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PostgreSQL Weekly News - November 24th 2003

From: Robert Treat <xzilla(at)users(dot)sourceforge(dot)net>
To: pgsql-announce(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: PostgreSQL Weekly News - November 24th 2003
Date: 2003-11-24 10:14:40
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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - November 24th 2003 ==

	Like a mid-season sitcom, this weeks weekly news jumps to Sunday, where it 
will hopefully settle in for a few weeks.  Most of the action (or reaction) 
last week centered around the release of PostgreSQL 7.4.  This release had 
some international coordination and saw news articles in several different 
countries; I've supplied several links to articles below, and a few links to 
more links regarding the release.  For those who are planning migrations, 
it's worth noting that rpms (source and some compiled) are now available from 
the PostgreSQL ftp servers for both Red Hat and SUSE, look under /binary/v7.4 
for your desired flavor.  Updated Cygwin packages are also available from the 
Cygwin mirror system.

	While most of the news has been good, we have had a couple of bug reports 
come in which will lay the groundwork for an eventual 7.4.1.  One bug that 
was confirmed and fixed involved schema processing in the ecpg preprocessor, 
should you be hit by that you may want to retrieve the latest code from the 
7.4 branch of CVS.  

	International users of the tsearch2 module might want to look at an update 
that came in just after 7.4's release. The change involves improved ispell 
support for compound words. While the change is 100% compatible with 7.4, as 
a feature addition after 7.4 final release, the change will not be integrated 
into the core distribution until 7.5. In the mean time, you can get updated 
tsearch modules at . 
Thanks go out to ABC Startsiden ( who sponsored the 

	Last week I also mentioned that development had started on PostgreSQL 7.5, 
and wanted to share some of the upcoming changes that have already been put 
into place.  One such item was the replacement of the LRU buffer replacement 
strategy with an ARC algorithm adopted to PostgreSQL.  Along with the new 
buffer management code, a new background writer process was committed to help 
improve disk i/o.  This knocks off the TODO item "Use background process to 
write dirty shared buffers to disk".   These two changes should give a 
noticeable performance increase for 7.5, and initial testing seems positive.    

	Another performance increase that is sure to make a lot of users happy is new 
cross data-type index support.  This should help out in those cases where 
(for example) one is searching for an int4 but the index on the tables are 
bigints. In the past this would have required casting of the value to avoid a  
sequential scan, but now it will use the index if appropriate.  Another big 
change for 7.5 is the rewrite of initdb in C, replacing the shell script that 
had been used in the past.  This will be needed once win32 support is 
finished, but should have other benefits as well; you can expect to see most 
(if not all) of the remaining shell script tools rewritten this way.  Finally 
on the 7.5 front, Christoper Kings-Lynne  has added support for COMMENT ON 
casts, conversions, languages, operator classes, and large objects.  Along 
the way improved support for this functionality was added to pg_dump and 

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

Updated Cygwin Package: postgresql-7.4-1

PgManage released under Open Software License announces free version of Rekall's Data Architect - A Linux and Windows Review

SQLFusion Announces Release of

== PostgreSQL In the News ==

New PostgreSQL 7.4 release targets the enterprise

Open-Source DB PostgreSQL Polishes its Rough Edges,4149,1391237,00.asp

PostgreSQL 7.4 Released

PostgreSQL 7.4 queries 'up to 400% faster now'

PostgreSQL boosts open source database

Turkish News Articles Regarding 7.4

Press Coverage in Germany

== Upcoming Events ==

Linux.Conf.Au: Adelaide, Australia: January 12-17
BOF and Tutorials presented by Gavin Sherry 

NordU Usenix 2004: Denmark: January 28 - February 1
Bruce Momjian will be giving PostgreSQL several tutorials

Linux Solutions 2004: Paris, France: February 4-6
Bruce Momjian will be presenting

== PostgreSQL Weekly News - November 24th 2003 ==
Don't forget to read Elein Mustain's Weekly Summary of the PostgreSQL
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