applicazione per gestione e
monitoraggio di server.

Il progetto PostgreSQL RPM Building ha rilasciato una nuova versione
del CD Live PostgreSQL.

Rilasciata la versione 2.0.5 di Npgsql2, un provider di dati .NET per

Rilasciata la versione 1.10 beta 3 di pgAdmin, uno strumento GUI di
gestione per PostgreSQL.

Rilasciata la versione 2.2.2 di pgpool-II, un connection pooler (e non

La United States PostgreSQL Association è adesso una associazione
non-profit 501(c)(3).  Complimenti!

Rilasciata la versione 1.3.6 di PostGIS, un sistema geospaziale per

Rilasciate le versioni 1.2.16 e 2.0.2 di Slony, un sistema di replica
master-slave a cascata per PostgreSQL.

== La novità della settimana di PostgreSQL 8.4 == 

Le funzioni Windowing. Le query di report sono diventate estremamente
più facili. In questo caso è particolarmente utile PARTITION BY.

== Il suggerimento della settimana == 

La parte referente ("figlio") dei campi che sono chiavi esterne
dovrebbe in genere avere un indice, a meno che il valore referenziato
abbia una cardinalità molto bassa. PostgreSQL non lo fa

== Offerte di lavoro su PostgreSQL per maggio 2009 ==

== Notizie locali su PostgreSQL ==

Il 20 maggio 2009 a Pisa, Gabriele Bartolini di 2ndQuadrant Italia
parteciperà all'evento "Open-Source: aziende e studenti si
incontrano", organizzato dal TOSS-LAB (Tuscany Open Source Software
Laboratory).  Ulteriori informazioni:

Nei giorni 21 e 22 maggio 2009 all'università di Ottawa, in Canada, si
terrà PGCon 2009. Nei due giorni precedenti si terranno dei

Il PgDay di Florianopolis (Brasile) sarà il 22 maggio. Mettetevi in
contatto con Dickson S. Guedes (guedes AT guedesoft DOT net) per
partecipare o inviare un lavoro.

Segnatevi la data: pgDay San Jose (USA). Domenica 19 luglio subito
prima di OSCON. Saranno presto annunciate ulteriori informazioni!
(incluso il call for papers)

Il 23 e 24 ottobre 2009 si svolgerà PGCon Brazil, presso Unicamp,
nella città di Campinas, stato di San Paolo.

== Rassegna stampa su PostgreSQL ==

Planet PostgreSQL:

Questo notiziario settimanale PostgreSQL è stato realizzato da David
Fetter e Josh Berkus; traduzione parziale in lingua italiana a cura di
Gianni Ciolli.

Notizie o annunci destinati a questo notiziario dovranno pervenire
entro la mezzanotte di domenica (le 15 nel fuso orario della
California). I comunicati in lingua italiana dovranno essere inviati a
pwn(at)itpug(dot)org; per le lingue inglese o tedesca, si scriva
rispettivamente a david(at)fetter(dot)org o a pwd(at)pgug(dot)de(dot)

== Patch applicate ==

Peter Eisentraut committed:

- Replace a couple of references to files that no longer exist in the
  source tree with references to the appropriate URLs.  Robert Haas

- Disable the use of Unicode escapes in string constants (U&'') when
  standard_conforming_strings is not on, for security reasons.

Magnus Hagander committed:

- In pgsql/src/backend/port/win32_shmem.c, call SetLastError(0) before
  calling the file mapping functions to make sure that the error code
  is reset, as a precaution in case the API doesn't properly reset it
  on success. This could be necessary, since we check the error value
  even if the function doesn't fail for specific success cases.

- In pgsql/src/port/dirmod.c, update no longer current comments in

- In pgsql/src/backend/port/win32_shmem.c, make the win32 shared
  memory code try 10 times instead of one if it fails because the
  shared memory segment already exists. This means it can take up to
  10 seconds before it reports the error if it *does* exist, but
  hopefully it will make the system capable of restarting even when
  the server is under high load.

Heikki Linnakangas committed:

- Fix the query used for \d against 8.2 and 8.3 servers.

