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Re: Having problems compiling postgres on IRIX

From: Robert Bruccoleri <bruc(at)pluto(dot)njcc(dot)com>
To: henrique(at)red(dot)dfci(dot)harvard(dot)edu
Cc: pgsql-hackers(at)hub(dot)org
Subject: Re: Having problems compiling postgres on IRIX
Date: 1998-10-02 12:46:26
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Lists: pgsql-hackers
Dear Henrique,
	I have been using PostgreSQL on Irix for several years, and it
works very well. The Perl interface (src/interfaces/perl5) works
nicely too, especially for CGI scripts.  The problem you have run into
stems from the use of the current developmental snapshot instead of
the released version 6.3.2. Download the released version, and unpack
it. Put the following into src/Makefile.custom:

CUSTOM_CC = cc -32
LD += -32
LIBS = $(filter-out -nsl, $(LIBS))

Use a initialization script like the following to setup the
environment for running or compiling PostgreSQL (obviously,
you have to replace the paths, machine names, and port number
with appropriate values for your installation.

# Setup to run postgresql 6.3.2 under csh.

set path = ( /u/stone/pg/pg6.3.2/bin `printenv PATH | tr ':' '\012' | grep -v postgres/bin` )
if ($?MANPATH) then
    setenv MANPATH ${MANPATH}:/u/stone/pg/pg6.3.2/man
    setenv MANPATH /usr/share/catman:/usr/share/man:/usr/catman:/usr/man:/u/stone/pg/pg6.3.2/man
setenv PGHOST stone
setenv PGPORT 6546
setenv POSTGRES_HOME /u/stone/pg/pg6.3.2
setenv PGDATA /u/stone/pg/pg6.3.2/data
setenv PGLIB /u/stone/pg/pg6.3.2/lib
if ($?POSTGRESDIR) then
        unsetenv POSTGRESDIR


Next, apply the locking patch I posted to pgsql-patches (volume 1 # 107)

Then, study the script below, edit it to suit your installation,
and then run it to build PostgreSQL

#!/bin/ksh -x

cd src
cat >config.cache <<EOF
gmake clean
INSTALL=/usr/local/bin/install ./configure --prefix=/pg/pg6.3.2 --enable-hba --with-pgport=6546 --disable-locale --enable-cassert --with-template=irix5 --with-tcl --with-includes="/usr/local/include /usr/local/include/readline" --with-libs=/usr/local/lib
gmake -j 2
gmake install
export PATH=/pg/pg6.3.2/bin:$PATH
initdb --pgdata=/pg/pg6.3.2/data --pglib=/pg/pg6.3.2/lib
cd ../data
if [[ ! -r pg_hba.conf.bak ]]
      chmod 644 pg_hba.conf
      cp pg_hba.conf pg_hba.conf.bak
      cat >>pg_hba.conf <<EOF
host         all           trust

# The above would allow anyone anywhere to connect to any database under
# any username.
      chmod 444 pg_hba.conf
cd ../src
export TZ=PST8PDT7
postmaster -S -i
cd test/regress
gmake clean
gmake all runtest


The Perl5 interface can be built using the following set of commands
when your default directory is src/interfaces/perl5. Note that you
must have built perl using the -32 compilation switch and
it be able to dynamically load objects.

#!/bin/csh -x

perl Makefile.PL
smake test
su root -c "smake install"


With regard to the install script, you can use /usr/bin/X11/bsdinst
and that should work OK.

If you need more help, send me email. We certainly don't you
to use Windoze!

| Robert E. Bruccoleri, Ph.D.              | Associate Research Professor |
| phone: 732 235 5796                      | Center for Advanced          |
| Fax:   732 235 4850                      |   Biotechnology and Medicine |
| email: bruc(at)acm(dot)org                      | Rutgers University           |
| URL: | 679 Hoes Lane                |
|                                          | Piscataway, NJ 08854-5638    |

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