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From: "Albert REINER" <areiner(at)tph(dot)tuwien(dot)ac(dot)at>
To: pgsql-ports(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Installation
Date: 1999-04-30 20:18:45
Message-ID: 19990430221845.A512@frithjof (view raw, whole thread or download thread mbox)
Lists: pgsql-ports
A couple of days ago I succeeded in installing PostgreSQL, Version
6.3.2, on my IBM-compatible PC (AMD-K6) running Linux (Kernel 2.0.35,
S.u.S.E. 5.3).

The Makefile as obtained after "configure" did not work; psql was not
correctly make'd. But at the end of the run of make, I still got the
(wrong) message that all of PostgreSQL was successfully made; there
seems to be something very wrong with the Makefile.

In order to compile successfully, I had to add not only "-ltermcap"
(as stated in the FAQ_Linux) but also an explicit path:

The script provided in the contrib section for starting the postmaster
every time the system is booted does not work for me; my adaptation of
that script, which seems to work fine for the Linux SuSE 5.3
distribution I use (and under bash), is as follows:

# postgres.init Start postgres back end system.
# Author:   Thomas Lockhart <lockhart(at)alumni(dot)caltech(dot)edu>
#           modified from other startup files in the RedHat Linux distribution
# modified by Albert Reiner <areiner(at)tph(dot)tuwien(dot)ac(dot)at> for SuSE 5.3, 19990425:
PGACCOUNT="postgres"    # the postgres account (you called it something else?)
POSTMASTER="postmaster"	# this probably won't change


#PGOPTS="-i -B 256"	# -i to enable TCP/IP rather than Unix socket
#PGOPTS="-B 256"        # Do we need 256 buffers? a.r.

# See how we were called.
case "$1" in
	if [ -f ${PGLOGFILE} ]
	echo -n "Starting postgres: "
# force full login to get path names
	su --login --command="$POSTMASTER $PGOPTS >& $PGLOGFILE &" \
                   $PGACCOUNT > /dev/null &
	sleep 5
	pid=`pidof ${POSTMASTER}`
	echo -n "${POSTMASTER} [$pid]"
	echo -n "Stopping postgres: "
	pid=`pidof ${POSTMASTER}`
	if [ "$pid" != "" ] ; then
		echo -n "${POSTMASTER} [$pid]"
		kill -TERM $pid
		sleep 1
	echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop}"
	exit 1

exit 0

In order to make it work, one should

*) login as root

*) copy the above script (possibly after editing to suit one's needs)
   to /sbin/init.d/postgres

*) # cd rc2.d

*) # ln -s ../postgres K85postgres

*) # ln -s ../postgres S85postgres

*) # cd /sbin/init.d/rc3.d

*) # ln -s ../postgres K85postgres

*) # ln -s ../postgres S85postgres

The number in the links' names (I use 85) can be chosen differently
but should be a relatively high one but still less than that of

Another point I feel I should address is the following: in the
Installation Instructions there are a number of differences with
respect to the programs' real behavior; in particular, I noted the

*) Step 11): The Installation instructinos claim that configure will
   "ask you to choose one" of the template files; this did not happen for
*) Step 13): The Installation instructions claim that the last line
   displayed will be "gmake[1]: Leaving directory...". This does not take
   into account the final make-command "cat ../register.txt".
*) Step 18): In the regression tests' README file,
   /usr/src/pgsql/src/test/regress/README, you should add the hint that
   one has to "cd /usr/src/pgsql/src/test/regress" first.
*) Step 25): At least the first two "rm"-commands are relevant only
   for people who are upgrading an older version of PostgreSQL.

Hoping that some of these hints may prove to be of interest for
someone out there,



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