- Request XLOG switch before writing checkpoint in pg_start_backup().
  Otherwise you can end up with an unrecoverable backup if you start a
  new base backup right after finishing archive recovery. In that
  scenario, the redo pointer of the checkpoint that pg_start_backup()
  writes points to the XLOG segment where the timeline-changing
  end-of-archive-recovery checkpoint is. The beginning of that segment
  contains pages with the old timeline ID, and we don't accept that in
  recovery unless we find a history file covering the old timeline ID.
  If you omit pg_xlog from the base backup and clear the archive
  directory before starting the backup, there will be no such history
  file available.  The bug is present in all versions since PITR was
  introduced in 8.0, but I'm back-patching only back to 8.2. Earlier
  versions didn't have XLOG switch records, making this fix
  unfeasible. Given the lack of reports until now, it doesn't seem
  worthwhile to spend more effort to fix 8.0 and 8.1.  Per report and
  suggestion by Mikael Krantz

- Add alternative expected output files for cs_CZ locale for
  btree_gist and tsearch2 tests.  This should make 'comet_moth'
  buildfarm member pass contrib check.  Zdenek Kotala.

Tom Lane committed:

- In pgsql/src/bin/psql/describe.c, code review for \df rewrite: fix
  assorted bugs, make type and volatility columns localizable.

- In pgsql/src/backend/commands/analyze.c, avoid integer overflow in
  the loop that extracts histogram entries from ANALYZE's total
  sample.  The original coding is at risk of overflow for statistics
  targets exceeding about 2675; this was not a problem before 8.4 but
  it is now.  Per bug #4793 from Dennis Noordsij.

- In pgsql/src/backend/access/nbtree/nbtpage.c, update comment for

- Insert CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS() calls into btree and hash index scans
  at the points where we step right or left to the next page.  This
  should ensure reasonable response time to a query cancel request
  during an unsuccessful index scan, as seen in recent gripe from Marc
  Cousin.  It's a bit trickier than it might seem at first glance,
  because CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS() is a no-op if executed while holding
  a buffer lock.  So we have to do it just at the point where we've
  dropped one page lock and not yet acquired the next.  Remove
  CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS calls at the top level of btgetbitmap and
  hashgetbitmap, since they're pointless given the added checks.  I
  think that GIST is okay already --- at least, there's a
  CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS at a plausible-looking place in gistnext().  I
  don't claim to know GIN well enough to try to poke it for this, if
  indeed it has a problem at all.  This is a pre-existing issue, but
  in view of the lack of prior complaints I'm not going to risk

- Install a "dead man switch" to allow the postmaster to detect cases
  where a backend has done exit(0) or exit(1) without having
  disengaged itself from shared memory.  We are at risk for this
  whenever third-party code is loaded into a backend, since such code
  might not know it's supposed to go through proc_exit() instead.
  Also, it is reported that under Windows there are ways to externally
  kill a process that cause the status code returned to the postmaster
  to be indistinguishable from a voluntary exit (thank you,
  Microsoft).  If this does happen then the system is probably hosed
  --- for instance, the dead session might still be holding locks.  So
  the best recovery method is to treat this like a backend crash.  The
  dead man switch is armed for a particular child process when it
  acquires a regular PGPROC, and disarmed when the PGPROC is released;
  these should be the first and last touches of shared memory
  resources in a backend, or close enough anyway.  This choice means
  there is no coverage for auxiliary processes, but I doubt we need
  that, since they shouldn't be executing any user-provided code
  anyway.  This patch also improves the management of the EXEC_BACKEND
  ShmemBackendArray array a bit, by reducing search costs.  Although
  this problem is of long standing, the lack of field complaints seems
  to mean it's not critical enough to risk back-patching; at least not
  till we get some more testing of this mechanism.

- In pgsql/src/backend/storage/ipc/ipc.c, install an atexit(2)
  callback that ensures that proc_exit's cleanup processing will still
  be performed if something in a backend process calls exit()
  directly, instead of going through proc_exit() as we prefer.  This
  is a second response to the issue that we might load third-party
  code that doesn't know it should not call exit().  Such a call will
  now cause a reasonably graceful backend shutdown, if possible.  (Of
  course, if the reason for the exit() call is out-of-memory or some
  such, we might not be able to recover, but at least we will try.)

