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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - March 8th 2004 ==

From: Robert Treat <xzilla(at)users(dot)sourceforge(dot)net>
To: pgsql-announce(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: == PostgreSQL Weekly News - March 8th 2004 ==
Date: 2004-03-09 04:28:16
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Lists: pgsql-announce
== PostgreSQL Weekly News - March 8th 2004 ==
        Even with the releases this week, we saw some very promising 
contributions toward the 7.5 tree, and a lot of ground work being laid out 
for features such as table spaces and point-in-time recovery. Still, the 
focus was on releases, and there is news on both of them this week. Focusing 
on 7.3.6 for just a minute, there were some problems in the packaging of the 
release that were not worked out initially, which may result in improper man 
page installations.  Nothing else in the package was effected, but if you 
need the proper man pages you might want grab the code again from ftp. The 
fixed package will also be available soon on our sourceforge page. Meanwhile, 
7.4.2 has been bundled up and is being double and triple checked as we speak, 
so expect the official announcement shortly.
        Back in the 7.5 branch of the world, we have a couple of commits to 
mention. The optimizer function is_distinct_query() was improved to recognize 
that GROUP BY forces a subquery's output to be distinct when all GROUP BY 
column appear in the output. We also saw the addition of internal functions 
SPI_getargtypeid, SPI_getargcount, and SPI_is_cursor_plan into the backend 
for use by PL/Java (and possibly other PL's). Inputing an empty string into 
oid, float4, and float8 types will now emit a warning in an effort to begin 
deprecation of the feature; it will produce an error starting in 7.6. The 
built in date_trunc function was given support for 'week' as one of it's 
inputs. The pg_dump program was given some modifications to help make more 
consistent dump output from database that are logically the same but have 
different DDL histories.  Lastly, the dblink contrib module also saw a bit of 
work, with newer versions of dblink, dblink_exec, dblink_open, dblink_close, 
and dblink_fetch added in. Also some documentation for previously deprecated, 
now removed, functions was eliminated.
        Speaking of contrib modules, John Gray submitted a very overhauled 
version of the XPath integration code found in contrib.  New features include 
XPath set-returning functions allowing multiple results from several XPath 
queries to be used as a virtual table, and using libxslt to support XSLT 
transformations.  Because of the amount of changes, some of which introduce 
backwards incompatibilities, and potential security ramifications of the new 
code, it has been placed in contrib under the xml2 directory. Thanks again to 
John and the folks at Torchbox who helped support John's work.

	On the documentation front, several FAQ's were updated to coincide with
the new releases, and there was also increased documentation on RULES, the 
trim function, the virtual_host parameter, and many cross-references were 
added between various sections that touch on similar topics.
        Some news on another important front was passed on this week regarding 
Jan Wieck's SLONY-I replication project.He now has configuration working on 
Red Hat Linux and FreeBsd 4.9 and the engine is capable of hot install, hot 
subscribe with catch up and cascaded slaves. The full posting with project 
URL and some information on what is needed next is available at
        And finally this week, I want to make special mention of an oversight 
in last week's weekly news. The guys working on the DBD::Pg project released 
version 1.32, which should now be available via CPAN. This version fixes a 
whole slew of issues; see the original announcement for more information at Good 
work guys!                                                               
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== Upcoming Events ==
eGovOs: Washington, DC. USA: March 15-17
Bruce Momjian will give a brief talk
== PostgreSQL Weekly News - March 8th 2004 ==
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