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pgsql: Remove completed items: < * -Allow limits on per-db/role

From: momjian(at)svr1(dot)postgresql(dot)org (Bruce Momjian)
To: pgsql-committers(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: pgsql: Remove completed items: < * -Allow limits on per-db/role
Date: 2005-08-26 18:59:48
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Lists: pgsql-committers
Log Message:
Remove completed items:

< * -Allow limits on per-db/role connections
< * -Prevent dropping user that still owns objects, or auto-drop the objects
< * -Add the client IP address and port to pg_stat_activity
< * -Add session start time and last statement time to pg_stat_activity
< * -Add a function that returns the start time of the postmaster
< 	o -Allow MIN()/MAX() on arrays
< 	o -Modify array literal representation to handle array index lower bound
< 	  of other than one
< * -Add function to return compressed length of TOAST data values
< * -Prevent to_char() on interval from returning meaningless values
<   For example, to_char('1 month', 'mon') is meaningless.  Basically,
<   most date-related parameters to to_char() are meaningless for
<   intervals because interval is not anchored to a date.
< * -Have views on temporary tables exist in the temporary namespace
< * -Allow temporary views on non-temporary tables
< * -Add E'' escape string marker so eventually ordinary strings can treat
<   backslashes literally, for portability
< * -Allow additional tables to be specified in DELETE for joins
<   UPDATE already allows this (UPDATE...FROM) but we need similar
<   functionality in DELETE.  It's been agreed that the keyword should
<   be USING, to avoid anything as confusing as DELETE FROM a FROM b.
< * -Allow REINDEX to rebuild all database indexes
< * -Add an option to automatically use savepoints for each statement in a
<   multi-statement transaction.
<   When enabled, this would allow errors in multi-statement transactions
<   to be automatically ignored.
< 	o -Allow FOR UPDATE queries to do NOWAIT locks
< 	o -Allow COPY to understand \x as a hex byte
< 	o -Allow COPY to optionally include column headings in the first line
< 	o -Allow COPY FROM ... CSV to interpret newlines and carriage
< 	  returns in data
< 	o -Have SHOW ALL show descriptions for server-side variables
< 	o -Allow PL/PgSQL's RAISE function to take expressions
< 	  Currently only constants are supported.
< 	o -Change PL/PgSQL to use palloc() instead of malloc()
< 	o -Allow PL/pgSQL EXECUTE query_var INTO record_var;
< 	o -Pass arrays natively instead of as text between plperl and postgres
< 	o -Add dumping and restoring of LOB comments
< * -Implement shared row locks and use them in RI triggers
< * -Allow triggers to be disabled
< * -Add two-phase commit
< * -Prevent inherited tables from expanding temporary subtables of other
<   sessions
< * -Use indexes for MIN() and MAX()
<   MIN/MAX queries can already be rewritten as SELECT col FROM tab ORDER
<   BY col {DESC} LIMIT 1. Completing this item involves doing this
<   transformation automatically.
< * -Use index to restrict rows returned by multi-key index when used with
<   non-consecutive keys to reduce heap accesses
<   For an index on col1,col2,col3, and a WHERE clause of col1 = 5 and
<   col3 = 9, spin though the index checking for col1 and col3 matches,
<   rather than just col1; also called skip-scanning.
< * -Fetch heap pages matching index entries in sequential order
<   Rather than randomly accessing heap pages based on index entries, mark
<   heap pages needing access in a bitmap and do the lookups in sequential
<   order. Another method would be to sort heap ctids matching the index
<   before accessing the heap rows.
< * -Allow non-bitmap indexes to be combined by creating bitmaps in memory
<   This feature allows separate indexes to be ANDed or ORed together.  This
<   is particularly useful for data warehousing applications that need to
<   query the database in an many permutations.  This feature scans an index
<   and creates an in-memory bitmap, and allows that bitmap to be combined
<   with other bitmap created in a similar way.  The bitmap can either index
<   all TIDs, or be lossy, meaning it records just page numbers and each
<   page tuple has to be checked for validity in a separate pass.
< * -Fix incorrect rtree results due to wrong assumptions about "over"
<   operator semantics
< 	o -Add concurrency to GIST
< * -Allow multiple blocks to be written to WAL with one write()
< * -Consider use of open/fcntl(O_DIRECT) to minimize OS caching,
<   for WAL writes
<   O_DIRECT doesn't have the same media write guarantees as fsync, so it
<   is in addition to the fsync method, not in place of it.
< * -Cache last known per-tuple offsets to speed long tuple access
< * -Allow the size of the buffer cache used by temporary objects to be
<   specified as a GUC variable
<   Larger local buffer cache sizes requires more efficient handling of
<   local cache lookups.
< * -Improve the background writer
<   Allow the background writer to more efficiently write dirty buffers
<   from the end of the LRU cache and use a clock sweep algorithm to
<   write other dirty buffers to reduced checkpoint I/O
< * -Add a warning when the free space map is too small
< 	o -Move into the backend code
< * -Make locking of shared data structures more fine-grained
<   This requires that more locks be acquired but this would reduce lock
<   contention, improving concurrency.
< * -Improve SMP performance on i386 machines
<   i386-based SMP machines can generate excessive context switching
<   caused by lock failure in high concurrency situations. This may be
<   caused by CPU cache line invalidation inefficiencies.
< 	o  -Add ability to turn off full page writes
< * -Eliminate WAL logging for CREATE TABLE AS when not doing WAL archiving
< * -Change WAL to use 32-bit CRC, for performance reasons
< * -Use CHECK constraints to influence optimizer decisions
<   CHECK constraints contain information about the distribution of values
<   within the table. This is also useful for implementing subtables where
<   a tables content is distributed across several subtables.
< * -ANALYZE should record a pg_statistic entry for an all-NULL column
< * -Remove kerberos4 from source tree
< * -Make src/port/snprintf.c thread-safe
< * -Add C code on Unix to copy directories for use in creating new databases
< 	o -Improve dlerror() reporting string

Modified Files:
        TODO (r1.1636 -> r1.1637)
        TODO.html (r1.143 -> r1.144)

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