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Re: [HACKERS] TCL_ARRAYS code in libpgtcl is pretty seriously broken

From: Massimo Dal Zotto <dz(at)cs(dot)unitn(dot)it>
To: hackers(at)postgreSQL(dot)org (PostgreSQL Hackers)
Cc: tgl(at)sss(dot)pgh(dot)pa(dot)us (Tom Lane)
Subject: Re: [HACKERS] TCL_ARRAYS code in libpgtcl is pretty seriously broken
Date: 1998-10-05 19:59:33
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Lists: pgsql-hackerspgsql-interfaces
> There is some code in libpgtcl that purports to convert Postgres array
> data values into Tcl lists.  Is anyone prepared to argue that that code
> does something useful in its present state?  I can name half a dozen
> bugs in it without breathing hard:
> 1. Blithely assumes that any data value beginning with '{' and ending
> with '}' must represent an array value.  Should have some more robust
> way of discovering whether a column is array type.  (In fairness, this
> might require a FE/BE protocol change, unless arrayness can be
> determined from the tuple descriptors provided by the backend, ie,
> field type OID, size, and attmod.  Anybody know a way to do that?)
> 2. Applies a translation that converts all backslash escape sequences
> defined for C string constants into their equivalent single characters.
> Since neither the backend nor Tcl generate anything close to C-string
> escapes, the point of this is difficult to determine.  It does however
> result in unexpected output, eg disappearing backslashes.
> 3. Applies said translation even when processing a non-array data value.
> 4. Doesn't actually manage to produce a valid Tcl list, if the data
> contains anything Tcl considers a special character.  What it *should*
> be doing is quoting, not de-quoting.
> 5. Fails to modify \\, \{, and \} (thus quite unintentionally doing
> almost the right thing...) when these sequences appear inside an array
> value, because "they will be unescaped by Tcl in Tcl_AppendElement".
> But in fact Tcl_AppendElement is not invoked on the results of this
> code.
> 6. Modifies the string returned by libpq *in place*.  This would be a
> const-ness violation if we had been more careful about declaring things
> const.  More importantly, it means that re-examining the same tuple of
> the PGresult will yield a different result.  Not cool.
> 7. The TCL_ARRAYS code is only invoked in the "-assign" variant of
> the pgtcl pg_result statement, not in any of the other paths that allow
> tuple values to be examined.  This is presumably an oversight, not
> the intended behavior.
> 8. Does not cope with MULTIBYTE strings.  (But I don't think Tcl does
> either, so it's not clear that this can be called a bug.)
> I am strongly inclined to rip this code out, because it is responsible
> for several behaviors that were correctly called bugs when backslash-
> handling was discussed on pgsql-interfaces back in August.  If we don't
> rip it out, it needs a complete rewrite.
> Unless there is a bulletproof solution to problem #1 (how to tell
> whether a field's data type is array), I do not think it is appropriate
> for the basic pg_result code to be applying any such transform.  Perhaps
> it would be reasonable to invent a separate string-formatting function,
> say "pg_arraytolist", that would perform the conversion.  It would then
> be the application writer's responsibility to know which fields were
> arrays and apply the conversion if he wanted it.
> Comments?
> 			regards, tom lane

I wrote this code and used it for two years without any problem. All
the bugs you mentioned disappear if you use the proper string output
functions which C-like escapes (code in contrib/string-io). This makes
also possible to distinguish between array and normal attibutes.
The code works fine in this case. I did a lot of testing at the time.
However it is ok to move it into a separate tcl command.

Massimo Dal Zotto

|  Massimo Dal Zotto                email:  dz(at)cs(dot)unitn(dot)it             |
|  Via Marconi, 141                 phone:  ++39-461-534251            |
|  38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN)     www:  |
|  Italy                            pgp:  finger dz(at)tango(dot)cs(dot)unitn(dot)it  |

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