- Make new complaint about unsafe Unicode literals include an error
  location.  Every other ereport in scan.l has one, this should too.

- In pgsql/src/backend/port/win32_shmem.c, minor improvement: avoid
  assuming that GetLastError value cannot be affected by CloseHandle()
  or Sleep().

- In pgsql/src/backend/commands/dbcommands.c, tweak a comment to agree
  a bit better with the new dispensation that locales are
  database-wide, not server-wide.

- Fix ecpg tests for change that disallowed Unicode literals unless
  standard_conforming_strings is on.

- Modify CREATE DATABASE to enforce that the source database's
  encoding setting must be used for the new database, except when
  copying from template0.  This is the same rule that we now enforce
  for locale settings, and it has the same motivation: databases other
  than template0 might contain data that would be invalid according to
  a different setting.  This represents another step in a continuing
  process of locking down ways in which encoding violations could
  occur inside the backend.  Per discussion of a few days ago.  In
  passing, fix pre-existing breakage of, and fix up a
  couple of ereport() calls in dbcommands.c that failed to specify
  sqlstate codes.

- In pgsql/src/backend/optimizer/plan/initsplan.c, tweak
  distribute_qual_to_rels so that when we decide a pseudoconstant qual
  can be pushed to the top of the join tree, we update both the relids
  and qualscope variables to keep them in sync.  This prevents a
  possible later failure of an Assert clause, and affects nothing else
  since qualscope isn't used later except for that Assert.  At the
  moment the Assert shouldn't be reachable when we've pushed the qual
  up; but this is cheap insurance, and it's more sensible anyway in
  terms of the overall logic of the routine.  Per analysis of a bug
  report from Stefan Huehner.  I'm not back-patching this since it's
  just future-proofing; but if anyone gets tempted to change
  check_outerjoin_delay again in the back branches, this might be

- In pgsql/src/backend/optimizer/plan/initsplan.c, ooops ...
  make_outerjoininfo wasn't actually enforcing the join order
  restrictions specified for semijoins in optimizer/README, to wit
  that you can't reassociate outer joins into or out of the RHS of a
  semijoin.  Per report from Heikki Linnakangas.

- Change pgbench to use the table names pgbench_accounts,
  pgbench_branches, pgbench_history, and pgbench_tellers, rather than
  just accounts, branches, history, and tellers.  This is to prevent
  accidental conflicts with real application tables, as has been
  reported to happen at least once.  Also remove the automatic "SET
  search_path = public" that it did at startup, as this seems to
  restrict testing flexibility without actually buying much.  Per
  proposal by Joshua Drake and ensuing discussion.  Joshua Drake and
  Tom Lane.

- Add an option to AlterTableCreateToastTable() to allow its caller to
  force a toast table to be built, even if the sum-of-column-widths
  calculation indicates one isn't needed.  This is needed by
  pg_migrator because if the old table has a toast table, we have to
  migrate over the toast table since it might contain some live data,
  even though subsequent column drops could mean that no
  recently-added rows could require toasting.

Bruce Momjian committed:

- In pgsql/src/include/access/transam.h, 'PGDLLIMPORT'
  ShmemVariableCache, needed for function linkage on
  Win32.  Tested by Hiroshi Saito.

- In pgsql/src/tools/fsync/test_fsync.c, add missing third argument to

== Patch rifiutate (per adesso) ==

No one was disappointed this week :-)

== Patch in coda ==

Robert Haas sent in another revision of the ALTER TABLE ... ALTER

Andres Freund sent in two revisions of a patch which implements ALTER

Dickson S. Guedes sent in a patch to add a way to display both client
and server versions in the psql prompt.

Seth Robertson sent in a patch to automate selection of client
certificates in libpq.

Andrew (RhodiumToad) Gierth sent in a patch to change 
src/backend/libpq/be-secure.c from calling
SSL_CTX_use_certificate_file to SSL_CTX_use_certificate_chain_file.

Joshua Drake sent in a patch to make strict-clean.

Khee Chin sent in a patch to make psql's \di show the type of index

David Fetter sent in a patch to make all the perl programs

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