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Subject: Re: [GENERAL] Re: [HACKERS] custom types and optimization
Date: 1998-06-01 04:12:34
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> On Sun, 31 May 1998, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Yes, this has frustrated me too. Why are we not getting better mention
> > from people? I think we can now be classified as the 'most advanced'
> > free database. Can we do something about mentioning that to others? We
> > certainly are growing market share, but i guess I would like to see more
> > transfers from other databases.
> I hate to use myself as an example...but why do I hate Linux? And
> why wouldn't I recommend anyone to use it? Past Experience.
> When we first took this on, we were *very* problematic. But,
> since we considered it to be the best that was out there, we
> persevered(sp?) with the problems and improved it overall. There are
> bound to be alot that, at the beginning, just didn't want to waste time
> with it, saw all the problems and left...taking their bad experience with
> them.
> My experience is that "bad experiences" are heard more often then
> good ones.
> Neil built up a 'registration page' that I'm curious as to how
> many ppl are actually using it...just checked, and:
> postgresql=> select count(name) from register;
> count
> -----
> 1361
> (1 row)
> Not bad...but I don't imagine that's a tenth of all the users, is
> it?

Wow, that is a big number, and the 10% is probably correct. I don't
think I am even in there.

How can we reverse the "bad publicity" and get people to start looking
at us again?

Users, we need to hear from you on this, and why you chose to use
PostgreSQL. We don't need people foaming at the mouth, but we do need
our users to give use good visibility and publicity.

[Moved to general.]

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