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BUG #4371: Foreign Key constraints not working with ODBC

From: "Zahid Khan" <khanzahid235(at)yahoo(dot)com>
To: pgsql-bugs(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: BUG #4371: Foreign Key constraints not working with ODBC
Date: 2008-08-22 11:29:48
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Lists: pgsql-bugs
The following bug has been logged online:

Bug reference:      4371
Logged by:          Zahid Khan
Email address:      khanzahid235(at)yahoo(dot)com
PostgreSQL version: 8.3.3
Operating system:   Linux
Description:        Foreign Key constraints not working with ODBC

I am unable to get the foreign key information using SQLForeignKeys() API
function of psqlODBC driver. Same driver works with PG8.2 and returns
success on SQLFetch() with SQLForeignKeys() call. But in PG8.3 i am getting
NO_DATA_FOUND on SQLFetch() call.

Please find below sample code how i am using this.

  cliRC = SQLForeignKeys(hstmt, NULL, 0, tbSchema, SQL_NTS, tbName, SQL_NTS,

 /* bind column 6 to variable */
  cliRC = SQLBindCol(hstmt, 6, SQL_C_CHAR, (SQLPOINTER)fkTableSch.val, 129,

  /* bind column 7 to variable */
  cliRC = SQLBindCol(hstmt, 7, SQL_C_CHAR, (SQLPOINTER)fkTableName.val, 129,

  /* bind column 8 to variable */
  cliRC = SQLBindCol(hstmt, 8, SQL_C_CHAR, (SQLPOINTER)fkColumnName.val,
129, &fkColumnName.ind);

  /* fetch each row and display */
  WriteResultFile( "\n    Fetch each row and display.\n");

  /* fetch next row */
  cliRC = SQLFetch(hstmt);

  if (cliRC == SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND)
        WriteResultFile( "\n    Data not found.\n");
  As a reference following are the quires which odbc driver is sending to
server for getting this information.
Query is [SELECT        pt.tgargs,      pt.tgnargs,     pt.tgdeferrable,    
  pt.tginitdeferred,       pp1.proname,    pp2.proname,    pc.oid,        
pc1.oid,        pc1.relname,    pt.tgconstrname, pn1.nspname FROM      
pg_catalog.pg_class pc,         pg_catalog.pg_class pc1,       
pg_catalog.pg_proc pp,  pg_catalog.pg_proc pp1,         pg_catalog.pg_proc
pp2,         pg_catalog.pg_trigger pt,       pg_catalog.pg_trigger pt1,     
pg_catalog.pg_trigger pt2,      pg_catalog.pg_namespace pn,    
pg_catalog.pg_namespace pn1 WHERE  pc.relname='DEPT321'AND pn.nspname =
'public'        AND pc.relnamespace = pn.oid    AND pt.tgconstrrelid =
pc.oid   AND pp.oid = pt.tgfoid  AND pp.proname Like '%ins'      AND
pt1.tgconstrname = pt.tgconstrname  AND pt1.tgconstrrelid = pt.tgrelid     
AND pt1.tgrelid = pc.oid        AND pc1.oid = pt.tgrelid        AND pp1.oid
= pt1.tgfoid        AND pp1.proname like '%upd'     AND (pp1.proname not
like '%check%')   AND pt2.tgconstrname = pt.tgconstrname   AND
pt2.tgconstrrelid = pt.tgrelid     AND pt2.tgrelid = pc.oid         AND
pp2.oid = pt2.tgfoid        AND pp2.proname Like '%del'     AND pn1.oid =
pc1.relnamespace  order by pt.tgconstrname]

Query is [select ta.attname, ia.attnum, ic.relname, n.nspname, tc.relname
from pg_catalog.pg_attribute ta, pg_catalog.pg_attribute ia,
pg_catalog.pg_class tc, pg_catalog.pg_index i, pg_catalog.pg_namespace n,
pg_catalog.pg_class ic where tc.relname = 'dept321' AND n.nspname = 'public'
AND tc.oid = i.indrelid AND n.oid = tc.relnamespace AND i.indisprimary = 't'
AND ia.attrelid = i.indexrelid AND ta.attrelid = i.indrelid AND ta.attnum =
i.indkey[ia.attnum-1] AND (NOT ta.attisdropped) AND (NOT ia.attisdropped)
AND ic.oid = i.indexrelid order by ia.attnum]


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