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Re: [PATCHES] cygwin 8.0.0beta1 postmaster/syslogger.c, port/dirmod.c, timezone/pgtz.c

From: Jason Tishler <jason(at)tishler(dot)net>
To: Reini Urban <rurban(at)x-ray(dot)at>
Cc: pgsql-cygwin(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: [PATCHES] cygwin 8.0.0beta1 postmaster/syslogger.c, port/dirmod.c, timezone/pgtz.c
Date: 2004-08-25 12:05:44
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Lists: pgsql-cygwinpgsql-patches

On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 01:12:46AM +0200, Reini Urban wrote:
> Jason Tishler schrieb:
> >On Tue, Aug 24, 2004 at 09:49:51PM +0200, Reini Urban wrote:
> >>There's on remaining issue for the cygwin build:
> >>../../src/port/libpgport.a(dirmod.o)(.text+0x5ee):dirmod.c: undefined 
> >>reference to `__imp__CurrentMemoryContext'
> >>../../src/port/libpgport.a(dirmod.o)(.text+0x64b):dirmod.c: undefined 
> >>reference to `__imp__CurrentMemoryContext'
> >
> >Note I have no experience with 8.0 so the following is a WAG...
> >The above is likely caused by not linking against an import library
> >(i.e., libpostgres.a).
> Yes, it is defined in libpostgres.a. Hmm, a cross-dependency problem in 
> the Makefile. With an added -lpostgres postgres.exe builds fine.

In previous versions, postgres.exe built fine without -lpostgres.  Other
components needed to link with libpostgres.a -- not postgres.exe.  As
you indicated above, seems like there is a cross-dependency issue
introduced in 8.0.

> But I'll try to add the single object file only where it is defined.

IMO, linking against libpostgres.a is preferable assuming the
cross-dependency issue cannot be solved.

> I also see that it is still linking against cygipc.
> LIBS=-lintl -lssl -lcrypto -lz -lreadline -lcygipc -lcrypt -lresolv -lm

The shouldn't happen.  Do you have cygipc installed?  If so, then
uninstall and try again.  Any better?

> Do we still need this?


> As I see it, pgsql has its own ipc mechanism.

Does the above imply that 8.0 will not need the IPC in cygserver?

> Without -lcygipc it also builds fine. ...

Yes.  For example, 7.4.3 build fine against cygserver.

> >I'm quite willing to help to ensure a smooth transition and to help
> >minimize your "pain." :,)  Maybe 8.0 can be a joint effort, with you
> >taking over fully with 8.0.x or 8.1?
> Sure, why not?


> But I'm also trying to build the 7.4.5 now, because I want to see the
> changes in the new 8 branch. So you can sit and have a rest. :)

Thanks again.  I can use the rest. :,)

> From another thread...
> > Is "--with-template=cygwin" required?  It wasn't before.
> Yes, this is apparently new for 8.x.

OK, I was just surprised that configure didn't automatically detect the

> And it does help to be precise in the configure line.

Precise is good -- redundant is not necessarily good.

> BTW: I will convert your to the cygwin generic-build-script
> system. This is much easier.


> > Does "--with-tcl" no longer build cleanly?
> This wasn't in your 7.4.3 included and I didn't install the 
> tcl/tk sources (only under my perltk tree).

Sorry, for the above.  I temporarily forgot that Cygwin PostgreSQL has
TCL issues.

> But I can have a try.

OK, but IMO I would address the other issues first since Cygwin
PostgreSQL never supported TCL in the past.  BTW, check the archives,
Patrick Samson and I have made some progress in the past.

> I have tclsh, the headers and the libs, just a script is 
> missing from the cygwin build. Should not be that hard. All the libs and 
> includes are at the standard paths.

It may be harder than anticipated -- remember the Cygwin Tcl/Tk package
is really a native Win32 package not a Cygwin one... :,(

> I'll finish the 8.0.0-beta1 port to cygwin,


> and post to the patches list then the cumulative patches

Sounds good.

> Questions to pgsql-hackers or pgsql-cygwin?

Depends on the question. :,)

> The 8.x build is almost okay now. Just a remaining libreadline issue in 
> src/bin/psql/tab-complete.c
> And testing.

Let me know how is goes.

> And sockets would also be fine.
> $ postgresql-8.0.0beta1-1/src/backend/postgres.exe
> FATAL:  unrecognized configuration parameter "tcpip_socket"

See the following:


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